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  1. Calendar??
  2. SGA Spoiler Tag! (An Actual Game for Posters to this Thread!)
  3. Atlantis Gate Addresses
  4. The Storm and The Eye SPOILERS
  5. Forget everything good I said about Weir...
  6. Stargate mentioned in Gizmodo
  7. All Things Wraith - Contains Spoilers
  8. Question: Who Should play Dr. Weir
  9. zpm delemma
  10. Atlantis Casting: Dr Weir
  11. When to start?
  12. Stargate Atlantis on DVD
  13. Atlantis Gate Symbols?
  14. Primitive Races
  15. Theories About the City
  16. With the Jumper gate controls cant they engineer a Gate remote?
  17. Dialing back to Atlantis?
  18. Patches removed?
  19. Have you seen the WiggleGate?
  20. The one thing I don't like about Atlantis...
  21. "Before I Sleep" - episode #15
  22. Bad Direction in "Childhood's End" (spoilers)
  23. Calling Ancient Alphabetters!
  24. Recharging the ZPM
  25. When does "Home" air? (POSSIBLE MINOR SPOILERS)
  26. Screencaps
  27. New Altantis Episode (Beware of Spoilers )
  28. you know its a good comic when.....
  29. Rising Opening Sequence
  30. So, what else is in the city?
  31. Who would win?
  32. I Can't wait for it to be aired in the UK
  33. the wraith vs. the goa'uld (possiable spoilers)
  34. Androids - Spoiler Beware
  35. Stargate-Project interviews Paul McGillion - Send them your questions!
  36. Eh? Descendants? SPOILERS
  37. Wraith Prisoner - Spoiler BEWARE!
  38. Big Beckett Episode Tonight!
  39. Question CHILDHOOD'S END spoilers
  40. Poisioning the Well SPOILERS
  41. SPOILERS Brotherhood
  42. Pegasus Gate usage
  43. VCR! (SPOILER, but also seeking "Poisoning the Well" spoilers)
  44. Question about next week
  45. Who is the guy that speaks the Australian accent?
  46. Who are the Daganians?
  47. malps
  48. submarines and the rest of the planet
  49. Ancient puddle jumpers & Ghoa'uld
  50. Bloopers??
  51. Atlantis Soundbytes
  52. Killing those pesky Wraith. Here's how.
  53. Teyla's Fighting Style
  54. Power to the space gates?
  55. Possible airing error
  56. Atlantis Nitpicking
  57. Do you think the Wraith can feed off each other?
  58. Props to the VFX Crew for Atlantis
  59. the ancient city in rising
  60. LT. FORD >>>>>>>>>>>>>> MORE PLEASE!!!
  61. Sheppard's reluctance
  62. I need to see more wraith !
  63. Weapons and Ammo
  64. Stargate USA thread
  65. Wraith relation to 38 Minutes Creature (Spoiler for later eps)
  66. Could someone help me out? i need screenshots of Atlantis.
  67. An Orbital Stargate and DHD question
  68. Atlantis Set
  69. The first repeat
  70. The cast in Atlantis - who are they?
  71. Earpeices in 108
  72. The Pegasus Awards
  73. Teyla= Incompetent diplomat!!!
  74. wraith and Ancients all one
  75. Let's Name the Atlantis Planet
  76. Poisoning the Well
  77. Note for Torri/Dr Weir
  78. The Eye--Minor Spoilers
  79. Any Ascended ancients in pegasus (maybe spoliers)
  80. Lost City outpost and Atlantis (contains spoilers for non season 7 viewers0
  81. What did the Wraith eat prior to the Ancients arrival?????
  82. 'Nother Sweepstakes for SG fans
  83. Difference in Weapon CGI & Effect (Spoilers, Lost City, Rising)
  84. Earth is the Original Planet of the Ancients... Or is it?
  85. DVD Labels
  86. The families and friends of the Atlantis team members...
  87. City Views
  88. SG:A comparisons with Voyager
  89. were the pyramids built by the ancients and not the goa'uld?
  90. Poisoned Well Cauterized?
  91. is anybody else getting tired of the stupid banter between weir and sheppard?
  92. Atlantis What happened on first episode?
  93. Anyone have shots of the atlantis hallways?
  94. How did sinking the city save them?
  95. Anceints SPOILERS
  96. Atlantis gate shield question
  97. Why do the ZPMs run out?
  98. Why do so many people think Weir/Sheppard will become involved?
  99. Hitchhiker's Guide to the Pegasus Galaxy
  100. What happens when you're 'in transit'?
  101. GREAT There wasnt even a esp on tonight!
  102. This Episode Looks Awesome!!! [Spoilers for Before I Sleep]
  103. Zat's
  104. What non-main SG1-character would you like to see guest starring?
  105. How many Hive Ships!?!?!?! underground spoilers
  106. Does anyone hate Dr. Weir
  107. tactical nuttyness
  108. nineth season?
  109. "Who's Your Daddy?" Childhood's End Spoilers
  110. Downloading ep. on this site?
  111. Home - Thoughts? (Spoilers For 1x09 - Home)
  112. Atlantis discussion list
  113. Why do Wraith have teeth?
  114. Atlantis in syndication already?
  115. Wraith Inspiration? (Atari's "Atlantis")
  116. 1x10 "The Storm"
  117. How come Aiden never gets called by his first name?
  118. Picture caption (Rising spoiler)
  119. Will they ever reach home?
  120. Are there any pictures of a Puddle Jumper using its weapons?
  121. Personal shields?
  122. ancients sleeping on the job????
