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  17. Twin destinies question about advanced intelligence destiny was to find.
  18. Shouldnt Eli know better?
  19. What if the wormhole was stable?
  20. Gate instability = the wormhole jumped?
  21. Now I'm really mad
  22. Eli... again.. really?
  23. This episode proves that the method of time travel matters.
  24. Would "Entropic Cascade" happen eventually ?
  25. How did he escape ?
  26. Episode Title
  27. The Iris ?
  28. why did chloe say it was her fault?
  29. Alternate Shuttle?
  30. Bad Habits (Warning: Unintelligible Rant Inside)
  31. What happened to Rush2?
  32. Why didn't they take this chance ...
  33. Where are my musical montages???
  34. Temporal Cloning
  35. Theory.
  36. Were these events even real?
  37. Could SGC save the 1st Destiny crew like Teal'c in "48 Hours"?
  38. Time Travel and the Shock
  39. Which gate did Telford arrive through?
  40. Communication stones inconsistency
  41. Amount of time traveled
  42. About the solar flare and Telford
  43. If you were writing Twin Destinies?