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  1. Thoughts on the lucian alliance
  2. If you were in charge of SGU...
  3. Netflix Streaming
  4. Could Varro be a the leader of the Lucian Alliance?
  5. The message in the Background Radiation
  6. blue alien form
  7. why run a new Episode when the NCAA finale game is on? ( Seizure)
  8. Ambitious idea to Save Stargate Universe
  9. DVR and Ratings, I dont get it...
  10. What have we learned in SGU?
  11. destiny returns to earth
  12. hail mary pass to save sgu
  13. are they ever going to explain why there are no keno's on atlantis?
  14. SGU's potential future
  15. Easier to jusified Icarus base funding for Pegasus than for Destiny?(spoiler)
  16. Stargate Universe Beats Snooki
  17. How about SGU webisodes spin-off?
  18. SGU: A different way to view the franchise. (Stargate up to "Seizure")
  19. SGU UK MONDAY!! Who's watching!?
  20. Deleted scene in Atlantis sets up SGU
  21. Just in case you didn't know...
  22. There's no reason why they can't get off the ship, board Atlantis
  23. Common Descent /DS9 Children of Time Comparison
  24. What Timeslot would have worked?
  25. Did Syfy "damage" SGU's chances of success??
  26. Behind the scenes with Louis Ferreira
  27. reruns
  28. Planet Builders and Wormhole Drive?
  29. The Destiny crew's clothing should be in rags by now...
  30. Mysteries of SGU
  31. How does Destiny go so far on low fuel?
  32. Why are there nine chevrons?
  33. Save SGU Petition
  34. Could the serial format have doomed the show?
  35. Is there going to be season 3?
  36. Louis' voice?
  37. SGU on Hulu
  38. 3 Reasons
  39. 'Alliances' Question
  40. Brad Wright Convention Q&A (SGU Movie Is A No Go)
  41. What is in the background radiation?
  42. Lucian Alliance
  43. SGU Books?
  44. Changing the order of season one
  45. Coolest moments fom the show (Spoilers S2)
  46. Destiny Upgrades
  47. Will SGU give us a satisfactory ending?
  48. lets keep sgu going
  49. Say TPTB decided to go to novel format would anyone be a little satisfied?
  50. how stargate should end
  51. Dont be mad at the writers
  52. Couldn't the Nox get them back home?
  53. How many ZPMs they'd need to make a gatebridge (a conservative guestimate)
  54. MGM Leaving us High and Dry
  55. The right people after all . . .
  56. Couldn't this have been an option?
  57. Young's speech pattern
  58. A sticky question
  59. Novel/Comic Continuation/Resolution Campaign
  60. 10 Lessons About Life After Cancellation...
  61. Stargate Book, Comics Etc.
  62. stargate universe wormhole extreme?
  63. SGU Cancellation
  64. Fantasy SGU Season 3
  65. Not sure if I wanna see last episode
  66. how is naquadria more powerful then zpm's?
  67. Spaceship sounds and sound design
  68. i'd like to see...
  69. SGU runs into the furlings who send them home.
  70. The 9 chevron address back to Earth
  71. Why don't they just take every stargate they come across?
  72. Syfy in Australia Is still laying on Alot of SGU/A/SG1 promos and Ad's
  73. Stargate rewatch
  74. "The 9th chevron to Earth"
  75. Distance between seeds ships and Destiny
  76. Distance between Destiny and seed ships
  77. Join the vote to plea for continuation of SG. Vote if you want SG to continue!!
  78. SGU TV Movie Followup If Final Episode Ratings Are High?
  79. Stargate Universe Cast Screenshot
  80. And it was Just getting good
  81. 2x21 Pathogen Intervention ?
