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    Well done !

    Die deutsche Grimmster Base: Facebook und Twitter
    3.17 Synchronicity, Friday, April 4th 9/8 PM on NBC

    Fan-artist? Interested in Grimm? Join the fun at Grimm-Challenges!
    Grimm up! and meet other Grimmsters in the Grimm-Folder here at GW! Addicted to David G.? Not as bad as you think. Join us!

    Here you will find your GRIMM-Thunk! DailyGRIMMPic

    LJ, FanFic-Blog(the longest lasting German SG-fanfic series), Profile at, Profile at,Profile at deviantART (Sorry, fanfics mostly in German)
    I'm on Twitter and on Facebook Tumblr and AO3

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