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  1. Atlantis not shot on film?!?
  2. Ancient Ships
  3. Atlantis' Geopolitical mistakes: a lot of...
  4. When will Atlantis rise even further?
  5. My baseless theory on the ancients
  6. TMN airing Atlantis out of order? Potential Season One Spoilers
  7. Goa'uld on Atlantis? Your thoughts....
  8. The Return Of Atlantis
  9. Idea about water. (Spoilers 'The Defiant One')
  10. 1x16 - Zelenkas Quote
  11. Ancients = Lanteans - Proof? - Brotherhood Spoilers
  12. Feeding On Lifeforce
  13. Why are the Wraith....? Spoilers for Brotherhood and Other Eps
  14. atlantian submersibles or puddel jumpers underwater
  15. Stargate differences {Spoilers included}
  16. our next source of power ?
  17. how many levels does Atlantis have?
  18. The Asgard (Season 2 spoilers & speculation)
  19. New Atlantis site and forums
  20. Powerr source to make contact with earth SPOILER letter from peg
  21. How does the ZPM work?
  22. Where's Sora?
  23. The Atlantis Hairdresser?
  24. how they make contact with earth SPOILER letter from peg
  25. SciFi is hacking up SGA marathon
  26. New episodes 14th or 21st
  27. Beckett is Ernest from "Torment of Tantalus"
  28. Funny screen captions!
  29. Before I Sleep....Spoilers
  30. What's up with sheppard and turkey sandwiches?
  31. have the genii gave up
  32. Other Atlantis Teams? Team desingnations?
  33. Pegasus Emblem
  34. Shouldn't they be looking for naquadah, neutronium, and trinium?
  35. SG Atlantis & SG-1 season finales
  36. Zee PM or Zed PM, how do you pronounce it?
  37. What are Pegasus Gates made of?
  38. who plays the Wraith Queen
  39. How Wraith are defeated!!!!!
  40. Letter From Pegasus (117)
  41. Do they die if you shoot'em in the head?
  42. Letter From Pegasus (Spoilers)
  43. Connection between Sacntuary and It's Good to be King
  44. Speed of wraith ships (spoilers) letter from pegasus
  45. question
  46. Missing Episode?
  47. Who has the ATA gene? May Contain Spoilers
  48. If they ever showed a ground based Ancient City...
  49. The Light in Letters From Pegasus Contains Spoilers
  50. First info on Atlantis's 'Runner' (Spoilers Inside)
  51. Beckett's Role (Spoilers)
  52. Return of the Kawolski Effect? POSSIBLE SPOILERS
  53. Best cross ever possibility Spoilers from SG1 s8 and SGa s1
  54. Worst Episode of the Season...If Any...? POSSIBLE SPOILERS
  55. Teyla's Role
  56. Who's Mad About Ford Getting "Axed?"
  57. Weir's Role in Season 2 (Spoilers for Seasons 1 and 2)
  58. Grodin's Role in Season Two
  59. Atlantis uniforms
  60. Uniforms
  61. Zelenka's Role in Season 2 (SPOILERS for The Seige, et al)
  62. Could the wraith be evolved Ancients!
  63. I had a dream ...
  64. Before I sleep possibly the best episode of the season
  65. Ok everybody The whole wraith origin issue could be put down today!
  66. i just had a thought about the wraith
  67. Save Aiden Ford Petition Project
  68. Incoherences (minor spoilers)
  69. The Gift (118) spoilers
  70. Alantis two Air Dates
  71. Are tori higgison and Rachel luttrel slated to become recuring characters :(
  72. I can't wait for the Siege to aire, after watching the Gift
