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  1. Rodney McKay/David Hewlett Thunk/Discussion/Appreciation
  2. Lt. Aiden Ford/Rainbow Sun Francks Discussion/Appreciation
  3. Sam Carter/Elizabeth Weir Thunk Thread
  4. How did Weir Turn Into a Brunette? - the recasting of Dr Weir
  5. Rodney McKay/Samantha Carter Discussion/Ship/Appreciation
  6. Sgt./Agent Bates/Dean Marshall Discussion/ Appreciation
  7. Steve the Wraith Thunk/Discussion/Appreciation
  8. Elizabeth Weir/Torri Higginson WOW Thread - Part 2
  9. Joe Flanigan/John Sheppard Thunk Thread
  10. Ford's Background, What Is It?
  11. Teyla
  12. John Sheppard Discussion/Appreciation
  13. Carson Beckett/Paul McGillion Thunk Thread
  14. Lt. Aiden Ford/Rainbow Sun Francks Thunk
  15. John Sheppard/Teyla Emmagan Appreciation/Ship/Discussion Thread
  16. There is there ship on Atlantis thread?
  17. Elizabeth Weir/John Sheppard Appreciation/Ship/Discussion Thread
  18. Greg the Wraith Thunk/Appreciation
  19. The Atlantis Shipper Thread
  20. (Relation)ship for Beckett ?
  21. Rodney McKay/Teyla Emmagan Discussion/Ship/Appreciation
  22. For ALL Atlantis Shippers
  23. Anti Sheppard/Weir Ship thread
  24. Secondary Characters Thunk Thread
  25. Teyla Emmagan Appreciation
  26. Dr Zelenka's a great character
  27. Sgt. Markham Appreciation Thread
  28. Carson Beckett/Teyla Emmagan Ship/Discussion/Appreciation
  29. Radek Zelenka/David Nykl Appreciation, Thunk, Translation Thread
  30. Rodney McKay/Elizabeth Weir Discussion/Ship/Appreciation
  31. Rodney McKay/John Sheppard Slash/Discussion/Appreciation
  32. McKay:Like Him Or Not?
  33. Dr. Peter Grodin Appreciation Thread
  34. Torri/Weir Central SPOILERS for any and all episodes
  35. The Teyla/Sora Discussion Thread
  36. Rachel Luttrell/Teyla "WOW" Thread
  37. John Sheppard Whump
  38. Ronon Dex Discussion Thread (possible spoilers)
  39. Kolya Appreciation Thread.
  40. Kolia Appreciation Thread
  41. Kavanaugh/Weir Ship
  42. The Teyla/Bates Ship Discussion thread
  43. Radek/Rodney Slash Thread
  44. Bob Appreciation Thread
  45. The Shep/Ford Thread!
  46. The Bob/Teyla ship thread!
  47. Ford/Teyla Ship Thread
  48. Elizabeth Weir/Carson Beckett Ship/Discussion/Appreciation
  49. Chaya Sar Thunk
  50. The ANTI-CHAYA thread.
  51. Steve & Bob The Wraiths Thunk thread.
  52. Will McKay stay true to Sam? Or will he ship on Atlantis?
  53. Teyla Emmagan/Elizabeth Weir Slash/Discussion/Appreciation
  54. James Lafazanos Thunk/Discussion/Appreciation
  55. It's NOT all Teyla's fault, after all
  56. Col. Steven Caldwell/Mitch Pileggi Thunk/Discussion/Appreciation
  57. Jason Momoa/Ronon Dex Thunk Thread
  58. Rodney McKay Whumping!
  59. Multiple Thunking - Atlantis
  60. Chaya/Sheppard Ship thread
  61. Steve/Thor ship
  62. Rodney McKay/John Sheppard Friendship Thread
  63. Rodney and Teyla not ship
  64. Ford/Teyla Ship? Thread
  65. All Wraith Thunk Thread!
  66. Ba'al & Steve the Wraith Shipper Thread
  67. For those who do not enjoy SHIPPING on SGA
  68. Sora/Erin Chambers Thunk/Discussion/Appreciation
  69. hermod apreciation thread.
