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  1. I can't believe MGM
  2. SGA video
  3. Body part caught in wraith dart beam,what would happen ?
  4. Do you like how the show ended?
  5. Escyos's Atlantis
  6. Was anyone else disappointed John and Teyla (spoilers)
  7. If the movie doesn't happen...
  8. Anyone else wish more Atlantis scores/soundtracks were released?
  9. SG Pranks
  10. Any thoughts on The SGA/SGU crossover?
  11. sound effects
  12. Any episodes you hated the first time, but now love?
  13. Advanced races in SGA
  14. Who came through the gate when they first went to Atlantis?
  15. Rewatch SGA
  16. How would Atlantis get back to Pegasus galaxy?
  17. What colour are puddle jumpers?
  18. Ronon?
  19. "Stargate Atlantis: The Search For Ford"
  20. before i sleep muck up?
  21. John Sheppard goof?
  22. Netflix Streaming
  23. I might prefer it if they... (spoilers enemy at the gate)
  24. Tag S1/ S2 SGU ep spoilers SGA fans, what would make you continuously watch SGU?
  25. If you can recommend 3 episodes
  26. New theory on the origins of the wraith
  27. How Would It Be: Goa'uld Symbiote Inside a Wraith
  28. Why do people have so much hate for season 5?
  29. Sheppard and his hockey/football remark, just gotta know
  30. Atlantis released galactus
  31. Are there any SGA fans who either didn't watch or didn't like SG-1?
  32. I'm glad they didn't...
  33. Stargate loosely/subconsiously based/ got ideas from teenage mutant ninja turtles?
  34. Your favourite 5 episode or less character from Atlantis
  35. If You were the HEAD Writer on the Show : who would Shep have ended up with ?
  36. Wraith Monsters
  37. [SGA-Season 2-Episode 12-'Epiphany'] Time dilation inconsistencies?
