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  1. The aliens from The Daedalus Variations in SGu
  2. Anyone else worried about these comments?
  3. Icarus Base in the SCIFI.com video
  4. Stargate Universe spoof
  5. What kind of "....babble" you want from the scientist/problem solving character in?
  6. Walter to Appear in SGU!!!
  7. First Pics of Ship Set being built
  8. Possible idea for what happens in SGUs first season.
  9. Replacement of the P90.
  10. It has been officially confirmed that two of the characters in "Universe" will be gay
  11. Will we see familiar enemies/aliens? Spoilers for any/all seasons
  12. April fools joke?
  13. Stargate Universe - Charity Buzz: Charity Auction Lunch on Set of Stargate Universe i
  14. Actors/Characters you'd like to appear in SGU ?
  15. Air time in Australia
  16. What uniform is Col. Telford wearing?
  17. SGU Ecountered Aliens: Hopes and Fears
  18. Flashbacks in SGU(possible spoilers)
  19. Alien Humanity
  20. Aliens Co-existing?
  21. Amanda Tapping/Carter in SGU!
  22. Urban/Alternative singer in SGU
  23. Richard Kind in SGU!
  24. DISCUSSION: Is it essential that the main cast of Universe is a "team"
  25. What did you originally think SGU would be about?
  26. Alex Chapple to direct "LIFE"(POSSIBLE SPOILERS)
  27. Christopher Judge/Teal'c to guest star on SGU! NOT!!!!
  28. Jonas Quin Returns???Find Out With Just One Click!!!!
  29. dream about sgu
  30. Just need some info on SGU
  31. SGU Non-Canon? Ret-con?
  32. SGU Character Deaths ?
  33. OK Confused: Info on air dates around the world
  34. Implications and representation of homosexuality on SGU
  35. Kinda an old issue...(about SGU and aliens)
  36. 3rd Trailer
  37. "Puddle jumper on Steroids"
  38. Hoth? Stage 2
  39. Do you ever get nervous about SGU?
  40. Will we see the relicators in SGU?
  41. Universe Tweets
  42. Left Behind??? (Spoiler/Speculation Warning)
  43. Question regarding mainsite article
  44. Will SGU manage to avoid sequelitis?
  45. The cinematography styles in SGU
  46. SGU Filming Location
  47. New Pictures of Icarus Base!
  48. new character revealed?
  49. Possible effect the success (or failure) or Star Trek XI could have on SGU
  50. Jace Hall Show Does SGU !!!
  51. SGU Promotional Videos / Trailers /Ads Discussion only
  52. symbol in SGU title
  53. What day and time will SGU air?
  54. Top items that the crew would not think to bring but have....or end up having....
  55. Galaxy to galaxy?
  56. SGU on Spacecast Canadian channel
  57. Confused about episode order for season 1
  58. How many seasons do you think it will have?
  59. Why all the disdain for action?
  60. previous SG knowledge needed to watch SGU ?
  61. Does anyone know the exact date of MGM's 85th Anniversary ?
  62. Is it true....
  63. Ona Grauer to play Young's wife
  64. SFX Magazine: Issue 183 : SGU article
  65. How long till the Asgard show up?
  66. Win set tour/lunch with Jamil Walker Smith (Oct 2009)
  67. Air dates?
  68. ...space cases!
