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  1. Stargate Universe good or bad
  2. Medical Officer/Doctor
  3. What is your big Yes on SGU
  4. SCI FI.com launches Stargate Universe Forum
  5. seeding?
  6. Connor trinneer to star in the series
  7. A way to spice things up on SGU
  8. "Air" (101/102/103) Pre-Airing Discussion/Speculation Thread
  9. SGU's Wormhole Effect
  10. SGU might start late
  11. Will this mark the end of the 304?
  12. the alliance of 4 great races
  13. Interview with Kate Hewlett
  14. Stargate Jr.
  15. Stargate: Universe - Hollywood Reporter: Robert Carlyle is next 'Stargate' leader
  16. Who's gonna be the new boss?
  17. What color Chevorn is SGU?
  18. Spoilers: Original Base, Original Attackers?
  19. The character breakdowns...
  20. Stargate Universe Character Discussion Thread
  21. If they can get Robert Carlyle...
  22. Who will be the the other members of the team?
  23. Anyone else think something is up?
  24. Who will have the Ancient gene?
  25. this should be the theme of SGU!
  26. 'Younger, edgier, darker stargate'
  27. FRAN (and other Friendly Replicators) in SGU?
  28. SGU Primary Enemies
  29. New races for universe
  30. Stargate Universe on Sky 1/ SGU Promo ads on Sky
  31. Stargate Universe and The Universal Rulebook
  32. Stargate: Universe - TV Squad: Ten: New shows to look forward to in 2009
  33. The Destiny & Pegasus
  34. Ascension in SGU
  35. the Ancients' home galaxy in SGU
  36. SGU Way too "far pitched"
  37. Stargate Universe -Plot Anomalies
  38. This could be it.
  39. List your DEMANDS for SGU
  40. Aliens on the ship?
  41. How are things looking now?
  42. SGU: News on casting, articles/reviews on show(not speculation)
  43. Stargate: Universe Series-Long Story Arc
  44. Stargate Universe - SERIES Finale Storyline
  45. SGU Baby cast
  46. Excuse Me, have I not met you before?
  47. Question about the First three episodes. 2 sec.
  48. Musical score for SGU: thoughts?
  49. Excuse Me, have I not met you before? Part 2...
  50. It would be nice if
  51. Why there should be a cooling period before "Stargate: Universe".
  52. Stargate Universe Writers
  53. From what's been revealed so far, what are you most looking forward to in Universe?
  54. Stargate Universe Intro
  55. The ''Getting Hyped for Universe'' Game. Name one thing you're looking forward to.
  56. What new technology would you like to see in SGU?
  57. A Good way to Promote Stargate Universe!
  58. Richard Woolsey might appear in SGU
  59. There is hope for the Universe yet.
  60. Fire - Now see the "Darkness" and "Light" pre-discussion threads !
  61. Hello Everyone
  62. Universe Advert?
  63. Bigger Budget?
  64. Which episode do you think will be first to feature a BC forest?
  65. what do you think of the episode titles?
  66. Episode 1 :
  67. The Mars Theory
  68. How the writers could have X304s in the show (or at least one)
  69. Galaxies
  70. What characters from other shows do you picture when you look at Universe characters?
  71. "Older" parts of the universe?