  38. Anyone know how to dial Atlantis from Pegasus?
  39. Artemis Fowl Graphics Look Just Like the Lost City
  40. About the cancellation...
  41. If Atlantis were real and its By California like in the show?
  42. Dr. Weir in Seasons 4&5
  43. Stargate Extinction Happening 2011?
  44. Joe Flanigan on a bike
  45. Drones and mini-drones
  46. Why did Ronon never wear the Atlantis uniform?
  47. Atlantis design in season 2 of SG-1
  48. Ancient Aesthetics
  49. Bloopers : Some things you'd like to see ?
  50. Was Dr. Cole supposed to be the next Chief of Medicine?
  51. Why should Atlantis fly back to Pegasus?
  52. How much of Atlantis did we see?
  53. Ronon The Barbarian!
  54. Rewatching Atlantis : why didn't the teams wear their insignia/flags off-world ?
  55. Which episode did the Queen come to Atlantis?
  56. What if there is no movie?
  57. Atlantis and Continuum
  58. This is what should have happened with Ford
  59. Why is General Hammond Leader in the episode Home?
  60. What are common complaints about SGA and what are your rebuttals to those complaints?
  61. What were your favorite things about Stargate Atlantis?
  62. My very own wraith
  63. Idea for kamikaze weapon to use against the Wraith Hive Ships
  64. question about the first episode
  65. Wrath a vampire?
  66. Robert Picardo in Call Of Duty: Black Ops
  67. When they finally met the Un-Ascended Ancients face to face..they die!
  68. Puddle Jumper and the Retired Air Force Chief of Staff John P. Jumper
  69. SGA Legacy Book Series
  70. Top 3 (what's YOUR top 3?)
  71. Ford's Fate
  72. Atlantis Viewing Question
  73. I need to find episode
  74. If you were stranded on Atlantis who would you choose
  75. David Heweltt's Youtube channel?
  76. The Ancient's strategy of using the Attero device.........
  77. I just noticed something. (Spoilers, season 5)
  78. Hole in Weir's Nanites
  79. Cons of living on Lantea
  80. Atlantis Saves the Day in Toy Story 3! (spoilers for the end of TS 3)
  81. If a Wraith fed on a Goa'uld host . . .
  82. Col. Caldwell as Atlantis Military CO
  83. Adding a Warship to the Fleet
  84. The control chair in EatG.
  85. 3 questions SGA style
  86. What is the thing about the show that most made you watch?
  87. Ancient's Society
  88. The Alliance
  89. The Wall in 'Sateda'
  90. A Thread For It ALL: General Discussion Thread for ALL Things Stargate Atlantis
  91. Stargate Power Supply
  92. Wraith, Wraith War and Ancients Questions
  93. Disney's Atlantis
  94. Worst possible human for the Wraith to abduct.
  95. Hive ships in hyperspace question
  96. Which is more powerful with a ZPM Daedalus-class or Wraith?
  97. What was the worst episode?
  98. New DVD Cases
  99. What was the BEST episode?
  100. Fan Made Webisode
  101. Atlantis Tweets
  102. sheppard talks too much
  103. The Siege commentary podcasts?
  104. Were the Asurans that bad?
  105. Who is your favorite Stargate Atlantis character(s)?
  106. Atlantis do-over
  107. Midway Self-Destruct Alarm Sound clip ?
  108. Aer-ki Jyr's Return of the Ancients is BACK!
  109. Name the Wraith
  110. Why didn't the Ancients from The Return build some ZPMs ?
  111. Why did the Asgard not come to Atlantis?
  112. Teyla/Rachel's son?
  113. SGA Extinction Script
  114. Colonel Caldwell
  115. Which version of Weir had the worst fate?
  116. How long can wraith go without feeding?
  117. If you could rewrite the Asuran Weir storyline...
  118. How was Carson Beckett cloned? (spoilers for "Sunday" & "The Kindred")
  119. Before I Sleep- all 3 ZPMs unplugged error?
  120. What happens to the Wraith now? (series finale spoilers)
  121. Thank you for Canceling SGU!
  122. have you spotted Darth Maul in SGA yet?
  123. Did Ken Cuperus write any other episode than CG?
  124. TPTB getting cold feet about going through with moral issues?
  125. Was Atlantis sent out of phase ?
  126. Wraith technology and abilities never to be seen again
  127. David Hewlett Interview
  128. Do wraith sense humans?
  129. Lantiens Vs. Star Wars Empire
  130. Atlantis mission -- worth it?
  131. Consider me a convert
  132. stargate extinction and sg1 movie question ?
  133. "Pointlessness" of Stargate Atlantis
  134. How much money could it truly cost to fund a SGA movie
  135. 3x09 "Phantoms" - Tune from Bleach??