  73. A suggestion for Shepard's character
  74. Ray Park on Atlantis! (I wish)
  75. Wraith Origins (SPOILERS beware)
  76. Atlantis and Nationality Arm Patches
  77. The Genii in Season 2 (let's not forget them)
  78. My theory about feeding (spoilers from The Gift)
  79. The Return of Sumner?
  80. spoilers from the gift about the wraith
  81. Awaken Your Inner Ancient
  82. How smart are Wraith Hive ships ?
  83. Random thought - why would the Wraith self destruct have a timer on it?
  84. When did this happen????!!!
  85. Cavanaugh ?
  86. Atlantis and SG1 Season Finale NO SPOILERS
  87. The seige part1 (119) major spoiler
  88. spoilers for atlantis s2 - lt.ford
  89. McKay's Role in S2 (spoilers)
  90. Other baddies in the Season 2
  91. rodney spoilers for the gift
  92. the different kinds of wraith
  93. Sheppard's role in season 2 (Spoilers)
  94. Suggestions for Season One Atlantis DVD (forward this to the producers)
  95. the unexpected loss spoiler seige part 2
  96. Control chair power (Spoilers for The Gift)
  97. Ford and Felger friends? (Spoilers[ish] from The Gift)
  98. 38 Minutes Error!?! spoilers 38 minutes and sg1 season 1
  99. Is anyone going to wait for Siege pt. 2 before watching part one?
  100. Is Colya Sheppard's Scorpius ?
  101. Seeking High Quality Puddle Jumper Images
  102. "Before I Sleep" question (spoiler inside)
  103. Sora's Irony
  104. is it just me?
  105. Idea to kill Wraith Soldiers.
  106. Ancients Ships
  107. atlantis team
  108. What kind of hyperdrives exist on a puddle jumper?
  109. Atlantis-Voyager. Spoilers Atlantis-Rising
  110. Atlantis Season One Question
  111. Directors for Season 2?
  112. Genii vs Wraith, who's worse?
  113. Problem With Remote Dialing - Spoilers for Rising, Parts 1 and 2
  114. Spoilers Atlantis S2
  115. New Seige pt 1 spoilers from GW
  116. Gene therapy on Atlantis -- potential spoilers through 'the Gift'
  117. What do you want in S2?
  118. Playing Ronon Dex? (possible spoilers)
  119. Bad CGI design in The Eye (Spoilers)
  120. Grodin
  121. I DEMAND a Finn be on Atlantis!!
  122. Ring teleporter not invented by the Ancients?
  123. What will Flanigan write for SG-A season 2?????
  124. Size of the city?
  125. An Answer to why the wraith stayed in the Pegasus Galaxy
  126. how come anubis cant be in SGA?
  127. The episode title of a S2 ep?
  128. RSF's shoulder patch
  129. body count
  130. The Siege (Spoilers)
  131. Are we sure it's too late?
  132. what dirrection would you like sg-1 and atlantis to take in future series?
  133. Hi I'm new though people at the SciFi board might know me...
  134. TMN or Movie Central for Stargate:Atlantis in HDTV?
  135. Favorite Characters....
  136. The Siege part 1 MAJOR SPOILERS
  137. Greek Mythology
  138. seige part 2 noooooooo!its will conclude in season 2 SPOILERS
  139. The Seige, part 2, combined spoilers
  140. What if the Wraith fed off a small child?
  141. Stasis Chambers
  142. The Defiant One (Spoliers)
  143. Why has The Seige been shown already?? :S
  144. the genii - sora spoilers for atlantis s2
  145. Why didnt weir...
  146. Actors You’d Like To See In S2?
  147. no one is talking about... (Spoiler for DEFIANT ONE)
