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  1. why do the wraith farm "their human flock" free range?
  2. Origin of Asurans
  3. The most sad episode of SGA
  4. Stargate Atlantis Team Names
  5. Was SGA trying to much to be SG1?
  6. Why did atlantis expedition not utilize SG1 tech
  7. If the show had been renewed...
  8. No kidding; there is a real "Wraith" gun
  9. The new uniforms: Seasons 4&5
  10. SGA PS90 carbines unlimited magazine loads
  11. Daedalus Variations and Vanir questions
  12. I won Sheppard's Johnny Cash poster but...
  13. A Wraith "What would happen if"
  14. As I finish SGA
  15. Ethical Questions Regarding Michael the Wraith
  16. Pegasus Replicators vs. Milky Way Human Replicators
  17. Behind-the-scenes origin for the Asurans?
  18. "Exploring the City" Episodes
  19. Why does McKay frown all the time??
  20. The Wraith!
  21. Wraith vs. Asurans
  22. Daniel & Rodney in "First Contact" / "The Lost Tribe"
  23. Question about soundtrack
  24. The Fallacy of Wraith Evolution
  25. Ok, one last question: How big is Atlantis?
  26. Question about a SGA song
  27. what do think McKay was like as a university lecturer in the other timeline?
  28. would being a community college professor really give Mckay so much free time?
  29. Super Bad Guy ( Wraith as Goa'uld/Symbiote Host)
  30. A little Stargate Atlantis history for the Rewatch
  31. Any help : who's with teyla in this scene ? (Conversion)
  32. Watching SGA and at half way point - amazing!
  33. Hypothetically, would this have worked?
  34. Questions about SG Atlantis
  35. Idea for a new series
  36. Bit o' History - Stargate Atlantis premiered today in 2004
  37. The Other City-Ship
  38. No more Netflix?
  39. The design of Atlantis?
  40. Season 6: Could Weir have returned?
  41. Where would season 6 have gone?
  42. How many cityships did we see?
  43. Did anyone else find it strange...
  44. Our very own Atlantis
  45. So, issue with the Ancients at the end of the war
  46. Incoming gates to Atlantis
  47. Why Wraith Are Insane
  48. What NGC Number has the pegasus galaxy where atlantis is?
  49. Quote from Elizabeth Weir
  50. Hyperdrive speed compared to Speed of Light
  51. Number of members of the Atlantis expedition?
  52. Main SGA episodes?
  53. Handwritten Ancient Language?
  54. How would have the SG-Atlantis expedition ended if it wasn't cancelled?
  55. Where does the show stand with you?
  56. What Stargate Atlantis has taught me!
  57. 6th series of Stargate Atlantis?
  58. welcome to the pegasus galaxy, normal rules do not apply.
