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  1. Stephen King's "The Mist"
  2. Skyfall - News/Discussion/Speculation
  3. Cloud Atlas (News/Speculation/General Discussion)
  4. Query about opening credits
  5. The awesome books turned into bad movies rant thread
  6. Syfy Greenlights "High Moon" Pilot
  7. Face Off on SyFy
  8. Third Age total war & other LOTR based game discussion thread
  9. Science-Fiction (with time travel)
  10. The Almighty Johnsons
  11. The Teeny Bopper Element in Sci Fi Shows
  12. Utopia (Channel 4)
  13. No X-Files folder?
  14. Branded (Film) : News/Speculation/General Discussion
  15. good excuse for a film to be in space?
  16. Sci Fi stories made by posters and others thread
  17. A theory about age and science fiction fandom.
  18. Borg/ Replicators/Drones/humanoid Cylons/Androids/mechanichal Cylons/Star Wars Droids
  19. Wizards vs Aliens (CBBC)
  20. LIFTED - a sci-fi flavored music video
  21. Airlock Alpha Portal Award Winners Announced
  22. Pure pwnage FILM is coming
  23. Do starships fly?
  24. Sinbad 2012 (SKY1)
  25. Seriously now, what next?
  26. Red Dwarf X reviews and thoughts. (Beware of spoilers)
  27. Forgotten the name of a scifi novel
  28. How would you defeat an outer space Nazi invasion of Earth ?
  29. Time Travel in TV Shows
  30. Best TV Heroines
  31. Jurassic Park 4, Will it or won't it be made?
  32. Short-Lived TV Shows
  33. I'd Love To See A Dedicated Folder For ...
  34. Seeing favorite TV actors on another show...
  35. Tracking down a BBC Scifi series.
  36. 666 Park Avenue
  37. The Xenomorph and AVP universe thread
  38. Shows set on the ocean?
  39. A Jaffa,Satedan,Klingon and Jem'Hadar walk into a bar, who walks out alive?
  40. Boba (or jango) Fett versus a Predator.. who wins?
  41. Has Syfy permantly deleted their Forums? UPDATE : Forums are back online.
  42. Two-Hour Series Finales
  43. Beauty and the Beast (CW)
  44. Syfy channel is having a 20th anniversay special Monday Dec.10th
  45. Is space-based sci-fi on TV dead?
  46. Vampire Diaries?
  47. Lost in Space (Original TV series)
  48. SFX Poll - Top 51 Sci Fi Spaceships
  49. Weird Desk new series by Carl Binder
  50. Alien vs. Predator (the movies)
  51. Confusion about the Alien/Predator/Prometheus franchises
  52. "Oblivion" looks like a real scifi movie. Trailer up.
  53. G4 network to become the Esquire Channel? wtf
  54. 25 Greatest Sci-Fi Legends of All Time - 8+ years later
  55. After Earth (2013 Scifi Film)
  56. Pacific Rim
  57. Help Me out here Gateworld: Top 15 Characters who've caused the biggest explosions.
  58. Gerry Anderson, Rip
  59. is there a Being Human (UK) thread?
  60. A Sci-fi Episode a Day keeps the Straightjacket away!
  61. Anyone ever get one of those movie bundles?
  62. A Good Day To Die - Blog Future?
  63. BC could use the support from fans
  64. Gwyddion, a new sci-fi film/webseries and Alternate Dimensions Entertainment
  65. Best Science Fiction and Fantasy Tv and Film Soundtracks: A Discussion.
  66. Atlantis (BBC)
  67. I just got ANDROMEDA for my birthday
  68. New show "Zero Hour"
  69. Arch
  70. Dawn of the Planet of the Apes - News/Speculation/Discussion
  71. Nielsen FINALLY agrees to expand definition of T.V.: implications for SciGenre shows
  72. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Reboot
  73. scifi film noir films
  74. Anyone watch ''Fact or Faked : Paranormal Files''? Thoughts?
  75. does anyone have any news on Christopher Judge's possible new series?
  76. SciFi season starts in just a few weeks!
  77. Do you still watch TV?
  78. All of Scifi & Fantasy Word Association Game
  79. Goku Goa'uld?
  80. Kickstart a scifi show!
  81. BBC 3 In the Flesh
  82. The Host vs. Stargate. Lots of similarities?
  83. 2005 was the Greatest year for scifi/fantasy television.
