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  11. Guess we are going to get the answer to what happens when you die when connected
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  13. 2 episodes in a row with no Stargate action
  14. Now that everyone knows what Rush found...
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  16. "Structure" in the background radiation
  17. Pics from Greater Good now on MSN!
  18. young needs rush on the bridge and its urgent
  19. Now that everyone know when Rush had control.....
  20. Reverse course?
  21. Can the Ascended beings see this "code"?
  22. Whatever happened to Vanessa James?
  23. Who wants to take a stab at what the "Message" is?
  24. You what Simeon did?
  25. Eli in the chair.
  26. So what was the purpose of the other ship
  27. Possible theory about Destiny, the Ancients, the destination, and how it ties in.
  28. Where were Gloria/Franklin ?
  29. Would it not be kind of pointless to go home using the Destiny ?
  30. What I don't Understand
  31. Simeon's Guard - The most inept guard ever!
  32. Are we continuing the course intended for Destiny ?
  33. Drill / Work-out sessions?
  34. Rush's real motivations
  35. Why no mention of the mission anywhere else?
  36. Suspension of Belief