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  12. Who was hoping Dusty would be the one to die?
  13. Flashlight
  14. The Fist bump
  15. Why Couldn't ...
  16. A Typical Horror Made For TV Movie
  17. Maybe this is obvious, but the person in the gas mask in the beginning...
  18. Yay... Nicole de Boer...
  19. Life-signs detector?
  20. Bringers?????
  21. This episode reminded me of...
  22. Whispers=stargate atlantis+Resident evil 4+the ring?
  23. Planet Silent Hill?
  24. So no one caught the Star Trek plug??
  25. The team's trap for merellious
  26. Nicola DeBoer
  27. Any sign of sadness over the death of their teammate?
  28. The RING!!
  29. Hybrids
  30. How come John is an idiot all of a sudden?
  31. Who else hated this episode? Supremely badly written?
  32. Waste of an Episode for Paul/Carson...
  33. Whispers reminds me of that episode with the cacoon monsters made by michael...
  34. LED Light with blade - Whispers
  35. If Dr Keller would have been Dr Dusty
  36. Where was Teyla?
  37. MacKay had Brain Surgery last episode so...
  38. Very Poor Episode