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  1. Atlantis sound clips
  2. Super-stable wormhole?
  3. Atlantis Ratings breaks records!
  4. Theory About Sumner SPOILERS for Rising
  5. Atlantis Ratings throught the proverbial roof!!
  6. Well written plot device.
  7. The Goa'uld
  8. Missed Atlantis Premire
  9. Excellent Sets and Props
  10. Crystals v. Gel Packs
  11. Would watching Atlantis spoil SG-1?
  12. Major Sheppard sounds like Kermit the Frog
  13. Different Nationalities in Atlantis
  14. How much Atlantis could an Atlantis chuck chuck?
  15. Weir's removal - what's the rationale SPOILERS
  16. Smoking Stargate
  17. Wraith = Vampires from our Evil Tales?
  18. The woman from the outpost.
  19. How do the others know when The Caretaker Dies?
  20. Is Major Sheppard the only Air Force officer in Atlantis?
  21. The Puddle Jumper and SG-1 episode 1969
  22. Question about Sumner
  23. Need Tape, Will Pay
  24. Ratings!!!
  25. Did the wraiths really...? (Spoilers)
  26. Sumner and Weir
  27. What the Wraith Say
  28. Goa'uld and the Ancients
  29. The Wraith Weapon
  30. Could we destroy the wraith by...?(spoilers)
  31. Dr. Weir
  32. That Ancient female coming back?
  33. Do Not Post Spoilers In The Subject Line!!!!
  34. So how did we get the address...
  35. Teyla Appearing From No Where RISING SPOILERS
  36. Do the wraith know about ascension POSSIBLE SPOILERS
  37. What IF......
  38. My Take On Weir Vs Hammond
  39. Heloo Forum ! :)
  40. Nit Picking Rising
  41. Hmm...What if we havn't yet seen the REAL Wraith?
  42. How Many Times Have You Seen RISING??
  43. This guy should've been in Atlantis. Now with 20% more pics
  44. Quick Question..
  45. question about ancients
  46. "Rising" - incentive to become a vegitarian?
  47. Atlantis impressions
  48. Atlantis Based Episodes!! Worth Looking Forward to?
  49. Atlantis Mythology?? Real World Atlantis...
  50. I was just wondering....
  51. Why Cant They Go Back To Earth?
  52. Violence level? (spoilers for Rising)
  53. How Can They Explore Atlantis?
  54. Fearful thought
  55. You know what the Funny thing is...
  56. Little SciFi Atlantis Site Error
  57. Annoying abreviation(SGA)
  58. Treed Murray
  59. Synopsis for Rising/New Order??
  60. Atlantis Gate Symbols
  61. The Plague
  62. SG-A Opening Sequence
  63. The (not so powerful) Wraith
  64. General SPOILERS For Atlantis - Food for the Wraith
  65. SGC Bugs still here in SG-A !
  66. Things I need to get off my chest......
  67. How come the Stargate doesnt float away?
  68. 7 Hours Until Atlantis!
  70. All Gates Like Atlantis Gate?
  71. Calling all UK fans of Stargate Atlantis
  72. TWO hours of McKay tonight!
  73. Atlantis/SG-1 Timeline? (Minor Spoilers for Both)
  74. Food in Atlantis
  75. I want to start some trouble
  76. Damn I love McKay(Spoilers for Hide and Seek)
  77. SGA over SG1
  78. find the ancients?
  79. Rainbow Sun Francks
  80. Let’s hope the writers don't get lazy (minor spoilers)
  81. enough with the Star Trek
  82. ascension
  83. What would you bring? (Hide and Seek spoilers)
  84. Teyla's Wraith powers
  85. Similarities!!!! Lockdown vs. Hide & Seek (spoilers)
  86. Weir speaks Ancient language?
  87. Triangles
  88. where is "The Chair"
  89. Just for fun, crazy idea
  90. Hide and Seek audio clips
  91. Why do the Ancients look exactly like this?
  92. SPOILERS Assension Equipment
  93. Hide and Seek random nits
  94. Dissapointed by the opening sequence
  95. Stargate: Atlantis Opening Sequence? Help!
  96. Questions from "Hide and Seek"
  97. Ancient ascension
  98. Stargate:Atlantis Ending Credits
  99. Where Would You Send the Energy Spoilers?
  100. Episode Order
  101. UK doctor and Canadian patient, but FDA approval?
  102. Another dumb question, episode synopsis.
  103. Hide & Seek Spoilers
  104. Exactly how big IS atlantis?(The city)
  105. Do you guys think...
  106. Atlantis;Good Premise Poor Acting?
  107. Canadian Fans - Hide and Seek - Movie Central
  108. SGA Homeworld
  109. Atlantis Opening Sequence Better than SG-1
  110. Ancient (or Maj. Sheppard and "Latin")
  111. 8 arms of Atlantis
  112. Altantis Power
  113. Auto-Destruct Mechanism (Hide and Seek spoilers)
  114. Dr. Weir knows Ancient???
  115. Best Atlantis Moment
  116. ZPM's
  117. Obvious Net Question: Wraith vs Goa'uld
  118. Is it my imagination or what?
  119. The new running gag? [maybe small spoil for e103]
  120. Another goof? [SPOILER FOR e103!!!]
  121. episode 11? - The Defiant One spoiler
  122. Why all the Grodin hate?
  123. Felger or McKay?
  124. Possilble Spoiler...from Opening Segments
  125. What do Canadians think of Dr. McKay?
  126. The end of Chevron guy? (spoilers)
  127. Thirty-Eight Minutes
  128. What would you do with your own Atlantis?
  129. MAJOR JOHN SHEPPARD, Boxes or briefs?
  130. Atlantis Pair(from opening)
  131. what powers the puddle Jumpers?
