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  11. Ferengi wisdom.
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  18. The senator's body?
  19. Shuttles and Ships
  20. Speculation about the planet. Who made it, will they return.
  21. Who stayed behind?
  22. Wray's behavior
  23. Didn't they come across a wrecked Colonial Raptor?
  24. What if Greer died from the fruit?
  25. Alternative ending to this ep.
  26. The Obelisk: Discussion and speculation
  27. THAT is why Americans hate soccer.
  28. TJ's eyebrows
  29. Why is SGU not about science fiction anymore? Faith episode.
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  31. An open message for Brad Wright
  32. Creating a solar system
  33. Interesting:
  34. Why no Kino?
  35. Order - Reason - Compassion
  36. Losing "Faith" in...
  37. Second Shuttle
  38. Blue Beam on the planet same from Atlantis?(Atlantis Spoilers)
  39. Did Destiny just make a U-Turn?
  40. TJ and 200
  41. Why did they consider the aliens so great?
  42. Anyone else hoping we don't find out who was responsible?
  43. It would be funny if
  44. I think the time has come for Young to get a divorce
  45. Did you like FAITH?
  46. TJ had resigned her commission before they reached Destiny
  47. Did Destiny settlers pick the optimal geographic planetary landing site to survive?
  48. so anyone want to have a relationship with Chloe now?
  49. Big Dumb Object (BDO)
  50. Trinity symbolism?
  51. Faith "Eden" Discovered "Sort of"
  52. What was the light?