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  1. A better SGU concept?
  2. Is it fair/right to use webisodes to tie up lose ends? (spoilers for Time and Life)
  3. Passage of Time
  4. A Question about the Second Half of S1
  5. Who let Spencer in?
  6. Why is there no theme song?
  7. Stargate Children
  8. Opinion on charecters.
  9. Kino looks like Death Star from Star Wars
  10. Confused about FTL?
  11. Would an Enemy save the crew from themselve?(spoiler& spec)
  12. Destiny's computer (theory only)
  13. A Sense of Danger
  14. Theories on why the UK and SKY are taking a weeks random break from SGU?
  15. Scientists vs. Military
  16. Gate Addresses on Destiny & in SGU
  17. Dominic Zamprogna
  18. Body Swapping (stones and otherwise)
  19. Does the shuttle have weapons
  20. Who would you like to see on SGU
  21. On the Home Front?
  22. Gate Discontinuity
  23. Battle of Icarus... what you didn't see! (Machinama Video)
  24. Windows 7
  25. Indecision
  26. Reading on the rise???
  27. Posting in the SGU Folder
  28. Earth-like Trees in a totally different galaxy
  29. space episode 10
  30. PLEASE HELP - Stargate Universe question
  31. What SGU character is most like you?
  32. Will TJ be liked as much as Sam and Janet?
  33. sky 1 not showing SGU tonight
  34. I wonder how many realize Star Gate is real ?
  35. How many Military personnel are on the destiny
  36. detailed episode guide
  37. SGU Characters: Unlovable? spoilers for aired episodes
  38. Stephen Harper is onboard the Destiny
  39. Shouldn't SGU have ring transporters???
  40. Seeder Ships and Destiny
  41. Weird video request....
  42. Best ep(s) of the first half SPOILERS
  43. Why is the IOA still allowed to exist?
  44. Military personnel body swaping with other Sexual orientation
  45. Mid-season break
  46. Job on SGU
  47. Might have embarrassed myself on iTunes
  48. Stargate Universe wallpapers
  49. Kinosodes...
  50. The Pitter Patter of Little Feet
  51. Do they all live in the DC area?
  52. Jan or July...?
  53. The Stones, implications of
  54. Will never be the same
  55. second half of season 1
  56. What would you do on the Destiny?
  57. Inspiration for Destiny?
  58. SGU on Sky 1
  59. The -WHAT IF- thread
  60. Stargate Universe in Australia tonight.
  61. Eli's Iphone
  62. So...the dvds are going to come out BEFORE it airs on sci-fi?
  63. Canon or Non Canon, after seeing the episodes?
  64. SGU - Countdown To The Premiere 2: Electric Boogaloo
  65. Poll on GW homepage: How would you grade the first half of SGU's season?
  66. Canada's Space to air SGU episodes 1-10 January 3rd
  67. erm???
  68. "Forbidden Planet" similarities?
  69. Eli's commercial cameo
  70. couple of questions
  71. SGU Christmas Marathon?
  72. The Grand Rush Conspiracy
  73. Which episode are you most looking forward to in the second half of S1?
  74. A special overview on Season 1 1/2
  75. I'm getting really frakked off with all these 'Lt Hooters' comments
  76. 2nd Lt. James - More qualified to be Young's 3IC?
  77. Kinosodes in the Mid-Season Break
  78. Possible Realistic Character Additions/Descriptions
  79. "Manswers" Solves Greer question
  80. A lot of these actors have been in Stargate before
  81. Speculation/Discussion about possible changes for Season 2!
  82. Does anyone else think the scientists should be in charge?
  83. Just what are the I.O.A's powers?
  84. Why the IOA want Destiny.
  85. Best episode of the first 1/2
  86. Anyone think SyFy (U.S.) will re-show eps 1-10 before SGU resumes?
  87. When SGU return in CANADA ONLY...
  88. Least Favorite ep of the first half of Season one?
  89. Stones and babies
  90. Creative directions of the producers and writers?
  91. Title ideas for Joe's episode!
  92. Funding for Icarus Base
  93. Anyone know when SGU starts again on SKY?
  94. What do you think is better technology? Atlantis or Destiny?
  95. Biggest Continuity Error Ever?
  96. Eli's Fandom References
  97. why not check with atlantis
  98. What's with all the emasculate men aboard?
  99. Isn't the Ancient database on Atlantis better than anything found on the Destiny?
  100. Another alien!
  101. Destiny rooms
  102. Greer vs Scott
  103. SGU - The crew new resolutions for 2010...
  104. Renegade Asgard from SGA
  105. SGU/Caprica Comparisons/Contrasts
  106. does anyone know what the aliens look like
  107. I think i found the bridge
  108. anyone else disappointed by the lack of Aliens?
  109. Goa'uld on the Destiny?
  110. camile good character or bad
  111. Extended pilot on DVD ?
  112. Who would you choose to be stranded with on the Destiny?
  113. Daniel's Videos
  114. The Plot
  115. Spaceship flying from the Destiny
  116. To Rescue Destiny Idea
  117. The benefits of a "Big Bad" to SGU
  118. Dialing Devices?
  119. Why is everyone mad about SGU 1.0?
  120. Thing You'd Like to See on the Show
  121. Stargate 101 With Dr. Daniel Jackson on SGu 1.0
  122. SGU return
  123. SGU Alternate Ending
  124. universe premiere questions
  125. missing scene from SGU's Extended Edition
  126. SG1 + Multiple Timetravel = the state of the SGU
  127. Greer and Chloe interaction
  128. SGU Commentary Spoiler (for Pain, ep 117)
  129. Implications of MGM bankruptcy/sale on SGU
  130. how long would you like SGU to last
  131. Space battle
  132. Intro video
  133. Daniel Jackson in the commericals...?
  134. What attracts you to SGU?
  135. SGU second half trailer
  136. possible ways to bring the crew home
  137. Stargate Universe - Comic Con - Trailer Music
  138. Who is this?
  139. timeline
  140. Which is your best season 1.0 episode????
  141. What SGU character will "bite the dust"?
  142. Eli Wallace Shirt
  143. I would love to see Rush take Mckay down a peg
  144. "What Are Your Most Rewatched SGU Episode(s)?"