  72. Jack O'Neill in SGU
  73. SGU teaser on youtube
  74. Stargate Universe CGI
  75. Wardrobe.
  76. Dr Nicholas Rush: His agenda and him, Discussion specific to S1
  77. Universe yes or no
  78. BC-304 in SGU
  79. Ancient stone for Earth/Destiny communication
  80. John Scalzi hired as Creative Consultant for Universe
  81. How do you imagine the pilot will open?
  82. Is 20 episodes too long?
  83. Mythology and Religion in SGU
  84. SGU to air in Fall 2009
  85. Age Issue
  86. Any familiar Aliens? ( From SG1/SGA )
  87. Casting of Louis Ferreira ( AKA Justin Louis)
  88. Stargate: Diversity
  89. Who's going to get top billing
  90. Robert Caryle being the "big name"
  91. SG1 and SGA Weapons in SGU
  92. Character Deaths in SGU
  93. Will Sci-fi promote universe?
  94. Who will be the new enemy? Are SGU the "Invader"?
  95. Will we ever see Wraith in SGU?
  96. Universial translator or ignore the language barrier
  97. Sneak peak of Destiny?
  98. The one thing I dislike about Chloe ( re Minor Spoilers)
  99. How many red shirt can SGU afford to lose before..?
  100. Sgu = bsg?
  101. SGU Music- Opening theme / soundtracks/other music possibilities
  102. What is Rush's Ulterior motive?
  103. How long until SGU crew start dating each other and require...?
  104. Isn't tamara ranked higher than matthew
  105. Why on earth is Captain Tamara Jon an 'inexperienced' medic?
  106. drug addiction on SGU
  107. What phobia should the SGU characters have?
  108. Asgard Lost Tribe involved?
  109. Which main SG Actor/character might appear in the Premiere ?
  110. SGU Time-Line
  111. Can SGU remain true to the franchise's themes and ideals?
  112. What popular ex-sci-fi actror will be insert into the show at roughly season 2-3?
  113. Stargate UNiverse has finally its website on Scifi
  114. Larger involvement from secondary characters
  115. Building the Destiny Fleet...
  116. Will SGU = Voyager?
  117. Daniel may cameo in Universe pilot
  118. SGU set in one galaxy, or moving through many different ones
  119. SGU: The potential to win an Emmy...?
  120. any predictions on how long
  121. Universe Series Finale
  122. What enemy/enemies?
  123. Returning home
  124. reaction to sgu compared to 49er qbs(yes thats right)
  125. What do you think of the castings so far?
  126. Who are they working for?
  127. 9th Chevron = TIME AND DISTANCE (SPACE TIME)
  128. Now that it's February...
  129. Important to remember...
  130. Universe show format?
  131. Destiny's Role......
  132. One of the crew getting left behind...
  133. Vala
  134. New Milky Way Enemy
  135. My DREAM SGU plot.....
  136. 'Human' Characters in Stargate: Universe
  137. Joe said said SGU will be story driven.
  138. Universe Tech
  139. Stargate: 1999 (Will Universe be like Space:1999?)
  140. Neanderthals ?
  141. The series villians should be TRIFFIDS!
  142. Saviors of the Universe??
  143. Any chance of SGU meeting Aschen in 2010?
  144. The women of SGU
  145. Will TPTB learn that they shouldn't kill off the doctors?
  146. How will the Stargate be used?
  147. Why the delay in filming? (again)
  148. Just a thought about Replicators...
  149. will the unidentified and underused aliens be seen in SGU
  150. "Starting Fresh" Why is Stargate then?
  151. does the SGU military need new rules of exploration
  152. secret mission of the Odyssey
  153. Filmwise
  154. Stargate Universe; Complaints/mistakes
  155. 304 in SGUs
  156. Robert Carlyle is a "Guest Star"
  157. Real Aliens and Ancients
  158. Generation Kill cast and crew 4 SGU
  159. Breakdown
  160. will we ever see the seeder ship
  161. They're filming on my street today
  162. ICARUS base
  163. Communications on board the Destiny
  164. Robert In "The Full Monty" & "Stone Of Destiny"
  165. Continuity in SGU? [SPOILERS?]
  166. Weapons
  167. Question about SGU
  168. Homosexual ON SCREEN characters in SGU
  169. SGU itunes
  170. Screen Actors Guild stike effect on SGU
  171. Question about legality....
  172. Sentient techno-based race in SGU....
  173. One real fear I have
  174. Lou Diamond Phillips on Universe
  175. Destiny AI?
  176. why does every one assume that the anchients did the destiny mission alone
  177. No Daedalus class ships in SGU
  178. SGU Commander: Dr. Rush or Col. Young/ Telford????
  179. How Do You Want The Characters To Develop?
  180. Christopher MacDonald??? That is one HOT senator!!!
  181. Robert Carlyle's Accent
  182. Anyone changed their minds?
  183. Capt:Johanson or Sgt:Johanson
  184. Question about the show...
  185. Which character(s) interest you the most?
  186. Greer=Ford
  187. Racial (in)Equality in Stargate (Universe) ? Spoilers S1
  188. Comedy Episodes
  189. visiting the Alteran home galaxy
  190. What do you think are the most important things for Stargate Universe to have?
  191. Stargate has a strong sense of all humanity
  192. whats so special about march you say??
  193. what aspects of SGA and SG-1 do you hope they keep in SGU?
  194. The Destiny Original Departure Point
  195. Another cast member announced?
  196. Stargate Universe Mentioned in THE PROVINCE
  197. Heard Back from SPACE NETWORK
  198. Sounds like a series of Novels
  199. The Nox
  200. Catch me up please...
  201. Are you excited about SGU?
  202. SGU to shoot in exotic locale - New Mexico!
  203. Tokra at Stargate Universe
  204. Sci Fi network overseas
  205. "Universe" Character discussions!
  206. Would some alien race think this ship is a invader?
  207. MGM Countdown to SGU
  208. Robert Carlyle talks about a Darker Stargate
  209. How long before the Stargate is used?
  210. Will Atlantis save Destiny?
  211. How dark do you want SGU to be?
  212. Possible Two-Word titles for season TWO of SGU
  213. The Preview Trailers Discussion thread
  214. SGU Countdown
  215. SGU Photos (promotional)
  216. The ship! The ship i say!!
  217. Carlyle Discusses Stargate
  218. The Uniforms/Patches/Logos of SGU
  219. Is SGU set in an Alternate Universe?
  220. How Long Before They Evacuate??
  221. M.A.L.P. (or lack of)
  222. Icarus Base?
  223. MGM polls: SGU polls on stargate.mgm.com
  224. How Long Before There Is Mutiny On Board The Destiny?
  225. Icarus base and the Destiny
  226. "Character Driven" "Character Driven" "Character Driven" "Character Driven"
  227. hi-res version of preview?
  228. SGU should be a Franchise re-invention
  229. Wear, Tear, and Continuity
  230. Female characters on the show - concerns and issues
  231. SGU Seeder Ship
  232. There are two ships!
  233. SGU podcasts
  234. SGU episode titles
  235. A guess at what may happen in ep 6 or 7
  236. Ship Navigation
  237. Lou Diamond Philips interview
  238. Will SG-1 save them? tune in...
  239. Richard Dean Anderson in SGU!!! "O'Neill is back"
  240. NEW SGU ad during Stargate Continuum
  241. Are the Trailers Setting up a Let Down?
  242. A Goa'uld?
  243. Clarifying on the Cast Age Issue
  244. SGU to air on SPACE Channel (Canada)
  245. Robert Caryle plugs SGU
  246. An idea about where all those people could be going?
  247. Question: SGU Time Era
  248. Will SGU Really Attract BSG Fans?
  249. Names of all the episodes of SGU
  250. Relationships on SGU