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Thread: Ways of Attacking a planet

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    Default Re: Ways of Atacking a planet

    feed it to galactus

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    Default Re: Ways of Atacking a planet

    use a drone ship to hyperdrive it into the nearest star

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    Default Re: Ways of Atacking a planet

    Start broadcasting crap TV shows...oh wait
    Actually all you need to do is to hack the communication network and start massive desinformation, cause chaos in the global network, scramble al tv transmisions, insert false informations that the X country is attacking the Y, which has nuclear power, global conflicts begin and finally nuclear war.
    In the end "You don't try and fight Russia and America. You get Russia and America to fight each other... and destroy each other".
    It's all about startegy. Out-maneuvering the opposition, bending him to your will.

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    introduce an unstable element into the core of the planets star. when the star expands the planet is consumed
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    Method 1:
    Step 1: Build a Supergate.
    Step 2: Dial a planet near a black hole.
    Step 3: Turn the rest of the galaxy into popcorn.
    Step 4: Sit back and enjoy the show.

    Method 2:
    Step 1: Build a Mega-Zat.
    Step 2: Fire Once.
    Step 3: Fire again.
    Step 3: Repeat Method 1, Step 3.
    Step 5: Fire a Third Time.
    Step 6: Repeat Method 1, Step 4.

    Method 3:
    Step 1: Turn it into Popcorn Kernels.
    Step 2: Get Sam to blow up the sun.
    Step 3: Repeat Method 2, Step 6.

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    Default Re: Ways of Atacking a planet

    kill em all with a solar flare

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    Default Re: Ways of Atacking a planet

    Use a giant magnet to move it out of orbit

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    Default Re: Ways of Attacking a planet

    if its earth, all we need to do is wait... we're already killing ourselves
    Blessed is he who expects nothing, for he shall never be disappointed

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    Default Re: Ways of Attacking a planet

    Plenty of easy ways to do it.

    1) Introduce technology that is far more advanced than anything they have ever seen. Kick back, grab some popcorn, and watch the people destroy themselves fighting for it.

    2) Use a solar flare to carpet the planet with an EMP. No tech. Welcome back to the stone age. Civilizations are so reliant on their tech that without it they will perish to the elements. Grab some popcorn and watch it happen.

    3) Adjust the foci of the planetary orbit. The planet is in a near perfect synchronous with the sun so that it stays orbiting the star. Adjust the foci even by a little bit and the planet will lose orbit, flying into space, the sun, or another planet.

    4) Does it have a moon? Decrease the speed of the revolving moon. Unable to maintain its orbit, the moon will collide with the planet. The initial explosion will level everything on one side. The shock wave and dust cloud will do the rest.

    5) My particular favorite: micro-asteroid snow. Send a stream of micro-asteroids at the planet. When I say micro, I mean asteroids that are the size of snow flakes when they exit the atmosphere. It doesn't have to fall at a fast rate, it just needs to fall for a very long time. No melting or returning to the atmosphere, the asteroids pile fast. After two days, the piles are as deep as a person. After a week, your house is buried. After a month...
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