  123. Asgard separatist!!!
  124. season fanalie.. When?
  125. How to spend your freetime in Atlantis?
  127. Teyla looks.....
  128. Questions about "Home"...SPOILERS everywhere
  129. joe flannigan has very nice ears.
  130. the ancient hologram in episode 1.
  131. New Atlantis Episode Title (Spoilers)
  132. Fans of Atlantis but not SG-1
  133. Do puddle jumpers have shields?
  134. new episode "Letters from Pegasus" - minor spoilers
  135. Star Trek
  136. Ancients Home world
  137. Isn't that a Tollan I see!?
  138. New Atlantis episode 1.19 "The Siege" SPOILER INSIDE
  139. Space Battles SPOILERS for Siege
  140. GET RID OF THE WRAITHS! : What's wrong in SGA
  141. Canada?
  142. when acients asended?? (spoilers)
  143. Who created Mckay?
  144. Does anyone else not care about Civilians running atlantis?
  145. Genii: political statement?
  146. Why is the Pegasus galaxy full of humans?
  147. A Wraiths Journal!
  148. Do are allies know about Atlantis?
  149. An Idea... SG1 SPOILERS
  150. Are you going to watch "The Storm"?
  151. Atlantis characters: Competent? Storm spoilers
  152. What did the Wraith eat before humans?
  153. Does anyone think...
  154. How would you rate SGA right now?
  155. Dr. Elizabeth Weir
  156. The Wraith will get to Earth
  157. Wraith ships with biomechanoid devices?
  158. WIER.. Spoilers, Atlantis: The Storm
  159. What just happened?! SPOILERS
  160. Wraith Industrial Capabilities...
  161. Do you think the Wraith are Ancients that evolved into ... - Spoilers!
  162. Thoughts on Next Season SPOILERS for Siege and more
  163. return jonas as the new fourth
  164. Ideas for "The Eye"
  165. music again?
  166. character crossover wanted
  167. "The Storm" humor(?) SPOILERS
  168. Huh? BEFORE I SLEEP Spoilers
  169. Episode Sanctuary
  170. The Wraith Affair
  171. Goa'uld going Wraith
  172. Oh what to do in the break...
  173. humans of pegasus galaxy? spoiler ep8 underground
  174. Here is a thought.......
  175. Question about the Transporter Device..Possible Spoilers
  176. wraith journel thread
  177. ZPM's
  178. Joe Flanigan - a bad guy?
  179. Things To Be Changed In Atlantis!
  180. Deadalus (Siege Spoliers !)
  181. Peter from Atlantis Expedition was on Prometheus !
  182. Has anyone else noticed...
  183. My Review of Atlantis
  184. How many episodes per season
  185. Was The Storm the summer finale? :S
  186. Q about Zero Point Modules?
  187. Weird thought POSSIBLE SPOILERS
  188. How long do Wraith live?
  189. Atlantis Set Visit to be Auctioned for Charity
  190. Ancients Vs Goa'uld????
  191. End title in Atlantis
  192. Weir's change in character?
  193. The more we know about the Ancients the less Powerful they seem?
  194. Stargate Atlantis Ringtone.
  195. what ever will they wear - our atlantian heros have no new clothes
  196. Blow Up Atlantis!
  197. This has REALLY been bothering me.
  198. Enermy of the ancient?
  199. Ancient IDC? or tollan style iris access?
  200. Stargate Atlantis Cast in London, UK
  201. wat is going to happen to weir STORM AND EYE SPOILERS
  202. Ancient database? No way ! -Spoilers of course-
  203. Rising screen captures
  204. How to dial Earth fron Pegasus
  205. I Sense A HUGE Plot Twist Coming
  206. Us Marine Corp
  207. What happened to the alliance?
  208. Theory on the Timeline
  209. wraith dialing the gate?
  210. "The Eye" did i miss it?
  211. Here's a Wraith Related Thought.
  212. Wraith Food
  213. Problems with Atlantis
  214. 'Atlantis Rising' Feature Film - Not What You Think, Though
  215. I can't wait to see more of Prometheus.
  216. Wraith Hibernation or slumber
  217. What do you think about an Atlantis Movie?
  218. Children of the Law of One
  219. How'd the Wraith defeat the Ancients? Post your ideas here SPOILERS
  220. Atlantis Glyphs font
  221. Unclear on the Concept
  222. The Gift (last episode of season)(spoilers)
  223. Any Chance of an Atlantis Soundtrack?
  224. Hullo, this is weird !!!
  225. Anybody wish Stargate would start being more like "lost"
  226. best chemistry
  227. I love Weir's voice!
  228. "The Gift" Thoughts? POSSIBLE SPOILERS
  229. About Atlantean Architecture
  230. interesting new entry on atlantis website...
  231. Pictures of Atlanits City
  232. Ancients returning to Atlantis
  233. is it normal TV routine to....
  234. Puddle Jumper pictures needed
  235. Wriath Stargate Pictures?
  236. Wraith power source
  237. (possible spoliers)38 minutes(possible spoilers)
  238. ok im just guessing but
  239. Stargate Atlantis on Sky one
  240. Z.P.M. + Lightning = No
  241. This NEEDS to be said!
  242. The Ancient PDA
  243. the Real atlantis
  244. Gate Symbols
  245. SGA wraps 1st season production on Oct. 15th
  246. Wouldn't it be cool if...
  247. Atlantis episode rips
  248. How many Chevrons
  249. The Wraith = The Ancients?
  250. Ancient/Wraith conection? All speculation.