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  4. Best lines in "Time"
  5. The Aliens on the Jungle Planet - The Flood?
  6. Suicide?
  7. Riley!
  8. Something Rush said about Ascension
  9. fps(first person shooter) view
  10. Solar Flare Length
  11. Time? As in 36 odd hours?
  12. Chloe to become the "Kenny of SGU"?
  13. aliens speaking english
  14. The gate - TV screen?
  15. For a moment there I thought we were in trouble
  16. Timeline/AT/Who the heck actually understands this stuff
  17. Environmental Suits.....forgotten?
  18. New Source of Medicine- The Shriekers? Spoilers for "Time"
  19. Its very annoying
  20. Was I the only one?
  21. Why were TJ and the Soldier laughing at Eli?
  22. Destiny as a Character
  23. Eli's shirt (and why it crimps his style)
  24. Did ya just wanna hit Eli...
  25. Chloe
  26. The cure, the luckiest coincidence? or proof that Destiny is a smart ship?
  27. Solution of Time
  28. Who's skull was that that Rush was holding?
  29. rush & young have one thing in common...?
  30. Other sources of water
  31. TJ + Eli = good scenes?
  32. The Death of Every Stargate Character
  33. Sergeant Greer's excellent taste in music
  34. Time - Solar Flare - Answer to all supply problems?
  35. Possible Alternate Solution
  36. Destiny
  37. Theme song?
  38. Rush wanted the reboot?
  39. Best Defence is a good offence line
  40. Opportunity for free supplies?
  41. anyone else just totaly confused?
  42. Anyone get a little Deja Vu?
  43. This epiosde really shows the best and worst of Eli.
  44. So no conclusion to last week?
  45. Did I get it right? [IMG]
  46. Best episode so far..........
  47. What if the third timeline had failed as well? Make new timelines!