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  1. universe crossovers
  2. "Stargate Universe" Discussion/Speculation (Spoilers)
  3. Stargate Universe Characters...
  4. Casting a known lead for SGU
  5. What channel do you want SGU to air on?
  6. Universe Seasons
  7. Stargate Universe Spoliers up on Wikipedia
  8. Why can't we discuss stargate universe?
  9. Stargate Universe Updates?
  10. SGU Taglines...
  11. How Long Will Universe Stay On Shelves?
  12. How many of you would watch a new show SG Universe or an SG Command if...
  13. Boycott Universe!!!
  14. Is this end of stargate universe ?
  15. My Feelings about SGU's Casting
  16. Major Lorne/Kavan Smith to lead SGU!!
  17. Stargate Atlantis Movie and Stagate Universe Issues!
  18. Younger audience?
  19. "Known Actor"?
  20. Stargate: Universe - Uneeded Replacement or Welcome Continuation
  21. thats rough
  22. Stargate Univoyageratlantis
  23. Atlantis didn't get pushed aside for Universe?
  24. the ninth chevron and the 2 hour sgu movie
  25. Bring back one of 3 SGA characters
  26. Universe proving unpopular? Got any better ideas?
  27. Earth's role for Stargate Universe
  28. Stargate Universe full story arc revealed
  29. SGU (possable spolliers)
  30. SGU intro
  31. SGU - inject a bit more dramatic intensity like BSG - Sci FI's Dave Howe
  32. SGU wants younger demographic - use the O'Neill clone
  33. Here we have it!! Stargate Voya, er universe.
  34. Do they expect Universe to fail?
  35. Universe = Space: 1999
  36. My idea for a Stargate: Universe pilot
  37. Stargate Universe A Good Concept?
  38. Stargate: Universe - Making the Best Out of a Concept
  39. Give SGU a chance.
  40. Why not Nathan Fillion for Universe?
  41. Casting Ideas for Universe
  42. The Gates in SGU
  43. SGU Cast - Contains Spoilers! (Humorous)
  44. SGU will be amazing!
  45. Speculation/Discussion about the Destiny (Spoilers through S2)
  46. Universe - race, planet and storyline spinning
  47. Stargate: Galactica or Stargate: Smallwille?
  48. Why SGU will NOT be like BSG!
  49. SGU secondary characters
  50. David Kopp
  51. Could a wraith be part of the crew?
  52. how will the stargate be used?
  53. Is SGU the same Stargate Destiny?
  54. One Fans Theory
  55. Stargate Universe Soundtrack
  56. Sgu suport group
  57. The I'm still ticked off at TPTB for SGA but will still give SGU a chance thread.
  58. Is the Stargate a Pandora's Box?
  59. My SG:U Prediction
  60. What I don't like about the SGU Concept
  61. Chuck Campbell on SGU
  62. Younger Viewers =/= Teen Drama
  63. SGU Logo
  64. The Main Baddie of SGU!!!
  65. Col. Reynolds in Universe?
  66. Anyone else hope they play up the military angle?
  67. SGU Stargate Design
  68. Pattern of Deaths
  69. What "Mythologies" would you like to see included?
  70. Stargate Timeline
  71. Theory on who the medical staff member will be
  72. Goran Visnjic and Steve Bacic in Universe
  73. "The Four Great Races" SGU version
  74. Will/should the Furlings feature in SGU ?
  75. Stargate Universe - Adam Baldwin for Lead Role
  76. Transportation
  77. Destiny's Course
  78. Who wants actual aliens in Universe
  79. Bringing in Guest Stars...
  80. My Toughts, Ideias and Whishes for Universe
  81. Known characters in SG:U - 1x01
  82. Stargate Universe Trailer
  83. SG:U First episode speculation
  84. Universe Pilot
  85. SGU will last one season only!
  86. question about universe.
  87. MGM Should get a 5 year Deal .....
  88. Stargate Universe
  89. First Contact
  90. The Main Villian In Stargate Universe
  91. Pilot title your guess?
  92. How long will SG:U Last?
  93. Why not Stargate Destiny?
  94. SGU and Earth Ships
  95. Ori galaxy and 9th chevron.
  96. Idea on Universe?
  97. Jaffa in Universe? (i know...it's a stretch)
  98. Are you excited about Stargate Universe?
  99. sgu character
  100. SGU _ Going too far!!!!
  101. Uniform
  102. SGU IMDb page finally up.
  103. SG:U Destiny - Where is it? And other stuff!
  104. The Galaxies
  105. Young Vibe... Michael Welch?
  106. Weapons in Universe
  107. So... WHICH bit of SGU is making YOU inclined to hate it?
  108. Why a ship-based series is a GOOD idea!
  109. Why will or won't u watch SGU??
  110. Place your bets
  111. Does SGU sound like a rip off of Star Trek to you?
  112. Will they be cut off?
  113. Stargate Universe to film in February
  114. My fears for SGU
  115. I would like to know who is being officially considered as the lead roles in SGU...
  116. how will the SGU pilot play out?