  70. The McKay and Ford Friendship Discussion Thread
  71. Weir, Elizabeth
  72. Carson Beckett whumping!
  73. Dr. Kavanagh Appreciation Thread
  74. Everything atlantis thunk thread
  75. steve and bob wumping
  76. F.O.R.D. : Fellowship of Rainbow Defenders
  77. Clothe Teyla Fund!
  78. Ronon Dex/Jason Momoa Thunk Thread
  79. John Sheppard / Joe Flanigan Calender Thread
  80. Who Is Weir Kissing? (Spoiler Atlantis)
  81. Sg Stackhouse appriciation thread.
  82. Rachel is Rachel not Teyla so stop the attack
  83. Anti Teyla/Ronon Dex ship - Possible spoilers for SGA S2 on
  84. Teyla Emmagan/Ronon Dex Ship/Discussion/Appreciation
  85. How about more Shep,McKay, and Beckett minus their shirts
  86. Elizabeth Weir/Rodney McKay/John Sheppard Friends/Ship/Discuss/Appreciate (Mcshweir)
  87. The Rachel Luttrell Discussion Post
  88. Rodney McKay/Carson Beckett Slash/Discussion/Appreciation
  89. sam/rodney
  90. Hermiod Translations/Appreciation
  91. Lindsey Novak Discussion/Appreciation
  92. Lindsey Novak/Hermiod Ship/Discussion/Appreciation
  93. Colonel Everett
  94. Do we have to have canon ship at all on Atlantis?
  95. The asguard hermy and ......
  96. McKay/Carter ship
  97. Elizabeth Weir/Col. Caldwell Ship/Discussion/Appreciation
  98. Sheppard/Hermoid Thread
  99. Rodney McKay/Hermiod Ship/Discussion/Appreciation
  100. Let's Hear it for SPARKY!!
  101. Radek Zelenka/Elizabeth Weir Ship/Discussion/Appreciation
  102. Dr Carson Beckett Discussion here
  103. Teyla Emmagan/Radek Zelenka Ship/Discussion/Appreciation
  104. Major Lorne/Kavan Smith Thunk Thread
  105. All Weir Shippers Thread
  106. The Teyla/Shep/Weir/Dex Discussion Post
  107. Jonas deserves being on Atlantis team!
  108. Ronon Dex/John Sheppard Slash/Discussion/Appreciation (Shex)
  109. Shawn the Wraith (Wraith from Condemned) Thunk/Discussion/Appreciation
  110. Condemned 8/12/05
  111. McKavanaugh ship thread :D
  112. Checkett!
  113. Where Is Ronon Dex/jason Momoa Thunk Thread!!!!!!
  114. Lt. Cadman appreciation SPOILERS FOR ATLANTIS SEASON 2
  115. The Jack/John ship thread
  116. Anti Shep/Teyla ship thread
  117. McShexettmy - The ultimate ship thread! :D
  118. Atlantis Love Connection
  119. Why We Love Mckay
  120. Rachel Luttrell/Teyla Emmagan WOW Thread
  121. The "I love the Athosians" thread!
  122. David Nykl has answered some questions about Zelenka
  123. Khalek/Vegas Wraith/Neil Jackson Thunk/Discussion/Appreciation
  124. Dr. Lindsey Novak/Hermiod Ship Discussion SPOILERS
  125. Dex Whumping!
  126. My problem with Dr. Wier
  127. Kavanagh's First Name
  128. New Slash?
  129. That Psychaitrist
  130. Hermiod Thunk/Discussion/Appreciation
  131. Beckett/Mckay Ya, I Had To.
  132. The Bob/Teyla Ship Discussion Thread
  133. mckay-love him or hate him Let's discuss
  134. Capt. Dave Kleinman/Kirby Morrow Thunk/Discussion/Appreciation
  135. Kavanagh/Weir ship thread
  136. Sheppard/Bates ship thread
  137. The Chaya/Sheppard ship thread
  138. STAKS: The Anti-Kirking Discussion Thread
  139. Sheppard and Weir: Friends and leaders discussion
  140. Sheppard/Teyla Ship and Sheppard/Weir Ship Discussion Thread
  141. Sora/osiris
  142. Character Crossovers on SG1 <-> Atlantis
  143. SG-1/Atlantis Shipping
  144. Colonel Caldwell
  145. Say Yes To Kirking
  146. Alantis girls need to some romance.
  147. Shep's Elf Ears
  148. Dr.Carson Beckett / Lt. Laura Cadman Ship/Discussion/Appreciation
  149. Rodney McKay/Laura Cadman Discussion/Ship/Appreciation
  150. Sheppard - the descended
  151. Laura Cadman/Jaime Ray Newman Thunk/Discussion/Appreciation
  152. Chuck Campbell Appreciation Thread
  153. Sheppard doing a daniel SPOILERS
  154. wraith kisses
  155. Ronon Dex/Elizabeth Weir Ship/Discussion/Appreciation
  156. Sheppard/ Wraith Queen ship thread
  157. Atlantis Ships
  158. The Elizabeth Weir Discussion thread SPOILERS for anything
  159. The Tayla/Michael ship thread!
  160. Liz/Lorne Ship Thread
  161. Jeanie McKay "Possible Spoilers"
  162. Kavanaugh revisited
  163. Name to Face Again
  164. Michael/Teyla Emmagan Relationship Discussion/Appreciation
  165. Make McShep official!
  166. There is something about Macky in Chinese forum
  167. will Ronan & Teyla ever.....
