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  4. Telford's communication disruption...
  5. Rush's actions
  6. Telford's actions and speculation on the final scene possible spoilers for future ep
  7. What's the IOA's real agenda?
  8. Young's Opening to Johanson
  9. Eli = Friendzoned!
  10. Destiny's weapon grid
  11. Please tell me somebody else noticed this
  12. Jack O'Neill's position and actions in Earth
  13. Why is no one showing any outrage
  14. The Plan to get them home
  15. Telford/Young/Emily relationships and future speculation
  16. Best lines in Earth
  17. What happened to Riley?
  18. Identification
  19. The door behind the Stargate
  20. So Rush is the smartest person on the ship?
  21. Young and Rush. Us versus them?
  22. Who was that Musician at the bar?
  23. Dialing Destiny From A Ship
  24. Energy usage - Hyperdrive vs Weapons
  25. Oniell and the lemon
  26. Pics of the ship firing...
  27. Incoming 9 Chevron Wormholes
  28. "Stargate: Universe" is a U.S. Military Drama
  29. retreiving the data
  30. Telford and the Scientists retreating?
  31. Greer the mutineer