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  23. Worst.... Finale.... EVER....
  24. Im so glad it was an AT
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  32. Mention more than once, but..
  33. That's cruel, John!
  34. Are we going to see the Phoneix
  35. Ronon+ Wraith-???????
  36. end scene on YouTube (Spoilers)
  37. Ancients and their next evolution - not so different
  38. Taking things at face value (spoilers!!)
  39. The all knowing Mckay
  40. Sam and SG1 owes Mckay a other thankyou.
  41. Mk. XII Naquadah Generator
  42. The Future As It Was...
  43. unmentioned variables
  44. Lorne to the rescue!
  45. One of the best episodes yet...
  46. We don't leave our people behind?
  47. Avoiding Ambushes 101
  48. Sheppard - Why didnt he age?
  49. Gah, iTunes Season Pass!
  50. Humourous observation - Quasi morbid and weird humor
  51. Needs more Chuck!
  52. How old is Sheppard now?
  53. What exactly did Rodney do for 25 years?
  54. I felt sorry for Jack...
  55. Boobytrap...
  56. Best.... Finale.... EVER....
  57. Amusing
  58. Missed opportunity for humor....
  59. Science inconsistancy
  60. Michael's Hybrids (Spoilers, Obviously)
  61. Lame season ending
  62. McKay's Determination (Spoilers)
  63. Human race after 50000 years.
  64. The Last Man or Red Dwarf??
  65. Possible plot hole...
  66. Anyobdy think that the way they went was....
  67. The 12 days
  68. so they left atlantis behind
  69. What Happened to Michael??
  70. The Rest of Rodney's Life
  71. How did Rodney know exactly how everyone died?
  72. Keller's fate
  73. They nerfed the Asgard beam?
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  76. How much will Sheppard tell the others?
  77. Is anyone else upset?
  78. timeline theory..
  79. "It's weird having no big bad guys anymore" Famous last words
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  81. "Why did everything go to hell just because Sheppard was gone?"
  82. Funny thuaght:P
  83. plot hole
  84. What a season finale should truly be.
  85. What makes Mikey so special?
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  87. Carters song
  88. Possible Theory of How Carter will leave Atlantis
  89. What did Future McKay mean?
  90. Stargate Atlantis -Andee Frizzell's Blog Update Mar 16 '08 - Photo from The La
  91. What was McKay working on for 25 years? - Spoiler
  92. McKay's aged makeup
  93. Asguard crystals aboard the phoenix
  94. Do we have a name for this officer?
  95. Know what is happning her
  96. Reagarding "Well, what about Carson?"
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  103. why didint he?
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