  168. Pro: SPARKY/SPANKY Spoilers welcome
  169. John Sheppard/Vala Mal Doran Ship/Discussion/Appreciation
  170. John Sheppard/Some Random Alien Chick Shipper Thread
  171. Coombs and Felger in Atlantis!!!!
  172. Ford & Walter
  173. The "Michael" fan thread
  174. John Sheppard
  175. The Men of Atlantis - An Appreciation (+ video)
  176. What does "Jinto" mean?
  177. Sam Beckett Ship Thread
  178. Peter Grodin /Craig Veroni Thunk/Discussion/Appreciation
  179. The Secondary Women of Atlantis Thread
  180. What makes Ronon so different
  181. James "Bam Bam" Bamford Thunk/Appreciation
  182. Concerning Human + Wraith relationships....
  183. Anti-Shep/Teyla AND Anti-Shep/Weir
  184. Sam Carter/John Sheppard Ship Thread
  185. Who is your favorite M/F couple/pairing in atlantis?
  186. What is your favorite Atlantis Same Gender Pairing?
  187. Elizabeth Weir Discussion
  188. Weir$McKay shipper thread
  189. Who do you like to see whumped the most in SGA?
  190. Chuck(Technician)/Chuck Campbell Thunk Thread
  191. stargate sg1/atlantis least favorite characters
  192. Shep and Kirking
  193. Teyla Emmagan/Multiship Discussion/Appreciation
  194. any grodin fans out there
  195. Mckay and Dr. Heightmeir
  196. Question about Rodney mckay
  197. Beckett deserves his change from minor to major character
  198. Ronon and Teyla in Shep's team
  199. Anti-Kavanaugh thread.
  200. The John Sheppard/Teyla Emmagan Galleria Haven Thread (Picture & Artwork heavy)
  201. Elizabeth Weir Appreciation Thread (Pro Thread)
  202. McKay/Anyone (and Everyone) Shippers
  203. Anti Weir Thread
  204. Anti-Sheppard Thread
  205. The Anti-Rodney and Anti-Weir thread
  206. Lorne's First Name
  207. Connor Trinneer/Michael/Trip Thunk/ Discussion/Appreciation
  208. The Why We Don't Think Sheppard is Kirk thread
  209. Teyla's role throughout SGA
  210. Sheppard and Vala
  211. Do you like the character of John Sheppard
  212. Ronan/McKay banter thread SPOILERS
  213. The McKay/Mitchell Slash!
  214. We Love Lucius Thread
  215. Jeannie Miller/Kate Hewlett Wow !/Thunk/Discussion/Appreciation
  216. How much of a stargate fan do you think Dave Hewlett is?
  217. What do you think of Weir? Why?
  218. Dr. McKay/Dr. Kate Heightmeyer Ship Discussion Thread
  219. The Scrunchification of Teyla's Hair MUST STOP!
  220. I would like to see more of Carson.
  221. The Anti Cast Transplant Thread
  222. Sheppard is Whipped???
  223. Grodin/Craig Veroni: We'll never forget you!
  224. Dr Weir & Her Dog Sedgewick
  225. Christopher Heyerdahl/Todd/Halling/Pallan Thunk/Appreciation
  226. Atlantis Cast Support Thread
  227. Ba'al and 2 others in Atlantis???
  228. Sheppard
  229. McKay-Beckett-Sheppard Video
  230. Keep The Lion Rampant - SAVE CARSON! Sunday Spoilers
  231. Teyla
  232. Who should go: Ronon or Teyla?
  233. Andee Frizzell/WraithQueens Thunk Thread
  234. Wraith Defenders Club
  235. Weir/Sam discussion thread
  236. Tapping In Atlantis???
  237. Weir as Leader discussion
  238. Lets Keep Torri/Lizzie On Atlantis!!!
  239. Writing Carson -- possible spoilers for any and all SGA eps to this point
  240. Kavanagh's intentions
  241. If Teyla/Ronon had be a baked potato would the team treat them any different?
  242. ZeLorneka - Zelenka/Lorne slash and friendship thread
  243. Elles points out why Teyla/Ronon and Sheppard/Weir coexist peacefully.
  244. Dark or Light Sheppard
  245. Rodney/Ronon Pro-Ship Thread
  246. Sheppard Biography
  247. Survey: Who are the HOTTEST characters on SGA?
  248. Do you want Samantha Carter to cross over to Atlantis?
  249. Save Elizabeth Weir! SPOILERS FOR SEASON 4
  250. Kirking the Universe: Two Men, so many women and so little time.