  84. Very bad news for Culture and Ian M Banks Fans
  85. MGM remaking "Incredible Shrinking Man"
  86. Steven S. DeKnight's Incursion: Our next space Sci-fi fix!!
  87. Sliders Revival
  88. Syfy announces mini-series "in development". Ringworld and Childhood's End
  89. Zombieland: The series. Pilot free on Amazon
  90. SG-1/Highlander Actors
  91. Who actually owns the games you buy?
  92. Anyone have an opinion on Galactic Battlefront?
  93. Almost Human News/Discussion/Spoilers
  94. The Tomorrow People (CW) NEWS/DISCUSSION/SPOILERS
  95. Great new science fiction movie.
  96. New show ideas - I miss space.
  97. My new show idea
  98. "After Earth" with Will Smith as bad as "Battlefield Earth"?
  99. Continuum and Lost Girl renewed for new seasons. Helix by Ron. D. Moore greenlighted.
  100. Iain Banks RIP
  101. World of Warcraft for Newbies!
  102. Under the Dome
  103. Justice League
  104. Dredd gets a Sequel......sorta?
  105. Any True Blood/Sookie Stackhouse fans out there?
  106. Why evolution/genetics
  107. Comic Con Experiences
  108. Why no dvd, video, for sci fi shows?
  109. Man of Steel sequel to feature Batman. . . Any thoughts?
  110. NEW fantasy series needs you!
  111. Artemis Fowl The Movie
  112. The 4400 sound track
  113. Elysium
  114. Need ... More... Sci fi ... Shows ... NOW
  115. I love this thread
  116. Ben Affleck to play Batman in Batman / Superman Pic ! ! ! LOL
  117. Bryan Cranston reportedly cast as Lex Luthor in Man of Steel sequel
  118. Footage from Transformers 4
  119. Man of Steel sequel titled Batman vs Superman on IMDB . . . for now
  120. Rewind syfy series 2012 cancelled
  121. Klingon Vs Wraith
  122. How much would you pay for a Sci Fi specific version of Netflix/Hulu?
  123. Robocop 2014 Remake
  124. Songs from or about sci fi and fantasy
  125. 09.10.13 The X-Files Premiered 20 Years Ago Tonight . . .
