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  6. Drones
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  8. Now I am really, really sad...
  9. This is the kind of episode season 1 needed
  10. Big mistake from the writers
  11. the water
  12. They can dial earth now right ?
  13. No new crew members
  14. Going out at its best
  15. Ignoring the Drones
  16. Brody is the man!
  17. The Botanical Dome
  18. Did You Catch It?
  19. End scene with the Command ship
  20. Why no visors on the suits?
  21. The LA Door openers..
  22. Things Which Bugged Me.
  23. Park's sight
  24. Sci-fi physics of power, battery, and shields...
  25. this galaxy is having a drone problem?
  26. Why is Destiny "filling the tank"?
  27. A way past the Drones? [spolier for gauntlet]
  28. Seed Ships and the Drones
  29. How much ammo did they expend?
  30. Language
  31. WHY was Park so concerned with the dangbag of plants?
  32. How are they low on ammo?
  33. drones and blockading each star
  34. The drones and the Browns...
  35. I think the drones were made by...
  36. Where were the shuttles?
  37. Varro resurrected?
  38. Where does that door lead to?