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  4. David Hewlett's Performance.
  5. "The Shrine" made me cry!!!!!
  6. Two primary targets waiting to be taken out, but no action!?
  7. The Tok'ra in Atlantis.
  8. Maybe a Rodney episode...BUT also a Keller episode!
  9. Brad Wright is a genius
  10. Where was Zelenka?
  11. What did the Ancient Writing say on the planet?
  12. Best lines in The Shrine
  13. Why couldn't they go through the gate underwater?
  14. Watergate?
  15. Why don't they clock the jummper before they leave the gateroom?
  16. G'ould's distant cousins
  17. About Ronon in The Shrine
  18. 2 wriath ships for the price of 1 Nuke!
  19. Why Kill the parasite?
  20. A Scene Missing
  21. You can see the parasite in the water.
  22. favourite episode
  23. Why was the Wraith there?
  24. Havent we seen enough...
  25. Rodney Should Have died.
  26. Some unanswered questions raised by "The Shrine" episode
  27. Possible Mistake
  28. Shepherd's T-shirt in 'The Shrine'
  29. Continuity problem (spoilers for 5x01)
  30. I think this was the 300th episode of the franchise.
  31. Could we stop putting all of our eggs in the same basket?
  32. Let's hide the jumper using smoke!
  33. A few thoughts...
  34. Rodney's condition
  35. Where was Beckett?
  36. VFX critique for the shrine
  37. Alternate Ending. (Tao of Rodney)
  38. Arthur
  39. I saw it coming a mile away (SPOILERS)
  40. Rodney and Grant Jansky are alike..
  41. McKays/David's greatest acting..
  42. Where was Zalenka?
  43. Not soo alien...
  44. The Shrine-Silly Vid Review
  45. Returning back flaw
  46. The Parasite
  47. Ok i know no one will read this (probably)...