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  5. Langara in SGU?
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  7. FTL dropout and stones?
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  9. What do you think Young meant about Sheppard being right?
  10. Earth Stargate Point of Origin strikes again
  11. Telford's offer to McKay - Speculation
  12. What's up with Telford.
  13. What Ginn told Eli; quarantine vs deleting their portion of the database?
  14. Greer appreciation
  15. Wasnt "Seizure" suppose to shed some light on Atlantis fate????
  16. Waste of an episode?
  17. That was a diplomatic disaster!
  18. So that was pretty much the most underhanded thing we've ever done
  19. Where is Earth's stargate located now?
  20. And I Thought Rush Was a Smart Guy...
  21. Ridiculous simulation parameters.
  22. What would happen if Mackay had succeeded dial 9th Chevron?
  23. Why did Amanda trick Rush?
  24. Would it be possible to change someone
  25. Why was Woolsey involved?
  26. "Soverign states act in their own self interest"
  27. Lucian Alliance military assets
  28. Is this really the Amanda Perry we know?
  29. Should Remy Aubuchon have been given this ep?
  30. Image if McKay was on Destiny instead of Rush
  31. Does Atlantis even exist in the SGU-verse?
  32. What were McKay and Eli talking about?
  33. Why didn't Earth get Jaffa Nation ,Tok'ra's help with Langaran negotiation?
  34. Why didn't she just click Copy?
  35. Rodney mckay!!!!
  36. Jonas Quinn
  37. Jonas in Seizure