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  1. SGU and DS9
  2. SGU DVD/Bluray Extra's
  3. A 3rd Shuttle and FTL?
  4. Epsode idea involving the Ancients
  5. What would you do to increase ratings and DVD/Blu-ray sales?
  6. Characters of other shows to interact with SGU characters
  7. SGU Season 1 complete DVD set
  8. Which DVD cover art is better?
  9. Why wish and cheer for a show to fail instead of just not watching it?
  10. New season...
  11. Why is Eli in the wallpapers always with a blue shirt with no sign. He has red?
  12. I just remembered who Colonel Young reminds me of...
  13. the ships' "glass dome"
  14. is it just me or does Eli constantly get hammered?
  15. SGU's aliens ?
  16. this time it is us dying in droves.
  17. those blue aliens Please tag any spoilers for S2 !
  18. Violent references in SGU
  19. SGU loses VFX Emmy...to CSI.
  20. The Constructive Criticism Thread
  21. "I am math boy"
  22. SGU verdict
  23. Your favourite 5 episode or less character from Universe
  24. Nine Gemini nominations for SGU!
  25. What types of new advanced alien civilizations could fit within the SGU mold?
  26. New Season 2 Tralier on the way!
  27. The Lost Characters I'd like to see in an SGU Episode.
  28. Stargate Universe prequel movies?
  29. If you would add a new character to the cast...
  30. Ancient ship 'Destiny' toy?
  31. Destiny Gate Window
  32. The Season Two Comic Con Trailer Music
  33. Would there be ways to fully intertwine and intergrate SG-1/SGA-style humor into SGU?
  34. It's been so long, I don't remember if I care or not??
  35. Memorable subtleties in scenes
  36. Spoilers for S2 "Seizure" : Hewlett's Crossover discussion ... and comments
  37. I have to admit.....
  38. Yay! I'm getting SGU season 1 in U.S. syndication!
  39. First Episodes discriptions from Season 2
  40. More TJ background season 2
  41. SGU Stargate Universe Font and Kino Filter
  42. If the Asgard were still alive, what wouldve happened?
  43. There should be an "Ancient" character...
  44. So why didn't the finale air first on syfy?
  45. Favorite geeks in Stargate Universe
  46. SGU Action Figures
  47. If one of the current cast were to be able to ascend, who do you think it would be?
  48. Serendipity foreshadowing SGU?
  49. New Guest Stars For Season 2
  50. Season 2 Premiere Watch Party
  51. Looking for opinions
  52. Season Two: Ratings Predictions/Discussion
  53. Young turned into LDP's character?
  54. Ancient hand weapons finally?
  55. New Concept Art (SPOILERS)
  56. SGU Season 2 on Sky 1
  57. Your most anticipated episodes in season 2.0? SPOILERS!
  58. How to Get to Destiny
  59. SGU in house season 2 trailer anticipation thread
  60. Does anyone else have trouble relating to any of the main characters?
  61. Hypotheses about Destiny's countdown clock.
  62. SGU S2 on Canadian channel?
  63. Should Main Characters in SGU lose their "Character Shield"?
  64. SGU-style spin off ideas ?
  65. Is SGU S2 going to be available on iTunes in the UK ?
  66. Who Does Destiny Really Belong To ?
  67. SGU Season 2 Trailer
  68. Please no more Lucian Alliance!!
  69. More Lucian Alliance Please!
  70. SGU eps on iTunes ( US)
  71. How the heck am I supposed to wait a week
  72. Chloe's new situation SPOILERS FOR SEASON 2
  73. SGU back to the old school SG
  74. Mike Dopud : why didnt they just keep him as 1 character
  75. SGU ... Is it a good show or ...
  76. why tuesdays?
  77. SGU vs. SG-1 vs. SGA - Season DEUX.
  78. What motivate the Lucian Alliance crew member?
  79. SGU Awareness Campaign ( Check Post 1)
  80. SGU = ST: Voyager remake?
  81. images for this coming episode...
