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  5. late night rerun
  6. The Alien ship, propulsion, etc
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  8. next time will be different!
  9. Did Wray know? Discussion on Justice/Space (NO SPOILERS FOR FUTURE EPISODES PLEASE)
  10. communication stone glitch
  11. Called Rush and Wray after Justice
  12. Their new toy, what Rush brought back
  13. Rush in the episode, his actions and experiences
  14. Is Young A Coward?
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  16. Greers Smile/Grin
  17. Welcome to the Neighborhood - Humans
  18. Are you expecting the show to be drastically different now?
  19. Lack of sense of danger?
  20. With those alien outfits, Rush could start a scuba diving business...
  21. Now that they have had their first encounter
  22. Rushs' Summer Style
  23. Midseason Finale: Justice VS Space
  24. Why is Eli still on Young's side?
  25. Rush / Chloe Now A Spy?
  26. Eli's getting BIGGER?
  27. Chloe: I have no idea why I'm here!
  28. Which side do you support?
  29. Was it really necessary to show James at the end?
  30. Communication with earth in Space!!!
  31. How much time elapsed between Justice and Space
  32. I have a quibble
  33. Clothing nitpick/plothole
  34. Music at the end of Space...
  35. No no, DON'T say THAT!
  36. Did anyone else think Chloe looked hot in the wetsuit?
  37. The main weapon of Destiny!
  38. Blue Alien's Interest in Destiny