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  4. Judge Shepard hands down his ruling: Guilty, Death by Execution
  5. The Rodney and Carson duo are back!
  6. Carson: From healer, to bringer of death
  7. Were those weapons really Canon?
  8. Favourite Line in 'Outsiders'
  9. That was not 600-700 people they rescued.
  10. Teyla's "Gift"
  11. Pretty messed up....
  12. What Happened To The First Group Of Balarans?
  13. Any doubt now that Carson adds more Dynamic to episodes than Keller?
  14. Carson has amazing super-healing abilities...
  15. Hacking a Wraith Computer too easy
  16. Carson - Pegasus Galaxy WorldVision Ambassador?
  17. The Gateroom
  18. Kenny
  19. Moral Debate Solved
  20. Don't Leave Carson!
  21. What he hell was wrong with the Drone soldiers this episode?!
  22. Carson took a big risk
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  24. I was hoping..
  25. Kill someone!!
  26. Something kinda off....
  27. Rodney/Carsons escape?