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  1. Time travel burn out?
  2. New Q & A With Roswell's Brandan Fehr - 12 - 11 - 10
  3. Vampire Diaries vs. True Blood: What TV series sucks more blood???
  4. Dirk Gently
  5. Sci-Fi/Fantasy -- Fun/random trivia factoids
  6. Raven (The CW) - News/Discussion/Speculation
  7. "Deus Ex" franchise discussion/appreciation thread
  8. Buffy the Vampire Slayer & Angel anyone? (Spoilers)
  9. Cancelled serials that left you hanging!
  10. Back to the Future (Movie Questions)
  11. The Sorcerer's Apprentice [Discussion/Appreciation]
  12. "Dragon Age" franchise discussion/appreciation thread
  13. A Community created Sci-Fi show
  14. Androids vs. Cyborgs
  15. New SF shows on TV
  16. At the Movies - 2011 Edition
  17. How should Arya in Eragon movie look like?
  18. Ancients V.S Ancients (Stargate vs Farscape)
  19. Muse - The Greatest Sci-Fi Rock Band Ever!
  20. Stargate Resistance Party!!!!
  21. Duke Nukem Forever!
  22. Who Did it Better?
  23. For anyone that likes LIFE ON MARS....DVD Set Questions
  24. The Matrix 4 and 5?
  25. SYFY channel's lineups and shows
  26. Becoming Human (BBC Being Human Web-Series Spin off )
  27. War of the Worlds?
  28. Galactic Battlefront - What do you think?
  29. The Listener (2009)
  30. The Scattered Earth - A New book series featuring SG Authors
  31. Sale advice for SG-1, SGA and BSG figures
  32. Nbc - 17th precinct
  33. Does anyone know what film this is..
  34. Terminator 5 (spoilers for all movies)
  35. "Total War" videogame franchise discussion thread
  36. Is anyone going to see the new movie Apollo 18 when it comes out?
  37. Pandora's Box: An Avatar fanfiction
  38. "The Elder Scrolls" franchise discussion/appreciation thread
  39. IMDB genre search
  40. The X Files (feature films)
  41. Tetralogies
  42. Underworld 4
  43. Metal Gear Solid Franchise
  44. Are You Awake trailer featuring Ryan Robbins
  45. Are too many liberties taken with film adaptations of Sci-Fi books?
  46. Sci fi reality check: the state of affairs as I see it
  47. Cowboy Bebop
  48. Watching BHUK on BBC America - no spoilers for the UK episodes please.
  49. 2011 CONSTELLATION AWARDS Nominees
  50. V: Series 2 UK Airing - Discussion (Spoilers for UK Aired Episodes)
  51. Diana Wynne Jones. 1934-2011
  52. Red vs. Blue - Season 9
  53. Echoes
  54. Shows set upon a "lost" ship...
  55. "The Sector" (Cinemax) -- News/Discussion/Speculation
  56. Half-Life/Portal universe discussion and appreciation thread
  57. Find me a sci-fi series
  58. Forums for newer shows?
  59. Mortal Kombat - Legacy
  60. Tron 3 -- discussion/speculation/spoilers
  61. "American Gods" (HBO) -- speculation/discussion/spoilers
  62. Syfy Will it have NHL games as part of new NBC / NHL Deal.
  63. "The Witcher" franchise discussion/appreciation thread
  64. Time to say goodbye my friends
  65. Military Science Fiction?^
  66. Some old "not so popular" classics...........
  67. Immortals (2011) - News/Discussion/Speculation
  68. Sci-Fi vs SyFy (not the channel)
  69. Which shows should I check out?
  70. Computer Avatar: Android or Cyborg?
  71. Cyborgs in Fiction
  72. Will comcast kill syfy, keep as is or merger it?
  73. The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, Mockingjay Discussion and Appreciation
  74. Target Syfy in the pocket?
  75. Science Fiction: A Eulogy
  76. Minecraft
  77. The end of "adventure" shows?
  78. NBC renews Chuck. FOX renews Fringe. SyFy cancels SGU.
  79. Do scifi shows suffer from the ratings not including Tivo figures ?
  80. Teen Wolf Reboot MTV Series
  81. Reform Syfy Now Uberthread - Syfy Boycott/Ultimatum thread
  82. SGU vs. Sanctuary (spoilers for everything)
  83. "Flash Forward" Finales
  84. Signed 1st Edition of THE DEMOLISHED MAN by Alfred Bester
  85. 2011 - What we got to look forward too
  86. MGM Television Partners With The Team Behind 'The Tudors' For Viking Series
  87. Science Fiction, Fantasy and Other good TV-Shows (1990-Now)
  88. The Best Endings
