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  6. So, I guess he didn't...
  7. Did anyone else get the feeling that....
  8. Glowing aliens...?
  9. No more questions Greer and Park
  10. B.a.g.
  11. Greer vs Chloe
  12. So, uh... Eli... trends and theories (Chloe won't die).
  13. Poof! New Shuttle
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  15. Why would the aliens do this? - Something that puzzles me.
  16. Repair Bot!
  17. I am having a bad feeling about this!
  18. Easily Impressed?
  19. The shuttle....
  20. TJ...another episode
  21. Butter Bar
  22. So was TJs baby....
  23. Fantastic Episode.
  24. After "Visitiation" ,would we be surprise to see othe people from SGU's past again?
  25. Are the planet building aliens really that amazing?
  26. What happened to Eli's grief?
  27. Eden???
  28. Who watched Faith and then Visitation again?
  29. Caine's group - discussion
  30. Wray Over experienced for HR is she a Spook (Spy)
  31. Do the "eden" aliens already know the cosmic background radiation code???
  32. So did Peter(?) make it to the Obelisk?
  33. No "I Told You So?" ?
  34. did Destiny play a role in bringing them back?
  35. If they hadn't remembered, would they still have died?
  36. Did he have a Soul?
  37. The Eden crew members
  38. Lucian Aliance
  39. Hypnosis
  40. No ones talking about the dome yet?
  41. Kino question?How can they miss it?
  42. General Observations and the Tower of Babylon theme
  43. so all that time devoted to TJ's 'dream' was for nothing