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  41. RDA, Still HOTTTTT
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  44. what will happen next with Eli and Chloe? i am anxious to hear what you have to say.
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  46. Rush tribute video...
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  48. Who is TJ ?
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  55. Why must children ruin everything?
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  58. Ginn Julie McNiven WOW & character discussion
  59. As far as now, will Eli grow to be a leader?
  60. Greer,Scott,TJ and Young
  61. Picture and animated .gif posting rules.
  62. Which Love Triangle do you like best?
  63. Is Dr. Rush a "Bad guy" what do you think?
  64. Scott, as a character, was completely mishandled by the writers?
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  66. if is wasn't for Novus do you think Young and TJ would have still ended up together?
  67. would Young pick TJ or his wife to spend the rest of his life with if made to choose?
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  69. the TJ/Varro/Young love triangle thread
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