  82. Scientifically Speaking, Epilogue Was The Series Finale (Geek Closure)
  83. Too little, too late...
  84. The REAL reason they can't dial Destiny any more
  85. If you were given the chance to be a member of Destiny's crew, would you take it?
  86. Why so far from Milky Way?
  87. The mystery behind the Drones
  88. All The Stages Kino
  89. Thanks for the good times
  90. Chloe is .... (Spoilers for Common Descent)
  91. Mixed Up Information ?
  92. Two things I feel might have affected SGU's cancelation.
  93. Letting it go
  94. Why SGU movie won't be made
  95. Reasons why Stargate Universe isn't as interesting to me as SG1 and Atlantis
  96. A message to the creators of Stargate. PLEASE READ THIS because we know you do.
  97. Publishing 3x01
  98. Peter Kelamis is 'The Monkey & the Pylon'
  99. Stargate fan, I want to see
  100. Dear Syfy
  101. Is OK for Destiny crew to date Novus people ?
  102. syfy really surprise me with their decisions not just with their time slots
  103. Stargate Universe: The Rescue ( Petition)
  104. The Shout Outs
  105. Great SGU moments
  106. Stargate Universe TOP 15 Episodes (S1 - S2)
  107. Well this is it!!!!
  108. Standing Ovation via Twitter for SGU Cast and Crew
  109. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand I'm done
  110. In regard to the finale... and how I think it would of continued [Spoilers!]
  111. What hope does Novus people have against the drone?
  112. Idea : the cure for season three
  113. Continuing the saga in a spinoff? Stargate Destiny...
  114. Season 3 ideas
  115. How would you have continued it?
  116. A Message For SyFy
  117. Hatred towards Syfy and among other things
  118. Will SGU become a cult show?
  119. DVD Campaign ?
  120. A possible way to continue the series
  121. Carlyle's accent
  122. Possible effort/thing to do to save SGU?
  123. Now What?
  124. Sgu season 3?
  125. they knew this might be the final episode...?
  126. Write your end to the series -- share ideas with others
  127. (Fan)Comics for SGU
  128. Question about the guests they brought aboard? S2 SPOILERS!
  129. I thought it'd be interesting if...
  130. Hydroponics and Eli
  131. Potential SGU minecraft style
  132. Way to get from Earth to Destiny ?
  133. A question for SGU fans
  134. Is this it?
  135. SGU and social media..
  136. I will never get to see . . .
  137. "A three year time cut would have been interesting" - BW AOL Interview
  138. Innerspace SGU Special: The Finale
  139. Possible answers about a theoretical S3 (JM's blog)
  140. Stargate Novus as next SG show/Spinoff ? ( Spoilers S2)
  141. What tech would help out??
  142. If everyone actually paid to watch the show....
  143. After the Last episode did anyone else do this?
  144. If you want a stargate movie....
  145. Is the destiny the best starship ever
  146. Would an animated version of the SGU/Stargate franchise finale movie work?
  147. Greer's Uniform
  148. the ever changing amount of shuttles they have (possable spoilers)
  149. The blue aliens now have a name.
  150. Graphic Novels/Comic Books
  151. Recasting SGU - just a thought
  152. Destiny's Theme - Piano Cover
  153. So, the best we can hope for all things concidered..
  154. Your going to the Destiny. What do you bring?
  155. I can't be the only one!
  156. Some Gorgeous Pictures of Destiny
  157. Caught up with Brian J. Smith - May 27, 2011 - New York @ 'Little Black Dress'
  158. Unsatisfied and displeased about SGU´s prematurely end
  159. Stargate Infiltration - How's this sound?
  160. SGU Finale "Gauntlet" Is Not On Hulu yet.
  161. SGu Season 2 Bluray in the states
  162. Would an episode re-order have saved the franchise?
  163. SGU Books
  164. Quick pic with David Blue in Vancouver June 3, 2011
  165. Any news on an OST?
  166. Space SGU interview
  167. Season 2 DVD sales
  168. Did the comercial faliure of SGU...
  169. Does anyone else see this?
  170. 3D models
  171. Season Two NOT getting a Blu-ray release in Region 2
  172. Speculation how SGU would have ended if it had run it course....
  173. Project Destiny
  174. Two deleted Scenes from Stargate Universe "Air"
  175. Real life Kino!
  176. Robert Carlyle in "Once Upon a Time"
  177. TV ratings system
  178. I'm not totally satisfied with how SGU progressed as a s. (spoilers for all episodes)
  179. How is Destiny still in our timeline?
  180. Dr Nicholas rush's glasses
  181. sgu: plot does not make any sense!!!