  117. Predict the pilot's Nielsen ratings.
  118. When do you WANT to watch Universe?
  119. Hints for Universe in SG-1 and Atlantis
  120. mythology
  121. Please Stay Loyal.
  122. SGU Alternate Pilot
  123. Did Brad Wright and Others Rush Into Stargate Universe? What Do You Think?
  124. support for stargate
  125. Sign the “Nicole DeBoer on Stargate Universe” Petition
  126. Preview of Universe ;)
  127. Cos they couldn't get it right....
  128. Maybe a bit of hard core nudity?
  129. The Structure of Stargate Universe
  130. Is it just me or...
  131. Stargate Universe - Casting Call
  132. Stargate spin-offs too "Ancienty"
  133. Initial Reaction
  134. Childhood's End
  135. No supporting cast?
  136. ideal stargate universe team
  137. How about the return of archaeology?
  138. Stargate Junior Universe
  139. Sliders meets Stargate Infinity
  140. Kinsey...
  141. how many more?
  142. Joseph Mallozzi On Current Overall Fan Reaction To Casting Sheet
  143. New writers for SGU thread
  144. Ageism?
  145. Should SG1 & SGA Cast be in SGU???
  146. How I Would Make a Third Series
  147. Stargate: Universe - The Province: Five Productions Shooting Around B.C.
  148. Does anyone think...
  149. Multiple galaxies?
  150. Left behind?
  151. Stargate: Universe - SciFi Weekly: 2008 Fall Preview: Part II
  152. SGU:worlds! human or alien?
  153. I don't like the idea of BSG Universe...
  154. An additional take on SG:Universe
  155. my SGU wish
  156. Why Coastal if you don't like the Beach?
  157. Spacegates/Ground Based Gates??
  158. Hints/Clues of Universe on SG1 and SGA
  159. Does any else feel like Universe will be a massive insult to there intelligence
  160. Alien races general discussion
  161. Coincidence?
  162. After watching last night's Atlantis ep "First Contact".....
  163. One GOOD reason not to give Universe a chance at the very least...
  164. I'm dissapointed in the fans...
  165. Ground Vehicles in SGU!
  166. Character Breakdowns
  167. Some script from Stargate Universe
  168. Ships design
  169. New Writers?
  170. Auditioning
  171. SGA Back??
  172. SGA Redux - Nothing New Under the Sun
  173. How to Audition for Universe?
  174. Younger Generations?
  175. Should SGU follow a special f/x green screen model similar to that of Sanctuary?
  176. An Avatar/AI running Destiny? Rumors/Speculation/Spoilers
  177. After all this hype about SGU being for a younger audience...
  178. I am loving SGU!!!
  179. No More Replicators.....
  180. Stargate: Universe - SciFi Now Magazine Issue # 20
  181. How about this as an idea
  182. History seems to repeat itself...
  183. This time round, a mistake TPTB CANNOT make!
  184. Is it just me, or do shows where the crew is stranded or lost drag on tirelessly.
  185. Arrogance.
  186. What popular myths should Universe touch on?
  187. Replicators Inevitable
  188. Anyone Worried that SGU will corrupt Alterans History/Backstory?
  189. Stargate: Universe - MGM Stargate: Video: Brad Wright on the State of Universe
  190. Cast thought
  191. Languages
  192. Destiny or Universe?
  193. SGU Musings
  194. opening theme
  195. With revelations in "The Lost Tribe," will we...
  196. What should the next great villain be ?
  197. The end of Stargate???
  198. I wish there could be a show that has NOTHING to do the the Ancients
  199. Lovecraft in SGU
  200. Could this be SGU?
  201. We are going to see a LOT of Filler Episodes...
  202. PPlease have more 'Absolute Power's' in SGU
  203. Retcon-Rewrite
  204. Wouldn't it be cool to have Jonas Quinn on SGU?
  205. Why aren't there crossover episodes?
  206. Ship Classes
  207. Woolsey for Universe!
  208. The Only Character from SGA Who Should Join Universe Is...
  209. Casting is most important
  210. Stargate Universe - SciFi Wire: Exclusive: Stargate Universe Concept Art!
  211. Stargate: Universe - Multichannel News: Reading a Show's Life Line
  212. Ship name in SGU
  213. New Concept Art Reveal Steampunk Design.
  214. Tie back to original Stargate 1994
  215. SGU in April
  216. Should SGU be less funny?
  217. Stargate: Universe - SciFi Wire: Exclusive Stargate Universe Updates
  218. SG Universe on same theme as an older show
  219. About.com: New Stargate Series Only Months Away
  220. Wraith writing on the SGU concept gun?
  221. Stargate show ideas
  222. Farscape with New Characters?
  223. SyFy Portal: "Universe is not 90210!"
  224. Timeline of the ship launch
  225. Humans throughout the galaxy.
  226. Rob Cooper talks about Universe
  227. Destiny's tech
  228. SGU vs. SGA Early Development?
  229. SGU: How it starts.
  230. Creative or the Same?
  231. Place your bets: How many eps before Clip Show?
  232. Universe will have a 3-hour premiere...
  233. Daedalus class ships in Universe
  234. Universe = more races?
  235. Universe Enemy
  236. Lanteans/Ancients remnents in Universe
  237. Budget
  238. A true SGU TV show.
  239. possible flaw?
  240. what weapons will they use when they run out of ammo
  241. surprise guest due for mid season!
  242. Story-arcs in SGU?
  243. Races and enemies from SG1/SGA
  244. What Celebrity Would You be Most Surprised to see in Stargate Universe?
  245. A New Character!
  246. new world old ledgens and other plot lines.
  247. New SGU Audition Sides Reveal Characters, Technology
  248. Wouldn't it be a good idea if...
  249. A growing fear..
  250. What is your big NO on SGU