  82. ITunes Release
  83. The 'new' Ancients??
  84. SG:U's "Intervention" is one of the top ten most downloaded TV shows....
  85. No SGU on Blu....what gives?
  86. A completely insane theory regarding the Blue Aliens....
  87. Will we see the SGC or Atlantis?
  88. Directors Cuts!
  89. Why do the stories seem to have a quick ending?
  90. Bad promotion for SG:U on sky one behind bad viewing numbers in UK?
  91. Bad transfer on Full season on blu ray?
  92. How would the Lucian Alliance weapon affect the show?
  93. Stargate Universe Rewrite
  94. General Ratings Discussion Thread (all seasons)
  95. What does MGM Bankruptcy mean to SG/SGU?
  96. theory about the SGU/SGA Crossover/Pegasus Project ..
  97. A Theory on where Destiny is going & who built the planet...
  98. It should have been spunoff from Atlantis.
  99. anyone have list of songs that has been on sgu ?
  100. Promoting "Awakening": What needs to be done differently this time around?
  101. sgu characters are like lost characters
  102. Who gets paid the Hulu royalties ?
  103. You're At Work
  104. Destiny’s FTL Drive Modules
  105. General O'Neill in Season 2?
  106. Dr Rush's joke went bad!
  107. What color is next?
  108. A cool theory on Chloe
  109. Are you looking forward to this character guesting ? Spoilers 2.15 "Seizure"
  110. Destiny's destiny
  111. SyFy Weekly Quiz :
  112. Do you think in later seasons, they might discover a Ring World ? ( Halo ref)
  113. Things in SGU that are weird ....
  114. "Spoilers for season 2" Lol its a bit silly they didnt save him
  115. Why did only Rush find it ?
  116. Season 1 DVD sales
  117. How far ahead do the writers see?
  118. Anti Gravity ( Kinos)
  119. the Asgard
  120. Spoilers S2 : Spotted many cast members on location filming of ep 2 x 17
  121. Kino plot hole? (spoilers for "Earth")
  122. Tng good or bad for sgu ratings?
  123. "Montage or No Montage" Predictions thread! Spoilers : "Pathogen"
  124. Why is there no theme song?
  125. SyFy Screwing Hulu Viewers - SGU Episodes Now Available 30 Days After Air
  126. Spotify List ( SGU music) :)
  127. SyFy Online Updates
  128. SGU - Trailer Contest
  129. Question about Episode 1 + 9th Chevron
  130. The Alterans and their big ambitions
  131. would have loved if Lorne was in sgu
  132. How will you react when SGU ends?
  133. General SGU Ratings Discussion thread (all seasons)
  134. Look on the bright side guys...
  135. cross species communication stone use possible ?