  69. Could Jaffa appear in SGU pilot?
  70. Anyone else avoiding information to be surprised?
  71. Guns and Weapons
  72. New Stargate Command Base?
  73. Early Scotthansen or Ancients' communication device in action
  74. Guess the episode title!!!(possible spoilers)
  75. Will SGU still be "Stargate" to you?
  76. Elements of SGU and Stargate: the Movie
  77. Season Finale Story Ideas/Speculation
  78. MGM's secret project ? New MGM Site ...
  79. Success or Epic Fail?
  80. Characters you want in SG:U
  81. Bad opinions of SGU already?
  82. Are you going to the SGU comic con event in San Diego
  83. Stargate Universe: Countdown To The Premiere!
  84. What 'darker' storylines and 'character development' are people looking for in SGU?
  85. The MGM 'Secret' Project - Now available!
  86. Cave set
  87. Ancient Text in SGU
  88. SGU characters we may grow to hate
  89. The new USS Ship in Stargate Universe
  90. My Fan Trailer
  91. Could SGU be the 'Sarcophagus' fans have been waiting for?
  92. SGU Characters: A Second Look
  93. Unknown Ship in an early season of SG-1
  94. Anyone want to see the Ancients in SGU ?
  95. Describe The Main Villian You Want To See In SGU
  96. Possible SGU Relationships
  97. Seeded planets and those to be seeded ...Spoilers for S1
  98. Seeded Gates?
  99. Steampunk aspect to Stargate Universe
  100. Telford's First name ? ( Speculation and guesses)
  101. Lets stop Spoilers!!!!!!!!
  102. New set pics-
  103. A really silly question regarding the ship.
  104. SGU and procreation
  105. How will the actors be credited (may contain spoilers)
  106. Some Military????
  107. Beast Head in SGU?
  108. SGU: Potential Madness
  109. Could SGU join the time-jumping craze? (may contain spoilers)
  110. SGU News Bulletin
  111. Is this a pity?
  112. New Stargate is in Tomb Raider
  113. Should it at least be mentioned at somepoint?
  114. Destiny exterior
  115. Destiny Ship Design And Model Discussion Thread
  116. New photos posted 7/23/09
  117. Anyone Else Can't Resist Spoilers?
  118. Religion and SGU: Thoughts, Concerns, Ideas
  119. Icarus Base Attack
  120. Environmental Suits
  121. Comic con trailer! (Spoilers)
  122. SG character cameos in SGU ?
  123. Hot Lesbian Sex in the Universe
  124. Comic-Con Trailer Stills (Spoilers)
  125. Calling SGU comic con attendies.
  126. Clava Thessara Infinitas
  127. What are these?
  128. Illegal download links are not allowed here
  129. Destiny gate address 7,8,9 chervon? Spoiler & spec
  130. They're not going to Retcon the all-English aspects of SG1 and SGA, are they?
  131. Do you want your heroes to be heroes?
  132. Comic Con Trailer(spoilers)
  133. SGU Stargate - Prototype Gate?
  134. What aspects of SG1 and SGA do you want to see OUT of SGU?
  135. Theory About Lou Diamond Phillips' Character
  136. Camille Wray's role within the IOA
  137. Will SG:U be your first?
  138. Pain(EPISODE 117-Pre airing discussion/speculation thread)
  139. SGU team phase out Earth projectile gun with energy weapon ?
  140. Who Do you Support?
  141. What are some aliens you DON'T want to see in Universe
  142. How many times have you watched the Comic Con trailer?
  143. How might the natives have reacted to their Stargate? (disc/spec)
  144. Have you found out TOO much about SGU?
  145. Smoking and Drugs?
  146. Kino-SGU: Beyond The Episodes Discussion /Spec
  147. Kino word origin
  148. The End
  149. Eleanor Perry - a different type of character (contains spoiler for unknown episode)
  150. SGU's shuttle
  151. SGU on Syfy.com
  152. Win a Walk-On Part in Stargate Universe (amazon.co.uk)
  153. SGU Controversies
  154. Whos your BEST and whos your WORST?
  155. Teal'c in SGU
  156. SGU Minutiae!
  157. Ships in SGU - Was George Hammond in SGU
  158. Cast and Characters Key to SGU success
  159. Long range comunication has to go ??
  160. Filming Here at UBC!!
  161. My personal concerns/opinions about SGU
  162. How do we know?
  163. Do you think they'll finally find an off button to the LR Communication Device
  164. just wondering
  165. Sending data back (spoiler)
  166. David Blue vs. Eli Wallace - kinda ironic
  167. Makin Babies in the Universe
  168. opinion of adding Drama to the franchise?