  148. SGA R2 DVD Vol 1 Info
  149. Congratulations!!! Top Job
  150. Speculation on Shepards escape
  151. I'm Sorry but
  152. Are you on first name terms?
  153. Console guy's role in season 2?
  154. Ancient Time Travelers don't need puddlejumpers?
  155. colonel everett AKA Colonel Foghorn Leghorn
  156. Rodney's New Uniform
  157. question / theries about hot zone episode
  158. Just a thought
  159. What happened to grodin
  160. I love the Atlantis stargate
  161. Grey Haired American Console Guys Role In Season 2
  162. Wouldn't mind seeing SG-1 come to Atlantis
  163. What are the practical reasons for Earth to continue support Atlantis Team?
  164. Was the Seige Pt II for real?
  165. Atlantis:Do you beleive?
  166. speculation about the atlantis team's arrival
  167. Do you think?
  168. I found out where Sora is...
  169. letters from pegasus (spoilers)
  170. Dread: Will Dex be treated like Jonas?
  171. What kind of starship will Atlantis get ?(spoiler &Spec)
  172. My ideas for season 2
  173. No SGA tonight on sky1?
  174. Do the wraith have the reproduction ability ? ( Spoiler Discussion)
  175. Time Mashine (Spoilers its good to be king/before i sleep)
  176. Ray Park to Guest-Starr in Season Two!!!
  178. Atlantis Rising Pics Needed
  179. Why don't the Puddle Jumpers have transporters?
  180. The Brotherhood-beware of spoilers
  181. A Dinosaur Planet in Pegusas??
  182. My bid for Ronon Dex...
  183. manual dialing and wraith questions
  184. atlantis MALPs?
  185. My theory on the effectiveness of Puddle Jumpers (spoilers for sga and sg1)
  186. Atlantis Myth Source?
  187. Cpt Kirk Diplomacy Works in History
  188. Cpt Kirk Diplomacy Works in History
  189. Atlantis Ancient Computer Screensaver?
  190. Asgard in Atlantis
  191. Why did the ancients leave the puddle jumpers behind? (spoilers for sga)
  192. could wraith meet with replicators?
  193. could wraith meet with replicators?
  194. ST: Deep Space 9 type show...
  195. ASCENDED TIMES Nitpick
  196. Wraith hive ship props
  197. wraith,replicators,and Goa'uld
  198. organic replicators?
  199. Thought Crimes & SGA- I love joe's acting !!!!!!!!!!!!!
  200. Dr Zelenka pitching for subway
  201. Ascension... who would and who thinks they can?
  202. Hammond SGC continuity
  203. fist fighting ancients
  204. French In Atlantis...
  205. Gildart Jackson,showing up in season 2 ?
  206. What happens after the Siege! SPOILERS
  207. will atlantis pay off for us?
  208. Letters From Pegasus security question
  209. Letters From Pegasus question (spoilers)
  210. Sumner is Atlantis' Kenny BEFORE I SLEEP SPOILERS
  211. Old Weir played by Battlestar Galactica's President? SPOILER?
  212. Hammond in Atlantis?
  213. What happened to the Atlanteans? Spoiler:Before I Sleep
  214. What Do The Ancients Call Themselves?
  215. Measuring time - spoiler for Before I Sleep
  216. Question about Before I Sleep (SPOILERS)
  217. Atlantis On DVD
  218. I hate the ancients
  219. Man made ZPM ?
  220. Anyone know what the Daedalus looks like ?
  221. ZPMs
  222. Teyla
  223. should we put 302 fighters in atlantis
  224. when we get the zpm what would you do with it
  225. Its Been bugging me for a while
  226. What's with those little tanks in Atlantis?
  227. would you bring the asgard to atlantis?
  228. Atlantis wheelchair accessible? Before I Sleep Spoilers
  229. Ancients are retarded
  230. Post-Moebius Part2 Speculation for Atlantis Season 2 (SPOILERS for S8 SG1 and S1 SGA)
  231. Interview with James Lafazanos who has played several different wraith characters
  232. Orilla to Atlantis
  233. Question on SGA and SG-1 Stargates
  234. Difference
  235. what will atlantis be cabable of?
  236. Jason Momoa now official to play Ronon Dex
  237. brotherhood what is it?
  238. The M.A.J.O.R. wants you!!!
  239. Staff Weapons
  240. Are the wraith afraid of H2O ? Possilbe Spoilers
  241. bubble tanks not ancient?
  242. Have the writers painted themselves into a corner? Possible spoilers
  243. Football Game???
  244. Ancient mothership
  245. Title of ANOTHER Season 2 episode... (possible spoilers)
  246. Ancient mother ship i know what they LOOK LIKE !!!
  247. Join the DR.
  248. Does Any1 Know When Sga Will Be Showing On Australian Tv?
  249. I like SGA and SG1
  250. how will atlantis get a ZPM?