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  3. Incursion, Part 1 Live Discussion Thread
  4. When torture is right
  5. Serious Jack
  6. was he brain washed?
  7. Whats Eli going to find ? (spoilers/comedy)
  8. Telford (no spoilers for 1.20 or beyond, please)
  9. Franklin? Is that you?
  10. Riley
  11. Favorite Quote or moment.
  12. What's Wrong with Destiny
  13. Elevators
  14. The Lucian Alliance in Incursion
  15. Is Kiva this show's Admiral Cain?
  16. Zat guns?
  17. How Did Scott Ever Pass Military Training?
  18. Kiva vs TJ
  19. Dialing into the LA planet to prevent a dial out.
  20. Kiva = Kolya Comparisons
  21. Wouldn`t it be time to ask somebody smart from SGC to help?
  22. Magic Door openers.....
  23. Young is Clearly Not a Villain.
  24. Camile Wray is delusional!
  25. Why 302s?
  26. 2 lost F-302's?
  27. Why destroy icarus type planet? when it couldve be used to help them????
  28. Col. Young shouldve guarded the gate
  29. Eli's love life: a chance gained?
  30. Young or Telford
  31. Carter...
  32. Lets Play Stratedgy, How would you of defended destiny?
  33. Eli's magic room
  34. Young: You think you can do better? Okay, fine. Let's try that brilliant idea out.
  35. Eli and Chloe - are they still there at all?
  36. The Weekly TJ/Young Thread
  37. Plots of Convenience?
  38. Things that make absolutely no sense.
  39. Quite possibly a dumb question but..why didn't they take supplies ?
  40. Why no countdown?
  41. ghost in the machine
  42. Why didn't Carter beam the 302 pilots back ?
  43. Alliance crewmembers in Incursion
  44. iTunes download Incursion
  45. Would 10 Minutes have Put Carter on Destiny?
  46. Eli Hogging All The Food
  47. Would O'Neil make Young's mistake, if Daniel was in Telford's place?
  48. Does the Destiny crew know that Young has permission to do what he has done?
  49. "What did you do to the gate?"
  50. why was TJ running after Rush?
  51. Why didn't the LA bring Space Suits?
  52. Stones and gate travel.
  53. 302 pilots