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  1. Whatever happened to?
  2. Why didnt the Ancients fly atlantis back to the Milky Way?
  3. One thing I just thought of that I don't get..
  4. when the ancients came back
  5. do we get better weapons
  6. hope we find more useful discoveries
  7. siege part 3 possibly spoiles
  8. Fighting wont defeat the wraith
  9. How do Wraith grow?
  10. What Stargate did the Ancients use to come back to earth?
  11. Sheppard is going to have the same prob as poor Carter did
  12. Hive ships in siege 3 I've got it!!!!
  13. First shots of Daedlus(sp?)
  14. See shepard and Mackay on your psp
  15. inside scifi friday spoiler
  16. when is SG SG-1 n SGA due
  17. What exactly is this picture?
  18. New Theory About SciFi Premier
  19. CITY UPDATES (Spoilers)
  20. Atlantis S1 Quotes Hangman
  21. Wraith gaining knowledge through feeding
  22. epiphany thought spoiler speculation
  23. The Ancient Cause
  24. Timeline continuity error? (possible spoilers)
  25. wraith
  26. Getting Altantis to Fly again
  27. Stargate: Atlantis is loved in South Africa
  28. Asgard Cursing... :D
  29. Atlantis Rocks Big Time
  30. Commercials Are the New Go'auld
  31. puddle jumper questions
  32. Season 2 Screencaps?
  33. Zelenka fans?!
  34. About the city shield (201 spoilers)
  35. BSG reference in Stargate Atlantis Premier?
  36. asgard beats the wraith spoilers
  37. End Of Debate Asgard More Advanced Then Wraiths Spoilers
  38. How long must I wait?
  39. what did people think of daedalus
  40. The New Steroid...
  41. Rodney!!!!!!
  42. The Deadalus (possible spoiler)
  43. Deadalus Mach 8 Nukes Question? (sp?)
  44. 5 down 55 to go
  45. How many jumpers are left?
  46. Lack of weapons on Atlantis
  47. Hyperdrive weapons
  48. Daedalus vs Prometheus Asthetics...?
  49. The Railgun was the correct color!
  50. Daedalus a disapointment?
  51. Hermiod - yay or nay ?
  53. More evidence for a Wraith weakness to water (spoilers)
  54. Atlantis and the ZPM issue (SPOILERS, ATL Season 2)
  55. I think the Wraith are going to get desperate
  56. How can we annoy the wraith?!!
  57. how long do you think it would take a wraith to starve to death?
  58. we have proof that ancients had a army
  59. Hermoid report to Asgard Coucil
  60. Clarification of Asgard transporters
  61. Wow, Inconsistencies (All spoilers)
  62. PuddleJumper - Spoilers Siege pt.3
  63. Atlantis & Daedalus Inconsistency? (Possible Spoilers)
  64. what now? [spoilers for S2+]
  65. will the asgard become more involved
  66. Question about planet of origin?
  67. Semi-invisibility?
  68. I May Have Figured Out How the Nukes Were Jammed
  69. a cloaking device for BC303 ?(Siege pt3 spoiler)
  70. Atlantis on Canada's TMN - Intro cut or not?
  71. Questions (Possibly Stupid) about the rest of Season 2
  72. I think i figured out where the virus is from
  73. Wraith are not weak
  74. Question RE Wraith shields & other stuff (spoilers)
  75. Ancient weapon on Dakara?
  76. Where did the Asgard beaming tech come from?
  77. asguard beam/wraith ship loophole (spoilers)
  78. Railguns on Daedalus
  79. the tower possible spoilers
  80. Wraith Origin - Theory, Spoiler, Crazy... something
  81. my theory about wraith
  82. Theory on the wraith
  83. Tidbit from JMallozzi's Blog (maybe spoilers)
  84. A slight resemblance?
  85. So...whats the deal with the conference table?
  86. anyone think the wraith will one day enter the MW to get to earth?
  87. What if a Wraith and a Goa'uld....
  88. Ancient seeded many world in Pegasus,but only Earth in MW?
  89. Why did they leave Atlantis behind?
  90. Why didn't the wraith destroy the Planet?
  91. Where is she?
  92. Pollution of Atlantis
  93. So... about Shep
  94. Why haven't we built ion cannons...
  95. F-302 sound in 'The Intruder'
  96. Wier's Man Friend!!! (Spoiler)
  97. Poor New people !!Spoilers!!!
  98. deadalus question (possible spoiler).
  99. Dear TPTB: McKay in season two
  100. intruder good or bad
  101. Marines and Navy corpman in the Daedulas
  102. Keys in the F-302???
  103. Daedalus timing(Spoilers)
  104. will the Great Veroni Returneth ?
  105. Is Dr Weir a case of nepotism? (Intruder spoilers)
  106. Plumbing of Atlantis
  107. Anyone else miss Tayla?
  108. Could Hermiod help Dr Beckett in some medical area?
  109. X-302's on Atlantis
  110. Nox, Furlings, and Asgard
  111. Should Atlantis get some Navy expert ?
  112. McKay vs Hermiod
  113. uk release?
  114. Animals On Atlantis
  115. Children of the Ancients
  116. Kavannagh (sp?)
  117. New Weapons?
  118. Furling/Wraith Alliance
  119. What was the point of having Atlantis fly ? I mean seriously...
  120. Earth must have the ancient database now huh?
  121. Why are there no Zat guns?
  122. SGA Teams........
  123. Atlantis New 1 minute opening????
  124. F-302 Question. (possible spoiler)
  125. ZPM manufacturing
  126. SGA and Orii
  127. Must Be Boring On The Daedalus
  128. When did the ancients ascend? (Spoilers? I hope not)
  129. does atlantis hold the key for fighting ori
  130. First few details of “The Towers” Beware of spoilers
  131. atlantis power
  132. What does Kavanagh do?
  133. Are there any good wraith, like the tok'ra
  134. will ronen dex make a difference.