  182. To wait or not to wait?
  183. Rush is truly a villain !
  184. Was the Character development in SGU too subtle?
  185. Icarus Base Patch
  186. Simeon's murder of Ginn, if Jack Bauer were in similar situation...
  187. Post Here If You View SGU in Syndication or Haven't Seen Season Two Yet
  188. Searching of the Network
  189. 3d models of SGU cast?
  190. Sgu : any news ?
  191. Gripes and Nitpicks
  192. SGU Tactical Vests!
  193. So who's still hoping there is a SGU resurrection in the future??
  194. Who could play Kiva's father Masim?
  195. VIP SGU ebay Auctions... (feedback requested)
  196. Spotted SGU's Robert Carlyle shooting Once Upon a Time episode 4 - Aug 18, 2011
  197. Could Stargate universe live on with the use of 3d animation?
  198. Jamil Walker Smith in LA - Aug 8, 2011
  199. Cure for TJ's disease!
  200. The Asgard and Stargates
  201. Is there going to more episodes of SGU
  202. How Syfy canceled the 2nd most popular TV series in the world
  203. Save SGU facebook page
  204. SGU and the future
  205. SGU alternate ending
  206. Anyone Know where I can get SGU seasons 1&2 for cheap?
  207. How would you continue Stargate Universe? (series finale spoilers)
  208. Do you think it might have done better as a 22 ep season?
  209. Why not use the stargate to reach Destiny?
  210. SGU fan made 3rd season (we need help)
  211. fastest way to destiny
  212. Power Reserves of Destiny
  213. HELP! Using Zenith Model DVB211 minus Remote for SGU S1 Dvd's
  214. End Of SGU.
  215. Question about the aliens in SGU??
  216. Robert Carlyle and Julia Benson attending Once Upon a Cure gala - Vancouver Sept 24
  217. SGU fanatics - how are you holding up?
  218. Crisis in Syndication: Local Station Not Airing SGU S2
  219. Size of Rush's mind (or of any other human) and other unit/size mixups
  220. Photo: Julia Benson and Jennifer Spence at Once Upon a Cure gala Sept 24
  221. What if someone turned out to be a Goa'uld?
  222. stargate universe GAME ?
  223. SGC and Atlantis
  224. what happens after "Gauntlet"?
  225. Which Race do You Consider to be More Advanced? (SPOILERS)
  226. Ascended Ancients carry on Destinys Mission?
  227. Did conservatives kill SGU?
  228. Was SGU INTENDED to be the end of the franchise?
  229. Will there be a SG-U season 3 ?
  230. SGU season 3 concept art released !
  231. So how much was left to tell ?
  232. Photo: Patrick Gilmore at Vancouver International Film Fest: Sunflower Hour premiere
  233. Photo: Patrick Gilmore, Jennifer Spence, Peter Kelamis at Sunflower Hour showing
  234. Can Someone Explain to me how time travel works?
  235. So let's try to figure out how SGU would have gone on to do
  236. 'Possible' Destiny/SGU Theory (Spoilers!)
  237. For all fans on facebook!
  238. Isn't it possible to raise money from fans for a 3rd season?
  239. Possible start to Season 3 ? (Speculation/Spoilers)
  240. SGU Rewatch - Discussion thread ( Spoilers for all Episodes : please read post #1)
  241. Season 1: First Time Viewer
  242. SGU "chevron lock" sound effect?
  243. Samantha Carter
  244. Did Women Viewers and Kids kill SGU?
  245. Crew jacket
  246. Season 2 @ $10
  247. Any opinion why SGU didn't take place in real time?
  248. I Miss SGU!
  249. Novelizations: Where are they?
  250. A good Question