  89. weirdest Scifi you have ever watch
  90. Iron Sky
  91. BBC America's "Sci-Friday" (sci-fi on American cable is alive on BBC America)
  92. DC comic reboot coming in August
  93. Outcasts ( on BBC America)
  94. Science Shows
  95. Durham Red movie
  96. Canadians- Space on Bell is going HD July 6th!
  97. Roswell (TV series) movie?
  98. Choose your Sci Fi Life!
  99. Pay Tribute to your Favorite SCI FI MD
  100. MST3K - The Satellite of Love
  101. Azureus Rising - Proof of Concept
  102. Good vs Evil
  103. David Hewlett in Rise of the Planet of the Apes!
  104. Knights of Badassdom
  105. Hercules: The Legendary Journey's Appreciation Thread
  106. Possible Third X-Files Movie
  107. chiller syfy merger? rebanding any time soon?
  108. Favorite Sci-Fi Couples (& why)
  109. How Syfy Can End the Pattern (Article)
  110. How many Warhammer players are there on the forums ?
  111. What ever happened to Demons? ( a BBCA original show)
  112. Children of Dune - The Golden Path
  113. Defective DVD's ( TSCC)
  114. The Nine Lives of Chloe King
  115. Lord Voldemort vs. Honey Badger
  116. Assassin's Creed General Disc/Spoilers /Speculation (Spoilers for all games!)
  117. Outer Limits: Stitch in Time
  118. Discovery Channel's Movie Magic
  119. Asian style fantasy books
  120. Why do ya'll call it a "story arc?"
  121. Avatar the last airbender/Legend of Korra Megathread
  122. lots of stargate actors in andromeda
  123. Riftwar saga
  124. Christopher Judge Injured On The Set Of The Dark Knight Rises!
  125. The New 52s - The DC Universe
  126. Operation Moonfall
  127. RIP Andy Whitfield
  128. Sci-fi websites
  129. The Secret Circle
  130. Gears of War -- discussion/appreciation thread
  131. Best Space Battles - First to 50 (All Sci-Fi)
  132. Versus debate websites
  133. Ender's Game and Enderverse
  134. New Vampire film coming soon - Of Light and Darkness
  135. Ark II
  136. POLL: Which NEW (and returning) shows are you watching this fall?
  137. BBC Three The Fades
  138. If you could be inside any TV show, movie, or game what would it be?
  139. Inheritance cycle(discussion and appreciation thread)
  140. Other fantasy style cultures?
  141. Sword of the Stars
  142. Top 10 Scifi
  143. BBC- Last hope of Science Fiction
  144. If science-fiction goes way of the western...
  145. Alexis Cruz presents The Unprofessionals.
  146. Does anyone play Half life 2?
  147. X Universe Thread
  148. Space Milkshake movie
  149. Neverland
  150. Long Live British scifi shows....
  151. Godzilla Movies
  152. Do you like story arcs?
  153. Stephen King: Bag of Bones
  154. George Takei is RIGHT! We need Star Peace!
  155. Girls & Science Fiction
  156. Does anybody here besides myself watch American Horror Story on FX?
  157. Beyond Redemption (2011) TRailer and discussion
  158. What is up with networks cancelling the good shows.....
  159. Anybody watched Lexx?
  160. I need help identifying some monsters
  161. Three Inches with James Marsters
  162. Surface
  163. Back in the day seasons lasted 26 episodes...
  164. Touch ( Fox ) appreciation thread
  165. Touch : General Discussion/Speculation /News
  166. Primeval: New World News / Discussion / Speculation
  167. does being a scientist affect your ability to enjoy Sci-Fi
  168. Taken (Sci-Fi Miniseries)
  169. Assassidate: Discussion
  170. Has anybody else here besides myself has watched the show "The river" on ABC.
  171. Awake Discussion/Appreciation Thread
  172. I'd Love To See A Dedicated Folder For ...
  173. The Harry Turtledove Fanclub Thread
  174. Space:1999 is coming back as Space:2099
  175. Looking for Sci-Fi Tv Shows To Watch.
  176. Top Sci Fi Spaceships/Starships?
  177. The Homeworld Thread
  178. Cant remember the name of the TV show
  179. New Jericho-Like Post-Apocalyptic Book
  180. The Final Iron Sky trailer .........
  181. what was the first space Sci-Fi movie you can ever remember seeing
  182. Time travel discussion thread.
  183. you think gender will turn out to be unique to life on earth?