  135. So why did they change the asgaard langauge to crap?
  136. JOE answered:"Asgard Are more powerful then Wraiths ONE on ONE" :D!! thanks Joe
  137. Anyone notice xtra fighter bays on daedalus
  138. Caldwell in Atlantis
  139. F-302 Question that has been bugging me
  140. Asgard ZPM's
  141. Major Lorne new secondary character?
  142. Is The Pegasus Galaxy Protected from the Ori? (SPOILERS FOR 'ORIGIN')
  143. New interview with David Winning, director of Childhood's End
  144. Is Daedalus taking any high tech stuff back to Earth?
  145. Why Are There So Many Wraith?
  146. Season Two SciFi Channel Ratings
  147. The Wraith are Ancients
  148. Theory about Hot Zone
  149. Happy Birthday, Jason Momoa - August 1st.
  150. Ronon's planet. Advanced or not? (possible slight spoilers)
  151. Grace Underpressure Sequal to Grace?[spolier possible]
  152. Nitpicking, realism, and the law of non-contradiction
  153. Is Ronon enzymed or not? (Runner spoilers)
  154. Ancient Warship Aurora thoughts
  155. What is this plant doing here?
  156. what do the wraith do when theay catch a runner?
  157. "The Tower" New Details from Gateworld
  158. Do I read too much into things - whats with Season Two?
  159. list of worlds with zpm's hidden
  160. Wraith / Par-wraith link
  161. 38 Minutes, Begone! Spoilers
  162. Why Did They Wake Up Anyway?
  163. Why don't all the wraith go back to hibernation?
  164. Where do u think the Wriath Ships come from
  165. Just get rid of the wraiths! (Runner spoilers)
  166. For the SGA Costume Department??
  167. Subject: Wraith Character Depth
  168. Teyla vs. Dex
  169. Atlantis Jackets
  170. Will Threshold be a ratings threat?
  171. Naquadah Generators?
  172. Do you download?
  173. Exclusive Interview with Jewel Staite
  174. ZPM from BrotherHood
  175. wraith as allies?
  176. Things you wonder
  177. Ronon question...
  178. David Hewlett should get an award (Possible spoilers for Duet)
  179. Ronan Dex eating Jello with his fingers.
  180. Yet another filler episode... Already?
  181. Teyla's new hair???
  182. Don't you just hate the Genii?
  183. The poor Wraith.
  184. Will DR. KAVANAGH return?
  185. Weir's Husband?
  186. Will they/Did they send Sora of the Genii back?
  187. Will the Daedlus battle more?
  188. Intruder and Duet
  189. Ronon's intelligence
  190. Wraith Hive Ship Travel
  191. Why did the Wraith Stop Feeding on Ronon?
  192. Why not go back to sleep
  193. McKay's new girlfriend
  194. Lt. Col. Shepherd's rank
  195. My theory on the lack of Wraith Shields
  196. Puddle Jumper Composition
  197. The picture by Rodney's bed...
  198. Genii Weapons
  199. Naquadria (sp) hyperspace nukes
  200. Who are the guys who play the Wraiths?
  201. Can Wraith Eat Ori and Ancients?
  202. "I love me" walls
  203. we have a vehicle!
  204. Did Weir's office looked different to you?
  205. The point of caving-in character? (Duet spoilers)
  206. Who wants to see Cadman again (Duet Spoilers)
  207. Wraith evolution
  208. What Happened?
  209. Something i noticed about Atlantis during the latest episode
  210. New writers on Atlantis?
  211. What happened to this scene [duet spoilers]
  212. James Lafazanos is a Vegetarian!!
  213. Aw the poor Mice (spoiler Duet ep)
  214. Atlantis Contract? - How many seasons?
  215. (Possible Runner Spoiler) Where's the stunners??
  216. Ancients Stuff
  217. Stargate Atlantis Extras
  218. The one minute Atlantis season two intro
  219. how did the wraith get there tech?
  220. First plot details on the episode "Michael"
  221. Wraith Feedings
  222. Possible Post:Michael Episode "SPOILERS"
  223. When is atlantis and sg-1 going to be back on u.k tv?
  224. Why is Ford's story so overlooked ?
  225. Wraith farms
  226. What kind of Gun does Ronan have ?
  227. "Critical Mass"--SPOILERS
  228. Whatever happened to the secondaries?!
  229. Weir's changed feelings
  230. Sheppard and Mckay in season 2
  231. Who is this cutie??
  232. Deja vu all over again (spoilers for S2)
  233. Duet Question??
  234. Mitch Skinner
  235. we all know that we have jumpers but when are we gonna see a different ship?
  236. McKay and Sheppard relation ep?
  237. asgard
  238. Big Guns
  239. Daedalus possibilities
  240. The puddlejumpers
  241. power supply beware spoilers
  242. Will Ronan Do For Teylay What Jonas Did For Teal'c?
  243. Condemned: Good ep, but missing something...Beckett!! :(
  244. chevron
  245. the need for food
  246. ZPMs
  247. Weir
  248. Teyla's wraith sensing ability (spoilers proberly)
  249. Condemed - people with large ears?
  250. Slightly annoying (possible spoilers)