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  4. Brave move on the writers part!
  5. Greer's issues
  6. Those Blue Aliens
  7. Did this episode have the 'Classic' stargate feel?
  8. Horray, no Contemporary "Emo" music in this episode
  9. Whoa, we lost (har har) some time somewhere
  10. I know how they get back!
  11. I hope this will bring some tension to the Greer-Scott bromance
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  13. Fluffy In High Definition
  14. Just How big is gate network that they are in?
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  16. Kino Technology Inconsistency
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  19. Favorite Quotes/Moments in "Lost"
  20. Who doesn't know about the Scott and James thing?
  21. Ancient Remote
  22. So what's up with the gates?
  23. Getting them back onto Destiny
  24. If Eli had dialed 10 seconds earlier
  25. Ruin planet gate?
  26. Lost in the labyrinth, really?
  27. Getting a bit disappointed with the "random" scenery
  28. Should Greer have fired his rifle?