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  26. movie spoiler guess.
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  28. Implications of Alternate Timeliness
  29. Baal and Timetravel
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  47. So the Ha'taks are that powerful?
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  49. Goa'uld list - SPOILERS
  50. Too many shiops?
  51. is it really worth it for Ba'al???
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  53. Continuum And the Goa'uld.
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  55. It comes out on my birthday
  56. Who else is losing it that July 29 is so far away?
  57. Should Daniel Wife come back in Continuum
  58. The "Other" System Lords
  59. Anubis In Continuum
  60. Unidentified fighters in Continuum wallpaper (spoilers)
  61. The real Ba'al(s)?
  62. Does anyone knows will this movie has second trailer?
  63. I've not been so excited about a movie since....
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  65. Earth?
  66. New X-files Movie
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  85. this MOVIE sounds red hot!!!!!!!!!!!
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  120. How the hell did Qetesh know about it?! (SPOILERS)
  121. How have people seen Continuum?
  122. Wait, what?! The writers being bold and exciting and trying new things?! (spoilers)
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  131. don s davis is back! as a general!
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  150. Bullets penetrating Goauld Armour
  151. Where was Jonas Quinn?
  152. Where does this movie fit in with the SG-1 seasons?
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  164. Alternate Plot (Spoilers)
  165. Wheres the action?
  166. I have only 1 single gripe about this movie, who agrees?
  167. And what became of mitchell? Post speculation here
  168. Daniel's "angst?" (spoilers, of course)
  169. Continuum DVD sales
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  171. Number 3 on iTunes!
  172. Jack's Son - Alternate Timeline
  173. Best Quotes in 'Continuum'
  174. In 1929? Spoilers...
  175. The Solar Flares
  176. Loved the movie, kind of disappointed in Blu-Ray.
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  178. Continuum for slashers (spoilers)
  179. What was your favorite scene? Moment?
  180. can I get some non spoiler thoughts
  181. Where was Sokar and ESPECIALLY Anubis in this movie?
  182. DVD error?
  183. Continuum DVD-Bonus features? Where are they?
  184. Arctic filming location in Google Earth
  185. SG: Continuum Plot hole (Spoilers)
  186. Where are The Replicators, Asgard and The Ori in Continuum?
  187. Obvious mistake
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  189. A Little Inconsistency
  190. Podcast
  191. Would of been better as a Feature Film
  192. Biggest Plot Hole in Continuum (spoilers)
  193. Transcript of the Split Screen part
  194. Screenshot request
  195. Where did Cam Mitchell land in 1929??
  196. Things You would Change in Continuum
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  198. Ba'al's Homeworld - Praxia?
  199. Crediting error
  200. Where did it come from?
  201. Gould gone?
  202. What they should have done with Continuum...
  203. Getting edgier?
  204. Continuum works and works well.
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  212. Since when do simbiotes live in heads?
  213. Minor Nitpicks and Questions (SPOILERS)
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  215. Neat 'Continuum' homage to 'A Dog's Breakfast' (minor spoilers for Continuum)
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  222. My beef with the system lords
  223. Earth's got a ZPM, too!
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  228. How come Ba'al...
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  230. Just wondering...
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  232. end of stargate continuum
  233. The hole that was blasted in the hull of the ship...
  234. Plot Hole
  235. funny things about continuum
  236. Original SG-1 vs. Restored SG-1
  237. Continuum continued
  238. HELP Pirated movie?
  239. Ba'al's final fate
  240. Ba'als Time Machine still there?
  241. UK Extra Content
  242. "Major" Davis?
  243. Ba'al - Gone out with more of a whimper than a bang?
  244. the killing of Baal
  245. Does anyone else really miss Ba'al?
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  247. Contiuum Niggles
  248. Ok I doubt anyone will do this but...
  249. "The Navy?!"
  250. Quetesh