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  1. "Justice" (110) Pre-Airing Discussion/Speculation Thread
  2. FAN REVIEWS: 'Justice'
  3. 'Justice' (110) General Discussion
  4. What they found on the planet
  5. Waiting 4 months is gonna suck...
  6. how's Eli going to cope
  7. Young's actions and his decisions
  8. The Chair (pt 2)
  9. Chloe finally showcases her usefulness!
  10. Rush's actions, situation and how will he get out of it?
  11. Who is that Actress?
  12. red herring in the episode?
  13. Favourite Quotes/Moments from 'Justice'
  14. Wray = Telford
  15. Why did the ship stop?
  16. Power of the Military
  17. "The End Justifies the Means"
  18. Wray in partnership with Rush?
  19. The Ancient Gene
  20. Anyone else surprised that the stones weren't used?
  21. A thing to keep in mind when thinking about Rush & Youngs encounter
  22. Who else can't sleep worrying about Rush?
  23. If Rush were in charge, how would things be different?
  24. Non US/Canada viewers who've seen "Justice" already.
  25. Does the audience want Col Young to hate himself ?feel regret or remorse?
  26. Justice Plothole?
  27. Kinda like BSG?
  28. Rush isn't a sociopath.
  29. Chloe - Jennifer Keller 2.0?
  30. INjustice- Was kino registering all?
  31. Why is Greer allowed to carry a weapon again?
  32. Fans of Young
  33. Did anyone else feel kinda bad for Spencer?
  34. Now that is one sweet potato!
  35. So either the crew is consisted of idiots or they are willfully ignorant
  36. Wray's IOA Career
  37. "we'll never be done"
  38. Did Rush really do what Young thinks he did?
  39. Is Rush going to be a regular cast member?
  40. Wray, Rush and Young - None are fit to lead
  41. Chair vs. Repository Interface
  42. What was the point in Destiny stopping at that particular planet???
  43. Communication Stone Compatibility