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  4. calling all stargate fans
  5. The Sun Tzu : Open discussion/Source of the name ?
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  7. Plothole
  8. The fate of pegasus
  9. Atlantis and it's Future in the Pegasus Galaxy
  10. Seriously they couldn't mount a better defense?
  11. Where was SG-1?
  12. Well, Bye Atlantis
  13. ZPM situation by end of finale
  14. Wormhole Drive
  15. In Honor and Memory of Hammond...
  16. I've watched too much Stargate, plothole?
  17. Why was this episode not a 2-part episode?
  18. Odyssey's Secret Mission? Dun Dun DUN!
  19. Teyla: Heroine or Horrible Mother
  20. Ronon's Mission Report
  21. So many unresolved issues!
  22. Ending Scene
  23. One slight problem...
  24. Can we rant about the CHAIR please?
  25. Atlantis and the Atlantis team didn't really do anything...
  26. Todd's plan for the hive
  27. Who Should Have Been on the Balcony
  28. Super-Hive's strength
  29. missed it!
  30. Gate activity temporarily suspended
  31. Ronon's status...?
  32. Secondary Characters in Enemy at the Gate!
  33. Atlantis= new SGC?
  34. CGI in enemy at the gate
  35. ZPM Drive through
  36. Extended Edition
  37. What happened to the Wraith ship?
  38. I hope Sam's ship...
  39. Why couldn't Earth's allies help?
  40. ZPMs permanently lost?
  41. Size of Atlantis in the night sky over Earth
  42. Was that Wraith anyone we knew?
  43. Fate of Todd???
  44. Wraith technology is THAT advanced?
  45. What happened with Teyla's family?
  46. Stargate Program Going Public ?
  47. Reasonable in-story explanations for tech-holes.
  48. EATG : Not available for online viewing?( Re Amazon /ITunes)
  49. the PACIFIC ocean??
  50. Explaining the Dart Battle Over Nevada
  51. Why didn't Sheppard use Ancient drones against the Darts?
  52. F-302 squadron TopGuns
  53. Atlantis :biggest Scientific Research Center/weapon
  54. Sam had no place in this episode
  55. Enemy at the Gate / Star Wars /Trek links
  56. Anyone noticed that...
  57. SGA - MGM Stargate: A Hero Returns! - Maj. Paul Davis
  58. Daedalus Upgrade?
  59. "Ronon, welcome to Earth."
  60. Atlantis model
  61. My Theory!
  62. Atlantis
  63. Rewriting Enemy At The Gate (slightly)
  64. New Base for Movies
  65. So Wraith can bring people back from the dead then?
  66. Drones
  67. Enemy at the Gate: "Special Extended Version"
  68. Would the Navy get a bigger role after "EATG"?
  69. Area 51 is big,how did the Wraith find the right place?
  70. Why didn't they just send a nuke through the stargate into the wraith hive???
  71. The Russians or Chinese Takeover of the Stargate Program?
  72. This one shouldve been the movie
  73. The ZPM on Earth (SPOILERS)
  74. Wormhole Drive?
  75. Plot hole - the remaining Athosians
  76. Atlantis' future ?
  77. Did anyone else find this...weird?
  78. Kenny?
  79. Is Anyone Else Extremely Angry With "Enemy At the Gate"?
  80. was the underling kenny?
  81. Explosion was too small.
  82. Enemy at the Gate Alt Ending Suggestion
  83. San Francisco?
  84. Worm Hole drive complaint (NOT AS PLOT DEVICE)
  85. Sun tzu confirmed to be a chinese ship
  86. Why was the CGI so awful?
  87. How the Wormhole Drive works.
  88. Ronon + Amelia?
  89. Enenmy at the Gates
  90. Enemy At The Gate was rushed.
  91. Question about Eatg May contain minor spoilers
  92. Atlantis at end of S5 ... Just use the City Ship from "Tower"
  93. EATG question
  94. Weapons...
  95. Why not use the chair?
  96. why didnt they just send Todd
  97. Odyssey whereabouts
  98. EatG on now on Sky2(UK)
  99. hive gate
  100. what happens to todd
  101. hive explosion
  102. Who is the mystery woman ?
  103. How would you have done the finale?
  104. Wraith Outpost?
  105. I'm going to see this episode for the first time...
  106. SG-1 and the Odyssey
  107. Was Todd going to fly the ZPM hive to Earth himself?
  108. Enemy at the gate extended edition
  109. Did we see Todd's underling in previous episodes?
  110. Call to the area 51.