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  17. Woolsey's Leadership shine here
  18. Easter Egg?
  19. Why only eight?
  20. Where were the ARG's?
  21. could have saved the Asgard
  22. no keller in this episode!
  23. Is that the last we have seen of the Replicators?
  24. whose Ava?
  25. Why didn't they send a nuke after the Replicators to make sure, just in case
  26. Sorry if I'm repeating something said elsewhere...
  27. RepliWeirFran could be useful...
  28. code on screen
  29. Destroying the Replicators easily
  30. did they flew into the wormhole from the BACK of the stargate in the beginning?
  31. Intro error?
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  33. Spirits in the Machines
  34. Some questions about replicator's "ascension"
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  41. The spacegate has only 8 chevrons!
  42. Ghost in the machine
  43. Torri Higginson vs. Michelle Morgan
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  45. Good episode but problem with the ending