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  1. "The Daedalus Variations" (504) Pre-Airing Discussion/Speculation Thread
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  3. 'The Daedalus Variations' (504) General Discussion
  4. That was intense
  5. Amazing episode. Best this season.
  6. Name the bad guys!
  7. Those bad guys looked like...
  8. Best Lines in 'The Daedalus Variations'
  9. The New Bad Guys Will Obv. Return
  10. Does someone have a secret ?
  11. Am I the only one...?
  12. Green Weapons
  13. If the ship stayed...
  14. Circumstances for the new Aliens?
  15. Anyone else reminded of the borg?
  16. Where the heck did the "F-302s" come from?
  17. DO NOT put through Ring Transporter!
  18. I hope Sobol and her crew eventually make it back
  19. I'm surprised nobody has noticed this yet.
  20. Powersource?
  21. The bad guys were a nice reference to the cylons!
  22. "One of the other ships...."
  23. Stargate Universe + Alternate Reality Drive.
  24. Will the bad guys get easier to kill just like all other enemies.
  25. Are the new enemies a species of Wraith?
  26. Teyla and the Daedalus
  27. What made Teyla and Ronan smarter?
  28. Obtaining Intel. on a possible enemy, why wasn't it done?
  29. New alien technology
  30. physics/alternate reality travel question
  31. The infamous Major Marks
  32. Anyone got any screencaps of the new ships?
  33. Alternate universe Daedalus
  34. Reminded me how much i love daedalous
  35. At the end of the show
  36. New Rocket Motor?
  37. Alternate Sheppard and 302's...
  38. abit too star trek
  39. mentioning characters names
  40. Space suits - why not go through the hanger?
  41. The Alternate Reality Drive
  42. McKay Question
  43. Ronon
  44. What Is The Point Of An Alternate Reality Drive?
  45. Daedalous Variation Desktop
  46. Alternate Ship Colors
  47. Season 5 DVD Box Art
  48. how many other ships
  49. Event Horizon?
  50. "The Daedalus Variations" - What that garbage ep Unending SHOULD have been
  51. star destroyer in daedalus variations
  52. The weird thing is
  53. Wow , Finally was excited
  54. Missed opportunity?
  55. alternat reality drive
  56. The sg-1-atlantis in this episode.
  57. Teyla and the baby
  58. Do you really believe?
  59. SG1: S6 Forsaken and The new Aliens weps
  60. Does anyone know?
  61. So any fan given name to the unknown aliens?
  62. Confusion in the Episode