  126. Let's Have a Dedicated Folder! (2013-2014)
  127. Fall TV anticipation
  128. Interview with Mackenzie Gray (Man of Steel)
  129. John Christopher's The Tripods
  130. Legacy
  131. Best method of space travel?
  132. Sci-Fi Series 'Starhunter' to Relaunch as Web Series
  133. Write Episode Reviews of Your Favorite Show for SciFi Stream!
  134. The Originals (The CW)
  135. Dracula (NBC)
  136. Best unrequited/unwanted ships in SF/Fantasy?
  137. What's with women in armour?
  138. The Return of the Clangers!
  139. Space Opera Society Start-up (Indiegogo)
  140. What scifi shows need dvd or netflix?
  141. CBS to Reboot "Charmed"
  142. Chaos Walking Trilogy by Patrick Ness
  143. Spooksville (Hub Network) News/General Discussion
  144. For some reason I'm reluctant to post here: "End of Civilization" weekend.
  145. Need a dedicated folder for Orphan Black
  146. Where to see Wolfblood?
  147. Worst SciFi show of the new millennium: Starhunter
  148. Anyone here watch The Tomorrow People?
  149. Stargate actors on X-files
  150. Giant Alien Mashup Movie (idea)
  151. Strange Calls is worth watching.
  152. Working on a Fantasy Novel
  153. 2014 Sci-Fi\Fantasy Movies
  154. Anybody watch the CW's Nikita??
  155. The Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers
  156. Is the Stargate concept copywritten?
  157. Which is scarier the Borg or the Magog?
  158. Looking For Some Scifi Recommendations
  159. 'Beyond the Grave' - Spooky full cast audio drama from Big Finish
  160. The Strain on FX
  161. books that focus on build humanity first interstellar spaceship
  162. Good high fantasy reads ?
  163. What shows are airing new episodes during the Olympics?
  164. Jesse Eisenberg Cast to play Lex Luthor . . .
  165. To all the Andromeda fans out there, Need Help!!!
  166. Darkenshyne: Fantasy messageboard-RPG looking for players
  167. The Neighbors (ABC)
  168. How come no Roswell forum?
  169. Swedish Sci-Fi TV Series called Äkta människor (Real Humans)
  170. Aliens in science fiction.. Why don't we see much of their POV?
  171. Your SCIFI series/film IDEA 100 words or less
  172. Ship names in the Andromeda-Verse
  173. The Culture of Iain M Banks
  174. BBC America 'History of Science Fiction'
  175. Sharing a GREAT Web Series! (Conversion The Series)
  176. New shows, Believe, resurrection and the coming up Extant..
  177. Metal Hurlant Chronicles
  178. Which sequels are better than the originals?
  179. Predators or Terminator Salvation?
  180. Resurrection TV series, Theory (Spoilers alert)
  181. Transcendence the movie - excellent grown-up SF, join the applause here...
  182. Orphan Black News / Discussion Thread
  183. Split for best of/favorite threads etc?
  184. Syfy channel dropping the ball again? halo tvseries
  185. You don't need FTL to get to Earth..
  186. Penny Dreadful
  187. Anyone here like Person Of Interest?
  188. Reboots, which would you care about
  189. Why you should watch Cabin in the woods
  190. Sci-Fi drama season starting on BBC Radio 4
  191. Dominion (SyFy) TV Show
  192. 2312 Kim Stanley Robinson
  193. Predator reboot.....
  194. About "More SciFi, Less Vampires" (SciFi Stream)
  195. I just watched Prometheus again.
  196. Extant on CBS
  197. Constantine
  198. The X-Files yes or no? (First-time Viewer)
  199. Battlestation - A PC game and a book inspired by Babylon 5.
  200. Sci-fi police
  201. Christopher Judge to play Thane in Live-Action Infinity Blade Film
  202. R.I.P. Richard Kiel, 74
  203. The Driving Dead
  204. Forever on ABC
  205. XPRIZE Offers big money for ZPM's.....
  206. wraith vs breen
  207. Need some help........ Creative ways to get FTL kind of speed.
  208. Are you aware that Oct the 1st is the Official...
  209. Destiny the Game
  210. Huge Price Drop: 4 Whedon series, X-Men, Underworld, Star Wars...
  211. wraith vs the galactic empire (star wars)
  212. What happened to space opera?
  213. The Ultimate Quote?
  214. Terminator Genisys
  215. Ascension (Syfy) News/Discussion
  216. The Librarians TNT Series
  217. Area 52 Roleplay Game (off-site)
  218. John Christopher's The Tripods Trilogy
  219. 12 Monkeys coming on SYFY (SPOILERS)
  220. Happy Scifi 2015.......... Now where is my hoverboard? (BTTF)
  221. Who are they?
  222. Ash vs. Evil Dead
  223. RIP Robert Kinos h i t a
  224. syfy BB is now gone
  225. Seven Days - Complete Series BOXSET DVD
  226. Are You An Andromeda Fan? (Podcast)
  227. will it = trek
  228. Transformers Masterpiece Toys - My First
  229. Z.o.i.d.s!!!!
  230. Technobabble at its Best
  231. What if a different actor had the role??
  232. Sense8
  233. Childhood's End: Discussion- SPOILERS
  234. Ebay Auction
  235. Haven - before Parker arrived... (some spoilers within)???
  236. movie: Don't Blink
  237. An Old Fashioned space battles thread.
  238. Lost Girl: Petition
  239. The Man in the High Castle
  240. frozen: the disney movie
  241. 100 Degrees Below Zero - Music ripped from Doctor Who.
  242. superman/batman:public enemies
  243. THE LAST MAN-comedy
  244. movie-THE SIGNAL
  245. Who are Weyland-Yutani fighting?
  246. Do we have a Person Of Interest thread here?
  247. SYFY: the channel of cheap and cheesy shows?
  248. Alien Nation Reboot
  249. So I haven't been watching sci-fi as much, recommend me sci-fi series to watch.
  250. Thunderbirds Are Go! : The Thunderbirds Reboot