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  4. Carter?!?!
  5. Wraith Humor .....What Happened!?!?
  6. First wraith to visit Earth!
  7. New Earth Energy weapon?
  8. Sweet!!! Canadians Being Appreciated!!
  9. Is it available on itunes or somwhere else?
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  14. Todd faked it?
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  16. Reprograming Nanites
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  19. A new car
  20. best ep so far
  21. The Court Martial of Lt Col John Sheppard
  22. Where's Teyla?
  23. Nanites and EMP
  24. Who like Steven Culp as Wallace?
  25. Critical Myth Review: Stargate: Atlantis 4.9: "Miller's Crossing"
  26. Too much Earth idiosyncronisities?
  27. Wraith's Next Snack?
  28. Did Sheppard act with permission of the SGC?
  29. Comic book Shepard was reading in Miller's Crossing?
  30. What crimes could Wallace have been charged with?
  31. What crimes could/should Sheppard be charged with?
  32. Miller's Crossing spoils previous episodes?