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  1. SYNDICATED ratings - SGA Season One
  2. Aurora pics?
  3. Where are the [Allies] & [Inferno] spoilers?
  4. I was just wondering
  5. different dvd box for australia?
  6. Why did the Wraith want Atlantis?
  7. You have to Choose between SG1 or Atlantis tobe canceled
  8. SG:A S-1 DVD question
  9. Sleep in Stasis or held in transport beam?
  10. Silencers on Atlantis
  11. Beckett's Experiments (SGA Season 2 Spoiler
  12. Why Didn't The Ancients Intervene In 'Before I Sleep"
  13. New Episodes
  14. S2 credit stay the same for now :(
  15. When is it continueing, January right?
  16. How could Ford fly the jumper?
  17. Handheld Stunner
  18. Does Atlantis have Bathrooms/Showers
  19. Long Goodbye, Inferno and Allies Tidbits
  20. If Wraith looked like humans SPOILERS
  21. What are those stick-weapons of Teyla's called?q
  22. Ancients and Wriath
  23. Asgard position regarding Wraith
  24. Canada schedule of S02E11-15
  25. Who would be your best Stargate Atlantis buddy?
  26. Wriath = germany in WW2
  27. Coup D'etat - Episodic Photography [3 HQs]
  28. SG Atlantis in Dreamwatch Magazine?
  29. raith technology weakness
  30. The Virus
  31. deadalus landing in siege part III
  32. Wraith scanning if they destroyed the city in siege part III
  33. Ancients life span
  34. Actors Hint at season's end... [SPOILERS]
  35. A trend in the Seasons
  36. I miss Atlantis
  37. Do you think they should have put Teryl Rothery in SGA
  38. You may have seen this, but...
  39. The different Wraith
  40. Anyone Else Notice?
  41. Ronon Dex Martial Arts Style
  42. Wraith weakness is their technology..?
  43. Character development
  44. A new position for Col Caldwell?& a new....(spoiler & Spec)
  45. Ooops
  46. Are ancients immortal or Not?
  47. 720 permentations?
  48. Sumner,Sheppard,?
  49. look alike
  50. Wraith Hive Ship Population???
  51. What are they?
  52. "Underground" skipped in syndication?
  53. Where can i get large Stargate Atlantis Pictures
  54. Ancient Tech
  55. When would the Ori discover Pegasus?
  56. The Hive-Epiphany-Critical Mass-Grace Under Pressure-The Tower
  57. atlantis moved for wraith weekness?
  58. Arcturus could have worked if.....
  59. Seasons on Atlantis
  60. Season 2 Audio Commentary
  61. ~Definite Plot For The Hive~
  62. SGA Corrospondent
  63. The Hive Canada Air
  64. Atlantis Hive
  65. Poll for Allies who will it be?
  66. <The Hive> Plot Summary Spoilers Included
  67. Darren moderator Dont you mean if your American dont talk about downloading
  68. Grace Under Pressure - Episodic Photography [5 HQs]
  69. Inferno - Episodic Photography [6 HQs]
  70. Allies - Episodic Photography [6 HQs]
  71. Ronon=Wraith?
  72. Preview trailer for Epiphany
  73. New Episode Spoilers
  74. Canadian SGA schedule up for rest of Season 2
  75. Season 1 Box Set discussion
  76. Recurring Wraith
  77. Aussie Atlantis
  78. Epiphany Actress question
  79. Counterfeit Atlantis DVDs
  80. Ronon is a jerk
  81. Daedalus class ship or ...... class (spoiler & Spec)
  82. Too Much Wraith?
  83. Whoa!
  84. Sheppard Speculation
  85. Wraith ghouls?
  86. Clones for dinner
  87. Wraith language
  88. Wraith faces
  89. OK GATEHEADS EXPLAIN THIS!!! Lack of continuity in SG universe
  90. something that I was thinking about
  91. Maybe we will find more Ancient Satellite weapons??
  92. why havent we been back to athos?
  93. Anyone else hate the Athosians?
  94. I want pictures
  95. Allies and other ep SPOILERS
  96. "Critical Mass"
  97. Teyla sings!
  98. Wow, did I see what I think I saw
  99. Earth - Atlantis Communication
  100. Atlantis comp graphix
  101. Asgard in the ancient database?
  102. Zelenka's Czech?
  103. Impressive Ways to Blow Up a Solar System - What do you think? (Spoilers, SGA s2)
  104. Uh why are the Wraith using weapons from SG-1?
  105. what would be some good episodes for next season
  106. Beaming Weapons ('Siege 3' SPOILERS)
  107. Is the Nox Flying city the same as Atlantises
  108. Atlantis Marathon RIP OFF
  109. Weir is getting hotter
  110. Does anyone have pics of the "Aurora"
  111. Weapons
  112. Ronon
  113. How to defeat the wraith...
  114. Why do the Ancients talk in Feets and... (minor spoiler)
  115. Schedule?
  116. Do you think the Ancient Aliance was more a Federation of planets or United Nations
  117. Is Atlantis Going To Fly?
  118. Need Atlantis episode, "The Siege, Part 3"
  119. Does anyone have the first [B]Atlantis [/B]episode of Season two, "The Siege, Part 3?
  120. Fundemental Questions
  121. Cloaking device on Daedalus
  122. At the end of eps. 120 this is this "in memory of bob somebody"
  123. Ronan?????????
  124. New stills: THE HIVE and EPIPHANY
  125. potential alpha/beta site!!
  126. Bedrosian weapons?
  127. Which S2 ep reveals who made the Hot Zone Virus?
  128. alien robot perhaps "hot zone" aliens ?