  59. Were the Asurans really a rip-off?
  60. Can Ronan be fed upon by the Wraith or not?
  61. The Hostage situations
  62. Atlantis wall light pics needed
  63. What if: two movies, what do you want to see?
  64. Possible proof that the Lanteans tried to dial the ninth chevron?
  65. No Stargate Atlantis Stars in the 20th Anniversary Syfy Special
  66. Can wraith beaming technology operate through a cloaked ship?
  67. Atlantis' clandestine departure..?
  68. Last aired episode of SGA
  69. Piano Music in "Before I Sleep"
  70. Stargate Atlantis on Sky in the UK
  71. Iratus bug genetic memory?
  72. Did the Ascended interfere with SGA events?
  73. Why not finish Weir's storyline?
  74. Spoilers in commentaries?
  75. Hive ship carrying 3 cruisers underneath
  76. Pertaining to the Creation of the Ancient Language
  77. How long could the show have gone?
  78. Teyla's Pregnancy & Baby
  79. Colonels Caldwell and Ellis
  80. How many Athosians were lost? (Season 4 spoilers)
  81. Petition, 5 years on, what now...
  82. How Fast Is Hyperspace? Daedalus vs. Wormhole Drive travel.
  83. Stargate Atlantis and STAR TREK
  84. So where'd those sets come from?
  85. I still don't understand
  86. Planet designations by Galaxy
  87. The Pegasus Alarm..
  88. Explanation of Lantean Stupidity
  89. The architectural style of Atlantis??
  90. Why Did SGA Casting Struggle?
  91. What kind of aliens would you like to see in Stargate?
  92. Just started watching
  93. Questions about episodes (spoilers?)
  94. So were Satedans Superhuman?
  95. Season 1 DVD Error
  96. What is Your Ideal Cast?
  97. Doesn't this look like Ronon?
  98. Stargate Atlantis: Extinction - Kickstarter?
  99. Question about the Wraith
  100. Did the Wraith really want the Milky Way?
  101. Strong Recurring Characters
  102. Ayiana and the ancient building questions
  103. What Happened to Janus?
  104. Rising and shields of Atlantis
  105. Sateda Gate Address?
  106. Did Col Sumner have the ATA Gene?
  107. Sound from Stargate Atlantis
  108. Atlantis Uniform Colors & Atlantis 'Departments'
  109. Atlantis is too far from earth??
  110. Dr. Rodney McKay's Message Service.
  111. Guys - gals - who is the prettiest SGA actress and why do you say so?
  112. ZPM Hub Pictures?
  113. Question about the Wraith Culling from the end of SGA S1 "Letter from Pegasus"
  114. how would have you dealt with the genii?
  115. Goa'ulds in Atlantis?
  116. Morally questionable actions of the Stargate Atlantis Expedition
  117. Comeuppance for FIREFLY SNOBS!
  118. References in SGA ?
  119. SGA: Movie / Series : Funding : and a Hi !
  120. The Best and The Worst - SGA
  121. " Sunday " Season 3, Episode 17 question
  122. Analyzing and expanding the Wraith caste system
  123. Josh Hutcherson looks like David Hewlett
  124. Is there an offical Ancient alphabet? Or Ancient to english conversion?
  125. The Ancients
  126. SG-Atlantis Based on an Atari 2600 Game? No really!
  127. My love and appreciation for Ronon & SG Tattoos
  128. 10 Years of Stargate Atlantis!
  129. Why they couldn't dial Earth?
  130. Has anyone heard the news? Jason Momoa to play Aquaman
  131. Aurora Class Battleship
  132. Headcanon on Wraith Names
  133. Rare appearances of the Atlantis DHD
  134. Legacy series Weapons question (Spoilers for the novels)
  135. Did Defiance rip off the Wraith?
  136. Wraith and life-force
  137. Athosian Village on Lantea - ever seen in episode?
  138. How come Kavanagh is such a jerk?
  139. The Atlantis Replicators............
  140. How many times have you watched Stargate Atlantis?
  141. Dumb: cloaking after exiting the gate
  142. Wraith dolls
  143. What computers are used in Atlantis?
  144. Why does pegasus appear to have more "ancient leftovers" than the milky way?
  145. Why wasn't the "Personal Shield" used again ?
  146. McKay and Carter
  147. What happened to the puddles?
  148. John Sheppard is a Ancient
  149. ZPM manufacture
  150. Questions regarding Canon and Word of God as pertaining to mothballed "Extinction"
  151. Wraith weaponry and tactics during wartime
  152. How would YOU have approached Season 6?
  153. Scenes of Atlantis at night?
  154. Military bases on Earth with subspace communications?
  155. who is the MAIN hero of SG Atlantis?
