Thank you for being a member here at GateWorld Forum -- whether you have been around these parts for years, or you are brand new to our community. A new decade means that it is time for a fresh start, and time to make some changes that will streamline the forum and make GateWorld welcoming to a new generation of Stargate fans.

Here the mods would like to let you know what is changing, and invite you to be a part of relaunching the community.

First up: You'll see that we have shortened the stack of topic folders on the forum's home page and shifted sections and threads around. This will make it easier for new members and regulars alike. Forums that don't get much traffic these days have been moved inside a larger folder (or sunsetted altogether). (If you have favorite active threads in an archived folder, ping the mods and we'll move it back out.)

Next: We'd like to get back to the feeling that everyone and anyone is welcome to come here to discuss Stargate, and other science fiction and fantasy and other current TV shows, in an environment that is friendly and welcoming.

Our community is, incredibly, nearly 20 years old now. GateWorld Forum has been around longer than social media, and even longer than blogging. And through all those years -- arguably for too long -- we have depended in part upon the community to self-police. The mods have erred on the side of free speech, relying on peer pressure and exchanges between members to keep discussions more or less on the rails. When folks didn't get along we allowed the right of reply and encouraged use of the "Ignore User" feature, rather than stepping in to take sides or suppress discussion of hot-button issues.

We listened to everyone who claimed they wanted less mod intervention. And we did that because Darren and the other staff firmly believed that free speech and a self-moderating community could work well. For a while it certainly did. Now all these years later, however, it is time to make a change. Some topics of conversation and expressions of political views just belong elsewhere, so that the emphasis at GateWorld goes back to Stargate and Stargate fandom, and sci-fi and fantasy entertainment.

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