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  1. "Divided" (112) Pre-Airing Discussion/Speculation Thread
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  3. 'Divided' (112) General Discussion
  4. Rush acted in self-defense?
  5. Did anyone else think Chloe was fantastic?
  6. communication stones - possible plot hole?
  7. how far has destiny gone
  8. Medical inconsistencies
  9. silly aliens
  10. favorite quotes
  11. Some of the Military Shocked me
  12. Chloe's Nightmare
  13. Once you pick up a weapon...
  14. Opening Song
  15. Rush and Chloe
  16. Scott and Chloe's relationship (spoiler)
  17. Young's actions in Divided
  18. TJ ordering the gun put down
  19. since they can use the suits to get to the outside
  20. Pro-civilian bias?
  21. Young and Rush - thier Issues
  22. Civillian or Military: What do you think follows our way of life in USA more?
  23. The Civilian Coup'd'ta was wholly unjustified.
  24. All these civilian vs millitary talk...
  25. What disciplinary actions should Young take towards Rush, Wray & the other civilians?
  26. Alien Ship's weapons weren't great
  27. Is Rush a hypocrite?
  28. Power should be shared
  29. Eli and the military personal
  30. Should the science team go on strike
  31. Song at the beginning
  32. Ancient research lab
  33. What if Wray had use non violent passive resistance against Col Young?
  34. Can a Mutiny be Justified or Justifiable?
  35. A Surgeon/Proper Science Team
  36. Chloe's betrayal could be proof of her relationship with Scott being purely sexual
  37. If Mckay was in "DIVIDED". Would he have conspired with Dr. Rush?
  38. Young is the good guy. Why the majority think different?
  39. No military in the "mutiny"?
  40. A mutual obsession
  41. Destiny auto-defenses?
  42. Seeking an answer before the next episode airs.
  43. Music?
  44. Divided Military Anaylsis
  45. Fix it!!!