  184. Sci Fi and Fantasy Filim and Television Soundtracks. Who is your favourite composer?
  185. Disney's John Carter ( of Mars ) Appreciation Thread
  186. why is sci-fi in film & TV so different from sci-fi in Literature?
  187. The Legend of Korra Thread
  188. do you think this would be a clever or ridicules premise for a sci-fi film? (3)
  189. Baldur's Gate -- spoilers for all games
  190. Ruin (short video)
  191. is TV especially sci-fi, a lot more morally ambiguous then it was over 10 years?
  192. Dystopian Movies.... Discuss
  193. Are we witnessing the death of American Science Fiction?
  194. A New Home: The Birth of a new Sci Fi channel
  195. Wrath of the Titans (2012)
  196. Introduced my son to the classic writer Jules Verne - who do you recommend & why?
  197. The "Alien" Film Saga
  198. The "Predator" Film Saga
  199. has any one besides me on here read the Ringworld books by Larry Niven?
  200. Do TPTB even know what the term 'sexy' means?
  201. Cancelled shows that returned to TV?
  202. Help Syfy! Suggest New Programs and a Name for the network
  203. Flashforward
  204. Tron: Uprising
  205. Any ideas for my next project?
  206. How common are professionally run observatories?
  207. Feelings (or Not) about Syfy and Reality Shows
  208. 2001
  209. sci-fi shows more common to get cancelled
  210. Red Dwarf X
  211. Minority Report - How Cruise-ish?
  212. Young Justice (Cartoon Show) - News/Discussion/Speculation
  213. Mega-Shark vs Giant Octopus Relationship Thread
  214. In the Flesh (BBC3)
  215. Recommend me a TV show, please!
  216. Atlantis vs. Sanctuary
  217. Classic UK Sci-fi: The Tomorrow People
  218. if you wrote a Sci-Fi or Fantasy novel what would it be about?
  219. Terminator Thunking, Shipping, News, Chat
  220. SF/F TV renewals & cancellations guide
  221. Who did you always want to be like?
  222. Are we one step closer to light-sabers, force fields and stuff.. ?
  223. Sci-Fi Fix Needed
  224. science fiction and it's rightful place
  225. Snow White and the Huntsman.News/Discussion/Speculation/Appreciation.(SPOILERS!)
  226. ( MASSIVE spoilers) Awake tv series Finale episode
  227. Need Real Sci-Fi Shows
  228. Ray Bradbury
  229. who's job is it to design what the creatures in Sci-Fi/Fantasy films look like?
  230. in your view who's the greatest Sci-fi writer of all time?
  231. Battleship (2012) ( Spoilers !)
  232. Scifi scripts?
  233. Identifying a sci-fi film - help?
  234. is this a good idea for the premise of a SciFi show? (1)
  235. is this one a good idea for the premise of a SciFi show? (2)
  236. Prometheus Star Chart Scene -- questions (Spoilers!)
  237. Making the move to Blu Ray worth it?
  238. why doesn't technology seem to advance at all in the Alien universe over time
  239. Highlander reboot
  240. Reboot Mania
  241. Airlock Alpha Portal Awards 2012 - voting has begun
  242. Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter (2012) SPOILERS
  243. MOST WANTED Trailer
  244. A project I'm working on.( SciFi Webseries)
  245. TARTARUS - An Epic Science Fiction Film, Starring Tahmoh Penikett (BSG)
  246. What would be the best superhuman fight ever?
  247. The Fantasy world dualing thread(Possible spoiler warning)
  248. Stephen King's "The Mist"
  249. Skyfall - News/Discussion/Speculation
  250. Cloud Atlas (News/Speculation/General Discussion)