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  1. FAN REVIEWS: 'Air, Part 3'
  2. 'Air, Part 3' (103) General Discussion
  3. Air 3, Final Scene - 'bug' pod, AND Ancient Timeline
  4. Mystery The sand monster?
  5. Songs on SGU - Good or Bad?
  6. The Stargate?
  7. Religious angle in SGU.
  8. Too many commercials. Am I right?
  9. Evil Rush
  10. A pleasant surprise
  11. No DHD?
  12. Left Behind? (Don't Look If You Don't Want To Know)
  13. Will they have a tan in the next episode?
  14. "That was my ration for the day"
  15. Where's the water?
  16. Disrespectful uniforms and Greer's rank
  17. More Rational Use of the LRC Stones
  18. Commercial Transitions
  19. Stargate Universe DHD?
  20. Will the SGU crew develop a sense of humor?
  21. First Lt. Scott's Past? (Possible Spoiler?)
  22. The Song at the end
  23. Scott and Chloe ?
  24. So, who else is THRILLED to see....
  25. Destiny's battle damage on the hull (HBC)
  26. When Eli stuck his hand in the gate
  27. Small victories are awesome!
  28. Young - Telford Contrast
  29. Dr. Rush/Dr. Lee ?
  30. Plot hole?
  31. That....blasted Planet of the Apes reference...
  32. New enemy or ally?
  33. After the 3 parter pilot - rating the characters from favorite to least favorite
  34. A way to get air, since they were all suffering from suffocation
  35. Threat from Senators Wife - O'Neills response
  36. If they had the gypsum, why did they need the limestone?
  37. LRC stones again - sorry
  38. What do those crates contain?
  39. Getting back to the gate...
  40. Another episode, another "Today in Scott's Sex Life"
  41. No wormhole Pros cons ?
  42. Air pt3 Desert... where the hell did they film that
  43. Faster than Light Travel
  44. Future enemies? future speculations
  45. What's Telford intentions?
  46. A Question...
  47. An adventurous crew
  48. Pod Lift Off At The End
  49. Air - Extended Cut (DVD)
  50. The leak?
  51. Why no one searched for Curtis and Palmer?
  52. who closed the gate?