  132. How long until Sci-Fi stops piggybacking...
  133. I am manipulating your DND…
  134. Jumpers with iris access?
  135. Wraith verse “Lifeforce” the movie
  136. Halling and Jinto moments
  137. SGA site?
  138. Does the creature from "Fire and Water" reapear at Atlantis
  139. What happened to the Tokra?
  140. Can Asgard Clone Ancients
  141. Divineshadow Responds-Stargate Atlantis Still Sucks!!!
  142. Hide and Seek/various questions
  143. Something to think about...
  144. Winter Break in new episodes
  145. The Ancient Alphabet (and other alphabets) Pt2
  146. Question for "Rising" (Spoilers)
  147. Do the uniform colorings mean anything?
  148. The Container thing on Atlantis
  149. The Tapwave Zodiac controls the naquadah generator!
  150. Naquadah Reactors - How many?? SPOILERS for Atlantis so far...
  151. Hyperborea and Lemuria: More ancient than Ancients?
  152. Why do they still use P-90's
  153. Who else is starting to tweak?
  154. Hey SGA fan! How old are ya?
  155. "38 Minutes" (pre-airing fun thread)
  156. This is the person who should have been invited to Atlantis..
  157. Matter through an event horizon SPOILERS for 38 Minutes and SG-1: 100 Days
  158. Killing the Wraith? 38 minutes SPOILER
  159. why i need TiVo
  160. 38 Minutes plothole question (possible spoilers)
  161. meet the ancients?
  162. Candidates for Spacing
  163. Ok where's the ... go? 38 minutes spoiler
  164. A guy speaking CZECH in Atlantis??? How come?
  165. Thoughts on 38 minutes [spoilers]
  166. What do you think they eat in atlantis
  167. UK Schedule
  168. Why use a ZPM to get to Atlantis?
  169. SciFi Channel Episode Guides for 7/30
  170. New Atlantis Episode Titles....Spoilers
  171. Kavanagh/Weir
  172. Next week Esp (no spoilers)
  173. Possible goof in 38 Minutes? (Spoilers)
  174. Anyone got a Stopwatch and a copy of 38 Minutes?
  175. Manualy dial Atlantis Gate
  176. How many Atlantis Episodes will there be?
  177. Wraith Defeat
  178. My website about The Pegasus Galaxy Symbols
  179. Nations of Atlantis Expedition
  180. Wormhole effect in Atlantis
  181. The Ancient Gene (possible spoilers)
  182. Wraiths kinda sound like....
  183. Boy the Ancients sure are dumb.
  184. SciFi Channel Ratings - Season One
  185. HI, i am new here.
  186. Where are some good Atlantis pictures?
  187. Hand devices -- possible spoilers for "Rising"
  188. Pictures of the Puddle Jumper?
  189. Annals of the Curator of the Feeding Grounds
  191. Major goof in 38 minutes
  192. How did that guy break his leg? Hide&Seek Spoilers
  193. It's only Tuesday
  194. The Wraith poluation getting so large
  195. Bullets, Couch, Football, Candles?
  196. Atlantis merchandise or product tie-ins
  197. No Dialing Error in 38 Minutes?!? (Minor Spoilers Possible)
  198. Sounds
  199. The answer guy
  200. Has this picture been explained?
  201. Puddle Jumpers and artificial gravity. More plotholes. (Spoilers)
  202. New possible longterm plot line.
  203. transcript for SGA-Thirty-Eight Minutes 104
  204. Colonel Marshall Sumner SPOILER for Rising
  205. Research question (Communication) - New to Stargate
  206. In the UK and nothing to do on Saturday?
  207. Is it Friday yet? Discuss Episode 1x05
  208. SPOILERS 'Sanctuary'
  209. ZPM Problem?
  210. Ancients and Ascension SPOILERS
  211. The Ancient Virus linked to Ascension..some spoilers.
  212. How did the Ancients lose the war against the Wraith? Or did they? SPOILERS
  213. Atlantis Episode Questions (Spoilers for Hide and Seek and 38 Minutes))
  214. Food (spoilers? 104 suspision)
  215. I just gotta say- Teyla can handle her own!
  216. Only this gate...(spoilers)
  217. Suspicion thoughts [spoilers]
  218. The Wraith [Spoilers abound, SGA 105]
  219. A Certain Wraith... (Spoilers for SA 105)
  220. How come: SPOILERS for suspcion
  221. Should SG-1 help SG-A?
  222. Question about the 'chevron guy' etc.
  223. Why no patches?
  224. Weir Must Die!
  225. Yes! They got rid of the space hoboes!
  226. 3 MONTHS?!?!? (Suspencion Spoilers)
  227. Best esp So far?
  228. lack of high-ranking officers (Rising Spoilers)
  229. 38 min
  230. Use the personnal sheild ? SPOILERS hide & seek
  231. The chairs. Minor, very minor spoiler for Suspicion
  232. In Defense of Dr. Weir [Spoilers New Order, and All of Atlantis]
  233. Dr.Becket in Credits...
  234. wraith in a box
  235. Personal view on Stargate Atlantis
  236. Atlantis really taking off! What episode are you most looking forward too? (Spoliers)
  237. The Ships of Atlantis
  238. How long did it take Atlantis....
  239. Tape ran out during "Suspicions"
  240. Atlantis: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
  241. Why all the Atlantis hate?
  242. Major requirements?
  243. 20 Questions for Maj. Sheppard
  244. Do The Ancients like the number 3? (Details/Spoilers from "Suspicion")
  245. Voice Over question
  246. Teyla vs. Weir
  247. Dr Weir on vacation
  248. Speculations on Future Plot Devices (spoilers)
  249. Question about Hide and Seek
  250. The Hate of Atlantis SPOILERS