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  4. Is Miss. Armstrong a Slut???
  5. Favorite Lines from "Light"
  6. Do you think Rush knew?
  7. Poor Eli
  8. A Way home
  9. Should Young have handled things differently?
  10. Size of the Shuttle
  11. Why didn't they dial Earth when...
  12. Lt James and Lt Scott... Did I miss something
  13. Music in "Light"
  14. Return of the Kino
  15. Chloe and Scott's relationship, out of nowhere?
  16. More naked Greer, please!
  17. Scott in Light - SPOILERS for S1 Ep 4 "LIGHT'
  18. thoght he'd never get to see the Destiny?
  19. Continuity in Episodes
  20. Acceptable threads?
  21. can i watch?
  22. These are the wrong people
  23. How Christian of him.
  24. Greer is now officially awesome
  25. Power and the Shield
  26. Being from the uk..
  27. Who else knew that how the ep would play out?
  28. Can't wait for the Shuttle?
  29. Where would you have been?
  30. Silk Sheets, Big Blankets?
  31. Now the fun can begin...
  32. How did you guys know it was ...?
  33. Why didn't they use the stones in Light?
  34. What good is the shutle?
  35. For a show that's called 'Stargate'...there isn't much 'Stargate' in it so far.
  36. Hello there - need character name !
  37. The Destiny's shields
  38. The Lottery
  39. Aliens aboard the Destiny?
  40. Young's Threat to Wray
  41. Just a technical question about the Ancients...
  42. Was the lottery real?
  43. Rush could have used the shuttle