  169. Why "Stargate: Universe" could be more "Stargate" than "Stargate: SG1"
  170. Hurled from the gate?
  171. Destiny the Clava Thessara Infinitas?
  172. SGU in Benelux?
  173. Miss Universe
  174. (Possible Spoilers) Is that a __________ during the trailer?
  175. Telford
  176. SGU Trailer in theaters 8/28-8/30
  177. LRC (Communication Stones) Possibilities Speculation/Discussion
  178. The Lego of Destiny
  179. TV Special??
  180. Will there be a main enemy as usual?
  181. Finally, the Nuke is not the answet to everything!
  182. Telford & Young's History (contain spoilers)
  183. Michael Shanks: : Give SGU a chance
  184. The ATA gene - An interesting conflict idea
  185. Is there are traitor among SGU crew?(spoiler & spec)
  186. SGU on Sky One in the UK
  187. if they make other races
  188. Stargate Universe Press Kit
  189. SGU in NZ
  190. 5 Minute Spoiler (Air Part 1)
  191. Please wait until it airs.
  192. SGU pilot review hub
  193. funny pic (maybe)
  194. SGU make TV Guide's list of "10 Most Anticipated New Fall Shows"
  195. SPINNY SPINNY! (backstage footage)
  196. Robert Carlyle to be on This Morning
  197. FeedBack wanted on SGU Casting since seeing the new trailers
  198. The SGU Gate, why is it different?
  199. So we now know its slow paced...
  200. Robert Carlyle on sky news
  201. screen shots of Robert Carlyle's new interview. HD! Spoilers!
  202. Saw Jamil Walker Smith today!
  203. RE: New Syfy Behind the scenes videos
  204. SGU Press Book available on eBay
  205. SG Newbs R Starting To Think SGU Is A Movie
  206. Question for those who have seen the pilot.
  207. you know what time it is forum
  208. Kiva - SPOILERS S1
  209. SGU episode schedule
  210. Clothes on the other end of the universe
  211. Are there other humans in Universe?
  212. Gather your TWEEPLE!!!
  213. Brand new SGU Clip!!
  214. Universe gets an article in Game Informer
  215. Theory about the planet in the Trailer
  216. Contest to see SGU Oct 2nd in NYC - only if you live in NY
  217. SGU on Hulu
  218. Canada's Innerspace Profiles SGU
  219. Set your Tivo !
  220. Boston Legal actress on SGU - who it is
  221. Had an urge to post an image...
  222. What's your opinion now about SGU ?
  223. Spoiler: 4-min clip
  224. music to prepare for SGU
  225. Q&A for Lou Diamond Phillips on SyFy.com
  226. SGU Cast Members on TODAY SHOW, October 1st
  227. Help Set a Gateworld Record???
  228. Season 1.0 and 1.5 DVD sets?
  229. SyFy/Nielsen SGU Rating Predictions/Discussions
  230. Possbile Spoiler/Spec Regarding Ship
  231. Live chat with Lou Diamond Phillips & Brad Wright, Oct 1st
  232. reshow pilot episode?
  233. SGU Premiere Tommorrow!!!
  234. Uk and Aus Watchers!
  235. Sorry if this has been asked to death, but I'm rushing in here to avoid spoilers...
  236. Stargate Universe - one word non-spoiler thread
  237. Unofficial Shuttle Thread (Warning SG:U Spoilers!)
  238. MGM goes bankrupt...problems for SGU?
  239. When will SGU be available on iTunes?
  240. Air Live Thread
  241. Are there any other 9 chevrons codes?
  242. Nitpicks, plotholes and the Suspension of Disbelief
  243. Bad Guys ?
  244. When are we getting the "Hi Im..." and this is..." videos
  245. The Budget.
  246. FTL travel [Spoilers SGU]
  247. Commercial breaks and the time in universes ?
  248. The New Intro
  249. SGU Wristwatches
  250. Number of galaxies?