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  2. New Race in Atlantis???
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  5. So...
  6. Asgard friend or foe
  7. Atlantis Makes SG-1 Retarded
  8. Name the Commander of the "New" Race(Spoilers)
  9. Locked?
  10. Atlantis has raised the bar yet again!!
  11. Please replace Dr. Jackson in Teyla's spot.
  12. Ronon doing stupid things to further the plot....again
  13. Auxiliary Control Center
  14. How did Sheppard and Zelenka survive?
  15. absolutely ridiculous!! (lost tribe spoiler warning!!!!!!!)
  16. Todd and Woolsey sitting in a tree...
  17. The Triangle Brought to an End, TPTB Redeem Themselves in the Realm of 'Shipping
  18. asgard breaching ancient sheilds?
  19. Everyone was stupid
  20. What happened to Todd & Cruiser?
  21. Questions (spoilers)
  22. Teyla - pushed to the back of the bus
  23. Not so technology advanced ...
  24. Best Lines in The Lost Tribe
  25. Er... Radiation?
  26. Hmmmm Caldwell MIA...
  27. Any1 notice? (Possible Spoiler)
  28. Kaylee-Lite was the Mechanic
  29. Hud...
  30. Anyone else love those hyperdrives?
  31. What about the Alliance of Four? (TLT Spoilers)
  32. Something i would love to see - Regarding Battle Armor
  33. Lost Tribe(s)? (Spoilers)
  34. Anyone Dissapointed?
  35. Can We Help Them?
  36. Are these the Vanir?
  37. Travellers vs. Asgard
  38. 2 New toys for the Atlantis team..maybe not
  39. Todd > 10,000 years old?
  40. How do 304s LOSE "Weapons"?
  41. Daniel Should Have Claimed to Be Thor
  42. What happened to this scene..
  43. Always Todd!
  44. Whats With Zelenka?
  45. Sins of the Past....
  46. Jackson, dragged through the gutter.
  47. Will we see them again?
  48. Did the MW Asgard know about this little rebel group?
  49. Pegasus's Stargate
  50. Oh noes! Human experiments!
  51. Atlantis Damage
  52. Did Todd off Caldwell?
  53. Todd very respectful
  54. Solving the Cloning Problem and the Tok'ra Host Shortage (SPOILERS)
  55. How would our Asgard have reacted?
  56. This explains the jamming technology
  57. Ronin Cant Read!!
  58. Todd's future on the show???
  59. The asgard and the lost tribe
  60. One man's thoughts on Lost Tribe (maybe spoilers)
  61. Asgard or Asgards?
  62. So much ridiculousness
  63. Offer to relocate the Asgard?
  64. Alliance: was there one or not?
  65. Asgard Technology with Asgard Minds?
  66. The aftermath - Wraith goes from parapalegic to quadrapalegic.
  67. Asgard degeneration..
  68. Is this why the wraith...
  69. How is Martin Gero so awsome?
  70. Are the asgard Consciousness in the Asgard Core
  71. Did anyone notice????
  72. Punish Todd
  73. How would you beat the Attero device.
  74. Avenger 2.0 Virus + Attero Device = Wraith Killer?
  75. Thank Reese for the replicators!
  76. Todd - Janus were allies?
  77. The Travelers Ship
  78. The Ships
  79. Why don't they just...
  80. Asgard voice actor?
  81. The Blue Stone in lost tribe
  82. Major plot hole in 'First Contact/Lost Tribe' story. (Spoilers)
  83. Todd's plan B
  84. Dr. Keller's hair
  85. The Asgard Ships
  86. Where was Colonel Caldwell?
  87. Looking for Production Binder Photos of Wraith
  88. Questions, Questions