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  12. The Novus space ships
  13. Earth if no Dark Ages?
  14. Would you want to know?
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  16. Medical knowledge
  17. Exponential increase in minutia?
  18. 1st 500 years at Novus
  19. Anyone else notice (slight bit of trivia)
  20. A good series finale!?
  21. Did that feel like Fanfic come to life?
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  23. S2e18 Epilogue is my personal "official" SGU finale...
  24. Can they use communication stones to contact Novus ships?
  25. Did 'Epilogue' prove that SGU doesn't need Rush to produce great episodes?
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  27. Did the Novans do it like the Goa'uld?
  28. Time Dilation
  29. The civilizatioin they created on Novus: Libertarian or Socialist?
  30. Whats your take on TJ, Varro, and Young
  31. They should have brought back Amanda Perry and Gin this episode...
  32. Stuff that bugged me in 'Epilogue'...
  33. Baby "Dale"
  34. Spacecast blew it for me
  35. 36 hour window?
  36. Poor Brody
  37. Lucian Alliance
  38. ALS cure..
  39. problem in the epsiode
  40. His mom is cured
  41. varro got the best deal
  42. Novus database
  43. Time Travel,Timelines, I'm my own Grandpa(just kidding)
  44. What does Rush want?
  45. Thoughts about planetary-wide evacuation of indigenous species / creatures from the p
  46. Compared with the last episode of BSG..
  47. Novus's holiday schedule.
  48. 2000 yr and Novus people still doesn't have FTL or Hyper drive?
  49. where are the Tenerans?
  50. Rogue Black Holes, Tidal Forces and Escape Velocity... OH MY!
  51. For the sake of closure to the series
  52. Who would Rush have hooked up with??