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  4. better as a 2 parter?
  5. Name the Bald Wraith!
  6. Who knew....
  7. Credits Anyone?
  8. Woolsey Approved?
  9. Favorite Line in The Queen
  10. Do you think the Galaxy is safer now? (at the end of "the Queen")
  11. Do you think that Todd really wants what he claims he wants?
  12. Todd is the greatest Wraith ever
  13. How did Teyla change?
  14. Todd's Queen?
  15. Subcutaneous Transmitter
  16. No Andee Frizzell?
  17. What?!
  18. No! No! No!
  19. What if Teyla had remained as...? (SPOILERS!)
  20. I see John's "Only my friends matter"-mentality is still alive and well...
  21. wraith are similar to the gouald
  22. I thought Teyla was smart?
  23. Kenny
  24. Who played the Primary queen and the bald wraith they look and sounded familiar...
  25. Confusion with Michael story arc
  26. Todd+Teyla
  27. Teyla looked Creepy as a Wraith
  28. When was Todd's last queen killed?
  29. Did Keller Lie?
  30. Baldy suspected Teyla of what?
  31. Pirates of the Pegasus Galaxy
  32. Stupid Sheppard
  33. Atlantis censored again
  34. The Queen
  35. Love the Episode