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  1. "First Contact" (510) Pre-Airing Discussion/Speculation Thread
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  4. Pretty good part 1-er
  5. Discuss the "New" Race!
  6. Best lines in First Contact
  7. How did Janus...
  8. (First Contact) discuss Daniel Jackson in the episode
  9. Did you think Todd was going to go along with Keller's plan?
  10. Why didn't the ancients use the device to defeat the Wraith?
  11. Todd knew about le device?
  12. Wasn't enough Janus
  13. Engame Machine + Ark of Truth + Sangraal... ZZzz...
  14. Stargate Atlantis has raised the bar once again!!!
  15. The New Race of Atlantis. Name Suggestion.
  16. couldn't wait for Todd to say....
  17. Reminds me off....
  18. A Fake Preview?
  19. The gate room and gate?
  20. Earth
  21. Subspace
  22. Where was Kenny?
  23. Todd he did the 2 things no one can do
  24. What was powering Janus' Lab?
  25. The Shield...(spoilers)
  26. Which Galaxy Has suffered More Pegasus or the Milky Way?
  27. Sheppard's demeanor(?)
  28. Why do they keep bringing Dex to Wraith diplomacy sessions?
  29. Enough bullets can overwhelm a personal shield?
  30. I Throw Up My Hands in Defeat: The Triangle IS Poorly Written
  31. The Atlantis gate was the only one that could dial the MW!
  32. What's up with Jennifer's make-up in this episode?
  33. Radek, is that you?
  34. What I thought the harmonic tone would be..
  35. Todd's not really thinking straight, which will lead to unnecessary deaths...
  36. What's with the MENSA crack?
  37. Radek and John
  38. Has Daniel Lost His Touch?
  39. Is John getting dimmer by the episode?
  40. My Speculation/Predictions on Janus (Spoilers? Well, I might be right I suppose?)
  41. Was That A Ancient Ship?
  42. New users, READ THIS THREAD. NOW!
  43. Is Todd Gonna die for this?
  44. Well, it's been confirmed...
  45. One question not being asked
  46. Stargate back to its best!
  47. Who is the third person in the chain of command?
  48. Todd going to WTFPWN the New Aliens?
  49. Getting tired of a certain cliche that the writers seem to like to fall back on.
  50. Will Todd learn his name?
  51. So Ancient Ships Can Paa Through Atlantis's Shields???
  52. They should have used the Attero device to win the war.
  53. Very disappointed with Daniel and Rodney's lack of morality
  54. You know what's funny in retrospect?
  55. A Mistake?
  56. Gate Sheild
  57. Why would the "ALIENS" have different technology than "_____"? - [Spoilers]
  58. What about Todd?
  59. About the "aliens"...
  60. Edison and Tesla
  61. No new enemy was killed? (Spoilers of enemey identity)
  62. Why the race is what it is.
  63. Grieving (Spoilers Through The Lost Tribe)
  64. What about the other gate?
  65. This should be in Lost Tribe for now SPOILER.
  66. Was Zelenka's task really that complicated?
  67. What was Chuck reading?
  68. Attero device side effect
  69. Janus Could have saved them all!!!