  145. Was it a mistake?
  146. Irony?
  147. SGU head-to-head against SG1 and SGA, episode by episode
  148. Plot hole between SGU and SGA.
  149. How long until they get booze?
  150. Science Labs
  151. Supplies on Destiny
  152. I love SG-1 & SGA and I love SGU
  153. Sacrificial Lamb
  154. Would you want one of the characters to suffer a permanent injury, in lieu of death?
  155. Teambuilding or lack thereof. First half of SGU ONLY
  156. Air Extended Edition (Blu-ray)
  157. Wouldn't it be interesting if....
  158. Archetectural cameos
  159. Slightly hypocritical, but bear with me
  160. Montage Endings
  161. A Neon ET...Spoilers for "Space" onwards
  162. Leadership, my "professional" opinion on who should be in Charge
  163. Is there a spy on board? Spoilers
  164. Can't quite "connect" to the characters
  165. Any chance they'll cut down the mid-season break for season 2?
  166. Divided posted on Amazon VOD
  167. Destiny's appeal
  168. What would you take with you?
  169. Younger Audience?
  170. who do you think is the best actor or actress on stargate universe
  171. Who is the "enemy" that we have been hearing off?
  172. Stargate Universe budget
  173. How long till they end the power-grab storyline?
  174. Franklin :what does he do?
  175. The Age Of The Destiny
  176. Brian J. Smith teases Universe finale [Spoilers]
  177. I noticed something
  178. SGU 1.0 DVD sales
  179. Stargate Universe Soundtrack?
  180. Johnny Cash sings about SGU?
  181. Do the seeder ships Terraform too?
  182. hold up wait a sec ( SGU language question)
  183. I Stopped watching SGU
  184. It isn't over(spoilers through Space-Finale)
  185. "Space" onwards ..Regarding our unfriendly new neighbours..
  186. Motives of the Blues (Speculation Thread)
  187. Timeline for "Faith"
  188. Does anyone else resent Young after Divided?
  189. Reprograming a gate
  190. Will they leave Destiny?
  191. Did Eli ever get some pants? The Clothing Thread
  192. "Destiny" instead of "The Destiny"
  193. Why do I watch Stargate Universe?
  194. William Adama vs Colonel Young in a Mutiny situation.
  195. Eli's Blog updates
  196. How many scientists does it take...
  197. Stargate Universe to move to Tuesdays
  198. Ascended Beings?
  199. Key to the universe? (Spoilers through S1 ? / SyFy Promo trailer )
  200. Given SGU a Second Chance
  201. Speculate on who the spy is on Destiny
  202. Blues Possible Threat To Earth?
  203. Humor is a good thing actually.
  204. LRC Stones
  205. Does anyone else think that Destiny is useless?
  206. The life of Riley...
  207. Are there any SGU Podcasts?
  208. What SGU really needs for the rest of the season...
  209. Why SGU scenes are usully black?
  210. Overall Chloe discussion
  211. SGU and Defying Gravity
  212. Rewriting season 1.5 (spoilers: everything up to "Faith", plus basic premise of 1.16)
  213. BALDING ASIAN GUY/Bill Butt Appreciation thread( Spoilers Faith-Visitation)
  214. Destiny's final destination
  215. something is off..
  216. Wrong people at the wrong place indeed
  217. Black hole
  218. Theory about the LA
  219. SGU Music Montages - Fan Petition to leave them out
  220. Stargate Universe - 1.5 - Trailer Music
  221. Can the stargates go other places
  222. I think I figured out who is going to bite the dust
  223. Is Chloe pregnant?
  224. Will SGU have a future? Seeing how MGM is going
  225. Can't help but notice that we haven't herd from Telford
  226. Look what I won :)
  227. FTL travel outside of subspace and time dilation?
  228. If the Blue Aliens have been tracking Destiny
  229. SGU is SO similar to BSG
  230. Destiny Layout.
  231. SGU and the 'Human Condition'
  232. An Analogy to explain why I like SG:U
  233. SGU Needs a BIG STORY
  234. Device in the crate?
  235. Mega spoiler!!! Sgu Trailer on Sky One (Episode unknown)
  236. Fighters?
  237. I am naming it : Spoilers for "Lost"
  238. This show is getting good!
  239. exo-suits in SGU ( Spoilers S1)
  240. Wait, where have I seen him before?
  241. Friction: essential to Stargate Universe, but how much is too much? Spoilers through
  242. 23
  243. Ok, Now Universe is getting Interesting
  244. Dr. Jackson (Michael Shanks)
  245. Eli and Rush's relationship similar to "Good Will Hunting?"
  246. Stargate Universe - Attn: UK - Sky1: Season 1 DVD Box Set Contest
  247. Outstanding questions (spoilers up to/incl "Human")
  248. dialing destiny from planets
  249. Relativistic Effects. Bothering me a little
  250. Question about dialling Earth?