  129. Atlantis Season 2: The dissapointment! (lots of spoliers up to the tower!)
  130. Help a new SGA fan solve her conundrum...(Finally fixed...)
  131. is there any new ep tonight?
  132. What would you like to see on the S.2 DVD set?
  133. 2x15 The Tower Video Preview 32 seconds
  134. Steve
  135. Some Wraith have Ancients Powers?
  136. what was that site?
  137. Images
  138. So the new S2 title sequence (the long one)...
  139. "The Long Goodbye"
  140. The history of the Wraith (spoilers)
  141. Movie Network Omits episode 216 'Michael'
  142. Wraith making thier way to milky way, enemies combine to defeat them!
  143. SG1 entering Atlantis
  144. Wraith Cannibalism
  145. The Pegasus Galaxy Dailing Numbers and Letters
  146. S1 DVD Episode Order
  147. New CRTICAL MASS pictures
  148. If there are any living ancients are they in a darkage period?
  149. Rising Flag Mistake...
  150. Atlantis Wasting ZPM Power?
  151. Ronans Necklace?
  152. No clip show this season?
  153. The untapped potential of Ronon Dex
  154. What is this? (slight spoiler for intruder)
  155. Wraith stunners
  156. Zat's
  157. Dr. Lindsey Novak
  158. Atlantis' Operating System
  159. Grace Under Pressure: new images
  160. Grace Under Pressure
  161. atlantis s2e17 online and no updates?
  162. The Hive - mistake?
  163. Wraith guards or warriors?
  164. Can't wait for return of SGA in Perth
  165. Do you think Chaya/Athar is an Ori sympathizer?
  166. The Towers on Atlantis
  167. Lantean star trek style teleporter?
  168. Atlantis gate room?
  169. Ancient Naming system
  170. Hole in the plot of Epiphany SPOILERS
  171. Jaffa - Buffet for Wraith
  172. Daedalus in Coup D'Etat
  173. Teyla Spoilers for Michael 218
  174. Geneva Convention, Ethics (Lack there of), Spoilers ahead
  175. South Africans Voted for Fav Season 2 Eps
  176. Get rid of Ronon?
  177. Season 1 DVD Box Set Question
  178. Old races in Pegasus?
  179. Reason why wraith dont eat women???
  180. Wraith Orgins put to rest. (Micheal Spoilers)
  181. The Secret of the "Runners"...
  182. How long did Sheppard spend in the Sanctuary? (Spoilers for Season 2's Epiphany)
  183. Will SCIFI Make major major Changes to Atlantis due to big fall in ratings this seaso
  184. Critical Mass – Teyla's Song
  185. Weapon to DEFEAT the Wraith
  186. Could Cadmen have been better choice to replace Ford?
  187. Total charge in Cadman's charactor!!!
  188. Poor, poor Kavanaugh ! (Critical Mass)
  189. Beating the Wraith...
  190. SG Movie 1994 and Atlantis (Spoiler)
  191. Who sang that song?
  192. Wraith Stunner Pistols and Zat Guns
  193. Spoiler: Season 3 - Shipment of anti-Wraith weapons
  194. The Moral Compass of the Atlantis Expedition
  195. Inferno airing????
  196. Brotherhood Question
  197. ATLANTIS Technology unbelievable?
  198. Many Ancient Citie's SPOILERS
  199. THE LONG GOODBYE: New spoiler images
  200. Chya/Athar like the Ori???
  201. How long will Ronan keep his gun? Lost Boys Spoilers
  202. Male Wraith's voice
  203. They wont fit in the jumper bay Spoilers for Grace Under Pressure
  204. Allies
  205. This is weird, I think... very
  206. Who is psyched about allies?
  207. Inferno caps thread
  208. Cool Ancient Cities
  209. Caldwell (Spoilers Included)
  210. Landing Spot? Inferno spoilers
  211. "My People" this "My People" that
  212. Season 2 is over. How good was it?
  213. If Genii have gunpowder for guns, why not c4
  214. Would Weir of not aged if she was an Ancient?
  215. Wraith and vampires
  216. ZPM (Beginning season 2 Spoilers)
  217. Why no transport rings in the Pegasus Galaxy?
  218. Allies (Spoiler) Humans like wraiths?
  219. Hello people-whats so special about the planet?!
  220. Fan Mail Address for Atlantis
  221. New Theory on Wraith Feeding.
  222. The Medieval Look
  223. wraith hive ships
  224. Key to defeating the wraith!
  225. John Sheppard: Space Mack (Spoilers for various eps)
  226. the one fingered salute (Inferno SPOILERS)
  227. Atlantis moving
  228. Best Episodes of Season 2 (Don't click if you haven't finished Season 2)
  229. Humans in Pegasus?
  230. Ancient/Wraith Relative Strength
  231. Why have episodes 2x16+ already got Official Discussion Threads?
  232. Incontinuity about the origin of the Wraith...
  233. Wraith travel
  234. If the ancients were so advanced they couldnt build puddle jumpers with hyperdrives
  235. Confused about Critical Mass Review
  236. Was the Jumper door open? (SPOILERS-Grace Under Pressure)
  237. Weir & McKay
  238. who is the best wraith?
  239. Col. Caldwell ('Critical Mass' SPOILERS)
  240. The Wraith are good (BUT)
  241. Does Atlantis Have a Moon?
  242. Semi Automatics vs Staff Weapons
  243. Consequences for Rodney
  244. Anyone else concerned about Drugs in SGA?!
  245. Sanctuary Analysis (Some Answers)
  246. Favorite Season 2 episode?
  247. Favorite Sheppard quotes!
  248. Atlantis long? range sensors (allies spoilers)
  249. The Ancients!
  250. Dr. Weir character changes