  136. Are there any episodes you haven't seen?
  137. Stargate Atlantis New Movie
  138. SGA and the Expedition, a problem of purpose
  139. Could waiting too long kill the movie?
  140. Any theories?
  141. If SGA was still running what kind of stories or arc would you have wanted to see?
  142. The reason Spacegates have only 8 chevrons
  143. Could it be possible???
  144. Why was Season 1 a lot more intriguing than Season 2-5?
  145. The reason the Iratus bug is called the Iratus bug
  146. Theme Music.. Familiar?
  147. International law versus wraith
  148. What was the most tensely emotional episode?
  149. I Wonder....what if the SG Program could be real ?
  150. What do the wraith know about Ascension
  151. Atlantis Mythology (real world)
  152. Mensa - What's the big deal?
  153. Very trivial question
  154. Time Travel
  155. Sister Cities
  156. Wraith healing abilities--limits and abilities
  157. Jack O'Neill
  158. Looking for a picture
  159. A Fan of favorite SGA show :)
  160. Atlantis logo?
  161. Did the chair have a ZPM?
  162. Cast Changes
  163. Caldwell in "The Lost Tribe"
  164. Paul McGillion at the 2011 Leo Awards
  165. StarGate Atlantis Computer Simulator 3.0.1
  166. When the Ancients abandoned Atlantis 10, 000 years ago
  167. Gripes and nitpicks
  168. Creating the full Atlantis Blueprints
  169. The Ancients Have Hair O.O
  170. What ultimately happened to Elizabeth Weir?
  171. Is it time to let go?
  172. Todays Irony
  173. ancient ships and the stargate
  174. How would you continue Atlantis? (series finale spoilers)
  175. stargate atlantis soundtrack question ( The Kindred Pt 2)
  176. SG-1 Characters You Wanted to See
  177. Was it always planned to replace Weir with Carter?
  178. What killed SGA imo...
  179. Wraith have Hyperdrive or FTL Drive
  180. Name of ep?
  181. Waiting on Season 5 in UK!
  182. Return Atlantis to Pegasus or not? (assume spoilers for the whole series)
  183. Wraith Questions
  184. Wraith advancement
  185. Naquadriah-core planets in Pegasus?
  186. Stargate Atlantis Soundtrack Title
  187. Ben Browder was to be SGA John Sheppard
  188. Question about the personal ancient shield
  189. Just a thought about s3e13 " Irresponsible"
  190. Rewatching Stargate: Atlantis - Skippable episodes?
  191. Did the Asurans know the location of earth
  192. English-Ancient Translator?
  193. What is the end game with regards to wraith needing to hibernate soon?
  194. Something I've been wondering about Humans in the Pegasus Galaxy
  195. Oberoth and "ascencers"
  196. Ronon's past
  197. Did the Atlantis Expedition commit genocide?
  198. Why wasn't Dr weir and co. at the home planet.
  199. If Atlantis hadn't been cancelled...
  200. Finally done with SG1, Atlantis starts tonight!
  201. Are you content with how the show ended?
  202. Were the producers themselves HAPPY with SGA?
  203. Is this the correct gate address to earth (minus point of origin)
  204. Who was the most menacing threat?
  205. The ethical level of The Atlantis Expedition.
  206. How many hives were left?
  207. Stargate Ancients and Gatebuilders series idea ?
  208. 30 second episodes of SG:A
  209. Trying to remember which episode this was from... (Knife throwing!) (I love Ronan!)
  210. So where did they finally end up parking Atlantis?
  211. Wraith vs..
  212. Carter and Woolsey's reduced roles: what gives?
  213. Missed Opportunity: A Wraith who hates feeding!
  214. Where do you "want" Atlantis to be? (post-finale)
  215. The Pocket Watch
  216. So what was the original concept for Stargate: Atlantis, anyway?
  217. Paul McGillion (Carson Beckett) Starring or Recurring???
  218. Atlantis Blu-ray Import Question
  219. Atlantis Movie idea
  220. What is everyone's Favorite Sheppard moment?
  221. The ZPM Quest
  222. Was Sheppard Promoted to Full Colonel??
  223. Spotting 8-Chevron Stargates (VFX goof)
  224. Best christmas present ever
  225. Sunday: Why was Doctor Beckett written out?
  226. Do you think Teyla would have eventually been written out?
  227. what would be more painful
  228. Wishful Thinking ...
  229. Shep's team
  230. Sad Anniversary
  231. the Odyssey's secret mission
  232. season 3 like sg-1
  233. how many humans do you think there are in the entire Pegasus galaxy?
  234. best episode of SGA ?
  235. why are Satedans so superhumanly strong & agile?
  236. ring transporters in pegasus
  237. Would they be unstoppable if this happened?
  238. Cam and John
  239. Where can I find transcripts for all the SGA episodes?
  240. Allies on Atlantis
  241. Pegasus Ancients?
  242. Daedalus landing on the pier
  243. Pegasus Stargates and Point of Origin
  244. So what do you think of the actor behind McKay?
  245. I think we've found Atlantis!!!!
  246. Did the Wraith get less scary?
  247. Nature or Nurture; the biggest influence on Wraith culture?
  248. Forum members UNITE--Your chance to ask the cast your questions!
  249. Pegasus Stargates: CGI or set pieces?
  250. Successor to Weir on Antarctica Base?