  156. SGA Season Six and SGU S3 Comics (American Mythology)
  157. Narrowmindedness of Atlantis expedition
  158. I'm kind of lost on this one...(SGA/Rising)
  159. re watching dvds
  160. If the Ancients won the war...
  161. Who does the cleaning in Atlantis?
  162. Seasons 4 & 5 - Something that's always bugged me.
  163. Are the Ancients Stupid?
  164. What exactly happened to the Wraith ships after being closed in the Stargate?(Ep One)
  165. Who wins? Milky way Replicators or Pegasus Asuran Replicators (no spoilers)
  166. Have the wraith been defeated?
  167. Why didn't the Atlantis Expedition bring with them any Goa'uld tech or weapons?
  168. ZPMs
  169. Hyperdrive speed
  170. Ancients/Wraith war
  171. Searching an episode of stargate atlantis
  172. Carson Clone
  173. Aurora ships
  174. The Vanir
  175. Vegas
  176. Rebooting SGA
  177. Rodney McKay/Mrs. Miller (Casting Q)
  178. Yet another plot hole, if wanna call it that, that TPTB threw at us
  179. Puddle jumpers
  180. wraith infantry
  181. Rising
  182. truly awful episodes?
  183. Why leave Atlantis in Pegasus?
  184. Where did they find Atlantis gate address?
  185. Midway
  186. Which gate is the "primary"?
  187. Trying to figure out exactly how long/large Atlantis is
  188. What is your favourite season?
  189. How come Michael looks so different? (Contains SPOILERS for the character Michael)
  190. Was the city more or less one big giant science laboratory?
  191. What if Michael had known the truth from the start? (Contains SPOILERS for Michael)
  192. Help with question!!
  193. The Ancients should've froze to death
  194. Question about the Asurans (possible spoilers)
  195. Best Atlantis Commander
  196. Why Travelers don’t create O’Neill cylinder?
  197. Episode recs?
  198. RIP David Ogden Stiers 1942-2018
  199. Uniform patches?
  200. Is Extinction movie officially related to Homecoming novel?
  201. Dr. Rodney McKay mention on Blindspot
  202. Joe Flanigan, How did the cast react to Torri Higginson leaving SGA
  203. novels timelines within (alongside) series
  204. The Wraith Vs....
  205. Questions about Transmitability of Hoffan Plague
  206. Human Offspring from Parents of Both Ancient and Wraith Heritage
  207. Wraith and their need for life-force
  208. ZPM question
  209. How old was Ronon supposed to be?
  210. SG1 vs SGA replicators: The Ultimate Thread.
  211. Lantean weapons on Atlantis..or lack thereof
  212. Wraith language 2- for tattoo project
  213. Why did SGA create the Wraith
  214. Hive Ship environment?
  215. Teyla and Ronon
  216. Lack of Digestion or lack of Nutrition?
  217. Why was Dr. Weir discontinued after Season 3?
  218. How many people were living on the planet with Atlantis?
  219. Jumper Ship Traveling
  220. Can Wraith “taste” with their hand?
  221. Looking for Hive ship room construction tips
  222. Athosians
  223. Hair color in Wraith
  224. Phantom Season 3
  225. The Return Part I Season 3
  226. SG Atlantis back on Amazon Prime
  227. The Nanovirus Makes No Sense!
  228. Why was Paul McGillion written out of Atlantis?
  229. Stargate Command supervising Atlantis and SG1
  230. Season 3 Submerged Holes
  231. Miscellaneous extra characters?
  232. Planet Populations
  233. Edited Versions of Episodes?
  234. Sound Tracks for individual episodes?
  235. Stargate: Extinction SGA Movie
  236. How many ZPMs has Atlantis (since the SG exposition) ever been in possession of?
  237. What happened to the Ancient Warship Tria?
  238. I wonder if Carter ever realized...
  239. Season 5 The Lost Tribe Daniel/Rodney kinda campy?
  240. ZPM hogs or.... Who the hell else was going to try and ascend?
  241. The Production team of SGA?
  242. Why does...
  243. Why did Jewel Staite get promoted to such a major role?
  244. Ronon being called Chewie by Sheppard
  245. Atlantis figures for sale
  246. Stargate Atlantis Homecoming kindle book
  247. David Hewlett drops a brief note at SDCC Atlantis panel
  248. Stargate Atlantis: Mission 100 - Atlantis Reaches a Milestone
  249. David Hewlett you tube vids
  250. Ebooks vs paperback?