  136. id like an sga update
  137. Sgu on eureka
  138. Quick Question
  139. If you were the writers......
  140. When you first heard about SGU (when it aired for the first time)....
  141. Will the Stargate franchise be continued after SGU?
  142. Smurfs in Milky Way
  143. Stargate Universe vs. BSG
  144. Whats the best thing about Stargate Universe?
  145. Ancients and the comm stones
  146. Do you think SGU would be successfull as a major network show?
  147. Kudos to us
  148. Theory on the browns (spoilers for Awakening)
  149. Maybe SGU should go to Starz/Showtime?
  150. Lack of Religion
  151. When will young & co find out Rush' secret?
  152. This just in: Cloverdale last episode of SGU!
  153. No Kino Episodes this Season?
  154. Destiny Corridor map
  155. Another discrepancy?
  156. Does anyone else find it funny how the music on SGU is labelled as 'EMO'?
  157. Most SGU-like SGA/SG1 episodes?
  158. Least Anticipated Episode
  159. Do people even know what Science Fiction is?
  160. Overly simplistic plots (Spoilers S2)
  161. SGU supposed to be radically different than SG1/SGA
  162. Theories about the LA and Earth....
  163. Here's how to end it!
  164. Stargate Universe Alternate Ending Funny!
  165. What does Caprica's cancelation mean for SGU?
  166. Ideas to boost SGU's ratings
  167. I don't get Lucian Alliance threat as a storyline
  168. Why are people complaining about the lack of a primary enemy?
  169. Spin-offs changing style of franchise
  170. Don't worry about SGU, guys...
  171. Rating for SGU now available on IMDB
  172. When will the doom and gloom threads stop
  173. For the Optimists "Season 3 Speculation thread"
  174. Funny things people say while watching SGU
  175. funny outtake "Awakening"
  176. SGU: Should it be a 30-minute format?
  177. SGU T-shirt giveaway
  178. What are common complaints about SGU & what are your rebuttals ?
  179. DVD commentaries
  180. How does the demographic system work when it comes to ratings?
  181. Good Music that should be in upcoming episodes
  182. Deciphering Ancient Text in SGU Project
  183. SGU season 2 episodes online . sources only!
  184. SGU back on friday night -- We need a petition
  185. How many watch SGU worldwide
  186. How Much Time Has Passed ?
  187. Crazy Theory About What Happened to TJ in "Intervention" (Spoilers for season 2)
  188. MGM/Propworx Charity Auction - SGU Set Visit
  189. Name Brody's Bar
  190. StarGate has been turned into Bill's Gate
  191. Anyone see my thread?
  192. No more musical montage!! Yes!!
  193. Who will Unlock The Secrets of Destiny? [Rush/Eli/Chloe/ETC??]
  194. Is ther any Possibilty of SPACE buying the show as a primary
  195. How about 12 episodes instead of 20 episodes?
  196. What will you watch in its timeslot if SGU is cancelled?
  197. Hyperspace: Anyone else notice reference in Trial in Error? (Minor Spoilers)
  198. Characters from other shows
  199. Setting Tivo / IQ / DVR Help Ratings?
  200. Ginn and Eli... Are they right for each other?(spoiler)
  201. SGU Returning to Australian free to air tv
  202. model ship
  203. Ratings & Season 3 Renewal
  204. How is SGU doing in Canada?
  205. Rush v mckay
  206. Colonel Young looks like fabio capello
  207. Universe rocks!
  208. Think SGA Fans who Hated SGU are a little sorry they didn't jump on board sooner??
  209. The Mission
  210. Most Shocking Character Death ?
  211. Spoilers through S2 : Robert Carlyle - Communication Stones
  212. Atlantis fly to Destiny?
  213. An episode from season 1 ( Question about "Time" Season 1)
  214. Could SGU be considered Sci-Fi-Noir?
  215. Does anyone think that....
  216. SGU advocating Creationism
  217. No SGU Hulu
  218. So does the SGC still exist in the SGU -verse?
  219. comunication stones question
  220. Sanctuary & Universe
  221. Personal Opinion: The 'Problem' with SGU
  222. Who here is participating in this tomorrow?
  223. What the heck SyFy?
  224. the gas cloud is alive? (spoilers season 2)
  225. Stargate lore used in Fringe tonight! (spoilers for Fringe and greater good)
  226. As a POW , Is Simeon's action acceptable or justifiable?(Episode "Malice" spoiler)
  227. Will a new hiatus kill the show?
  228. The secrecy
  229. The mission, what happens after + how it could affect the entire franchise as a whole
  230. SpaceCast.com SGU Chat 2PM EST 11/12/2010 LOG
  231. Science Plot Holes: Why "it not correct" is wrong and the writers are right.
  232. A very strange weekend in Toronto with the cast of SGU
  233. Video of Robert Carlyle winning and accepting Gemini award.
  234. Is there a point beyond Ascention?
  235. SGU S1 vs S2 - episode vs episode
  236. How long between were the launch of the Destiny and the seed ships?
  237. Stargate Universe Trading Cards
  238. How long an arc?
  239. How long do you think that SGU will run for?
  240. The Last Lucian Alliance Girl (Spoiler of Ep "Malice")
  241. Not one planet has life?
  242. Would SGU have benefitted from a diffrent classification??
  243. S02E08 Wow
  244. Lucian Alliance
  245. Lucian Alliance threat?
  246. Why? Why couldn't the last 3 eps have been in the first season?
  247. At least 3 seasons?
  248. Attack on Earth and the SGU story
  249. deeper meaning of the stargates SPOILER FOR THE GREATER GOOD ON
  250. The Reason for Division; its long so please bear with me